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A d e l e.🛸 a-dee-le.  6 T e e n.- Mellow fellow.☁️ Be more stoked. Bless your soul. You're beautiful, it's society that's f🌛cked.

It was a sick perverted world, a sadistic candyland in the sky.💓

But why my name on your insta search history then?⚡

A girl can respect herself and still take booty pics.🍑☁️

Silly little soul.⚡

Sad but still rad. @bykie3 ☁️

"Are you okay?" "No, next question."

My soul is weeping and there's no way to comfort it.

Suh dude.🤘🏼

A crimson rainbow says hello.
A sweet smell of fresh beginnigs, a fig.
A mango?
My lips, my hips? Absolutely.

"Jy maak my rêrig gelukkig. Ek belowe."

Wavy baby.🌊

I have hella heart eyes for ya.🍑

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