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I hope Ochuko has fruit juice in that bottle though.

The groom had probably been celibate all his life. Lmao! ♻ @woliagba_ayoajewole

Fine girl
Wait now

Belated happy birthday, @Sade!

😂 Due to climate change, if we keep reproducing, and the production of goods and services continues to grow because people's needs and wants need to be met, and more gases continue to be released into the atmosphere, it might not be in my lifetime or yours, but the earth would really be messed up, temperature-wise. At least, that is what the scientists have explained. Global warming is real, and too many polar bears that need ice to survive are already dying. It's going to be worse for countries that are already hot as hell. Some parts of the earth will be uninhabitable, or close to being uninhabitable.
There is no cure for climate change. You can't shoot anything into the atmosphere to trap sunlight, any chemical, not even sulfur dioxide, without killing people, plus we need sunlight, so with climate change, prevention is better than cure. Asides that, there is a world order to reduce the population of the earth, hence, the creation of diseases and stuff; I won't get into all that.
Basically, it all relates to population control. Sex dolls are a form of birth control since they can't give birth. People need to have sex or they'll go crazy, plus the world leaders can't tell people not to give birth, at least in democratic societies. 😂 The man ejaculates into the sex doll, he cleans it out or changes the battery, no baby, no new person to produce for. Very soon, they'll come for women's fertility through foods and water, if it has not been tampered with through those channels already. Shhhh.

Animals are sentient. They can think, feel and perceive. This information is not new, but it's interesting when you really think about what that means. The huge roles that animals have played and still play in our world cannot be overestimated- companionship, transportation [migration and wars and deliveries], communication, food, security, entertainment and lots more, all for free- unpaid work, 'cause they actually work. 💜
I'm in awe of these species that we share the earth with- the ones that have been domesticated, and the ones that have not, and should not. From the beginning, even before us, they have existed, and till the very end, they will be. From how they were created before us, to the snake, to Noah's ark, to sacrifices- Abraham and the ram, for one, to God sending ravens to feed prophet Elijah, to Jonah and the whale of correction, to Jesus catching lots of fish, to feeding thousands of people fish when God multiplied just 2, to the donkey in Jerusalem, to the crowing cock, to Jesus's white horse, to God being the Lion of the tribe of Judah, animals appear almost everywhere as far as spirituality is concerned- the Yoruba creation story and the cock is one, Hinduism and elephants is another, Osun likes peacocks, Ogun likes dogs, Oya likes water buffalos/kites.The most animal-conscious people in my opinion are the native Americans. They honour them, because before civilization, survival would have been impossible without animals. God knew this, so he let the animals remain with us, post-the garden of Eden.
Being anthropocentric beings [our thinking is always human-centered- if it's not human, it's non-human], we tend to not pay attention to these, or appreciate these other species that we've not taken enough time to really know/appreciate.
One last thing, Gen. 1:26- Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground." God's original intent for creating us, at least according to the Bible, was that- it's all very animal-centered...

Two words: Deeckma Tization

Loool. 😂
But, are we raising future psychopaths and sociopaths?
Pride shouldn't make you not apologize when you make a wrong judgement, whether the person that was wronged is your child or not. You're training your child that it's okay to make a mistake and it's okay to be sorry, and those are two vital lessons of life.

@Regranned from @timokamura - “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. #martinlutherking #mlk #mlkday2018 #lovewins Collection of @hotelartsyyc - #regrann

The elites know what they are doing with the African-Americans. The President is in his office, snorting coke and smoking pot, and it's totally fine. It has been really hard for Michael to get a job because he is often profiled as unsuitable for certain positions because of the colour of his skin and the way he speaks, or because he's just not disciplined and ambitioned enough to push through against societal stereotypes- my G's priority in life is his Jays and his chains and his grillz and some cash, so he results to selling marijuana. He has been arrested, and he's on his way to jail.
Michael already has a son. His girlfriend is now a single mother, and his son, in a few years, wouldn't even know how to describe his father. Michael will die in jail. Micheal's son, Chris, will not learn the average family values, like discipline and the need for ambition. There most likely will not be a balanced* dad for Chris to look up to; the rich get richer because they make themselves and their descendants rich. They teach them the importance of maintaining dominance. They give their sons small loans of a million dollars or positions at Goldman Sachs. The poor will get poorer; Chris' mother will be too focused on survival than on training Chris. One thing will lead to another; Chris will replace his father in one of the correctional institutions. The cycle will continue.
"C'est la vie", but it shouldn't be. This is just one scenario. Robbery, murder, abuse/molestation... all these stem from the disruption of Black families. When you disrupt the family, voila! Dysfunctional families are so functional for the very few who have it all mapped out. That is just one of the means to the desired end. Even when he does nothing wrong and he simply minds his business, the Black man could still be killed. The Few in charge are ruthless. By any means necessary, they cling to power and control, and they'll make sure that it never slips out of their hands.
Bill Crosby was trying really hard to do something yesterday; today, there is no Crosby. If any other "Crosbies" rise up again tomorrow, there will be no "Crosbies". They'll take anyone down.

Stick Man finally found love! 😂 I drew this man several times; I'm so emotional right now. 😢

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