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Adele Chow  Aspire to Inspire; To build businesses and touch lives. Founder of @SEVENVAULT @SEVENPIEDOTCOM @BUILDBEINGS Let’s REACH OUT: 📮

The reason I said yes to Japan again — SHIRAKAWAGO.
This little village, one of Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. -

It is indeed a mini dream come true.
1st of Jan is Japan’s National day so everything is closed from 1st to 4th Jan. we had to rearrange some of our schedule just to ensure that our trip here happen.
This village is not big, it’s like the size of a Disneyland but it’s simply breathtaking. Describing it beautiful is such an understatement.
Thank you love for making my mini dream come true. All the planning and arrangement on the transportation routes, thank you thank you love! ♥️♥️♥️☃️☃️☃️

Posting this up although this is going to ruined my feed but this random #10YearsChallenge today has reminded me on how far I’ve came. .

Of all the pictures of me, I picked this one. One that’s smiling so happily showing off my braces till my eyes are gone. No fake lashes, no eyebrow embroidery... pure happiness (or was it hidden pain?) .
I’m not too sure what the future holds but the latest picture of me taken in Japan, I was also smiling but I guessed... I learned how to smile “appropriately”. Not a bad thing of course; but I guess the past 10 years has really shaped me. .

And I also included some of my 10 years friends in this post to remind myself how lucky I am to have friends that have journeyed together for the past 10 years... and more to come. ♥️♥️♥️

[ 2019, REACHING OUT ]
As I was pondering about my year 2018, I realized it was a year of discovering myself and in the process of doing that, many incidents happen & it was Painful.
I went to Tokyo to get a breather.
To just do nothing but have fun with my husband. (Shirakawago was a dream come true, I’ll leave that to another post)
And when I came back, I decided to take a 7 days social media fast to de-clutter & to realign my thoughts. .

Last year, I wanted to focus on the PROCESS. To remind myself that the process mattered more than the results.
Gaining self-awareness, mindfulness & clarity was one of the biggest achievements I’ve had for myself last year.
And this year, the theme of my 2019 is going to be REACHING OUT. -
Reaching out to knowledge,
Reaching out to growth,
Reaching out to people,
Reaching out to YOU.
I live for moments that will make my heart skipped a beat.
And I’ve learned that no money, recognition, or fame can give me that. .

People. Value. Process. Balance.
Is what matter most to me at this point of my life.
So I wanna do things that’s out of my comfort zone.
All my life I know I’m very passionate in sales, in growing businesses. I know it would be easier to set on a numbered driven goal and to set my eyes on the reward that I can get.
But I grew.
It’s time to put certain skills in a tool box, and create new things to gain new memories. .

I want to focus on telling stories.
I want to be that person that listens.
I want to create a community that supports one another with NO hidden bad intentions.
I don’t know where will this lead me, but I know taking action is better than letting my thoughts hinder me. .

So here am I. Reaching out to you.
If you have free time, or simply just long for someone to hear you out, or you just want to hear stories, feel free to join me.
DM me and I’ll reach out to you.
Bless you,
X ♥️

What’s Japan without some traditional Kimono/Yutaka? 🇯🇵😍 We got lucky because our guesthouse in Takayama provide these with no additional charges! We just put them on & snap some pictures for fun! Pass ke? ♥️ .
#adelexjapan #adelechowtravels #sorrypdasikit #yutaka #kimono #takayama

EVERYONE’s LOVE – ICHIRAN. 😍🇯🇵 There’s just something about the broth & I love the fact that you can customise the level of your spiciness 🔥🔥🔥 Definitely a MUST have when you’re in Japan! What’s your level of spicy? 🤔
#adelexjapan #adelechowtravels #ichiranjapan

HAND IN HAND, always.
ROPPONGI HILLS – One of my fav place in Tokyo. We didn’t manage to get to the observatory deck but the view from here is good enough to see some of the city views 💫
This area is also slightly “atas” as you can find brands like LV, GUCCI, YSL, CARTIER just around the corner.
We also had one of the BEST sushi here!! 🍣🇯🇵😭 .
And yes, stay connected with @visondata_my!
#adelexjapan #adelechowtravels #sorrypdasikit #roppongihills

What an eye catching storefront located in Harajuku, hence this picture. 🙈🐰✨
Indeed, this trip has shown me so much that I ought to see previously.
No doubt, Tokyo is such a place that has the best of both world. From shrines to technology hubs; high end street fashion till funky fashion style; good local food(sushi/ramen/sukiyaki), or a Parisian bakery/coffee.. and the list goes on. Can’t believe I now see Japan through a different lens 🧐🇯🇵 #adelexjapan #adelechowtravels #harajuku

Because it’s sooooo good they deserve another picture with our face in it. 😂 .

LUKE LOBSTER VERDICT: The bread was crispy & the lobster meat were so fresh and sweet! This combination is worth every penny. Definitely coming back again! JUST TAKE MY MONEEEEH! 😭🌯🦀🦐 -
#adelexjapan #adelechowtravels #sorryPDAsikit #lukelobster

Because we lined up for a bit just for these... They deserve a picture on its own. 🦐🌯🦀✨ -
Approximately RM160++ (3,955 yen) for 1x Lobster Roll + 1x Crab & Lobster Roll. Will you try it? Or will you go back again? 🤔 #lukelobster
#adelexjapan #adelechowtravels

REAL CANDID #noiwasntready 🐰📸 #adelexjapan #adelechowtravels #tokyodisneyland .
// shout out to @visondata_my for making my life in Tokyo so easy because I’m 24/7 online & connected 💫
#okaylastdisneylandpost #butistillhavealotofdisneylandpicturesHOW

It is you that made me experience Tokyo in a different light again 💫
First Disney experience with you.📍Disneyland Tokyo

Since we are on our own this trip, I didn’t wanna stress taking multiple trains to Disneyland early in the morning / lining up for Disney entrance ticket. So I booked a set of Disneyland tickets inclusive of the bus pick up from Shinjuku. Heh no stress!
Yup, booked it via @klooktravel as well x #klookmy -
#adelexjapan #adelechowtravels #sorryPDAsikit #tokyodisneyland

Standing infront of a Carousell in Disneyland while I hold a Mickey Popsicle, I feel like a kid. -
And I guess the fact that Disneyland is so successful because they created this place for us to unleash our inner child. At the end of the day... We are just kids that are playing ADULT... isn’t it? x
#adelexjapan #adelechowtravels #tokyodisneyland

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