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Adejola Rhapsody Dosunmu  #MusicMinister #DramaMinister #FashionDesigner #JesusLover

If its in SPIRIT & TRUTH, no matter the style, you are accepted.
PS the other me was actually cracking a joke cuz na me be Mc and the real me was when I was part of the congregation getting blessed.. lol.. If you know, you know.
#John4 #Wrhapstory

Isaiah 61... Anointing fall on me to make a #HolySauce #MyHolySauseVerse @gaisebaba
They say make you taste and see that the Lord is Good, Emi wa gbe kaakiri in my neighborhood, Then I met this guy wey con tell me say ogbeni pause.... Who be your source.
I con tell am say Jesu kristi nikan lawan copy that is why we copy right, and we step in his shoes to do greater works o fun wa ni licence ati copyright.
I bring good tidings, proclaim liberty opening of prison bringing healing like a medicine. Emi ni chosen generation I be light of the world without generator you can ask Thomas Edison.
They say food wey sweet na money kill am, they con take Jesus to the cross Omo dem don kill am, but at the end dem no win am, because in my life I dey feel am.. Cuz I'm serving a living God and he's really living in him I believe in to him I be cleaving never leaving never drifting never shifting my gaze, awa o tush oh but we serving the Holy Sauce like Gaise.

Naija all the way... #Russia2018 #SuperEagles

I realized that I've become gentle all of a sudden... It explains the reason I haven't had any of my recent photo on social media since last year... Wawu.
So I decided to be ungentle again..... Lol.
This is my real face.
Shout out to @adeosunidowu for being a great supermodeh.
Location is Iwo in Osun state Nigeria.
#WrhapStory #wakawaka #wedding #FashiondDesigner

Since Thursdays are for throwbacks, I decided to go back to 24th February 2016. Shout out to these guys. On set for #Anfara. #DanceandDrama #Jos

In 2017 she was there from start to finish. My very good friend. She most times make me feel as if I know so well in the sewing business. I celebrate you. She has been a confidant, an help, and most importantly an answer to prayer. God bless you big time for moi... Love you from the Court room to the Tailor's shop down to the Church. #2017Goons

McJeszy Jay
From the photoshoot in January to the hangout in April to the Concert in June down to the end of the year, you were amazing. We fight, disagree a whole lot but in the midst of it, love still wins. We didn't flow as usual close to the end of the year but I know we still had each other in mind. Masoyina number 1. I love you from Lagos to Kaduna back to Ilorin. You always on my mind. #2017Goons

My Old woman.
Granny of life
Love you so musssh.
80+ and still strong.

Mr Dare
I met him later in the year and I've been with him for a few month but it seems he has known me forever. I had the skills he thought me the style. I so much appreciate his teachings and discipline. He is the kind of person that would push you to the wall till you find a way for yourself. He is the best person a young person would work with. He makes me know nothing is impossible. He's been a blessing in mi life. Thank you for making the last few months of my last year worth it and opening my eyes to better and greater things. I can't list them enough. God bless you sir. Thank you sir.

David Oshinkunle
All the Monday in 2017 has been worthwhile thanks to this man. My favorite edition of Monday Morning Manna is RUTHLESS DECISION, followed by GOLIATH GAFFER, and the one about Joseph. Struggling Strong also got me thinking. Thank you for being an inspiration in the time of need. I enjoyed 52 blessed Mondays. #2017Goons

When you are searching for a woman you need, call her cuz she is the needed woman. She entered the fray late in the year but has always captured my attention with her drawings and paintings. She is my number 1 resource person. She has answers to the questions I table before her. Thank you for having my time. Grace and Blessings... #2017Goons

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