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Adejola Rhapsody Dosunmu  #MusicMinister #DramaMinister #FashionDesigner #JesusLover

In 2017 she was there from start to finish. My very good friend. She most times make me feel as if I know so well in the sewing business. I celebrate you. She has been a confidant, an help, and most importantly an answer to prayer. God bless you big time for moi... Love you from the Court room to the Tailor's shop down to the Church. #2017Goons

McJeszy Jay
From the photoshoot in January to the hangout in April to the Concert in June down to the end of the year, you were amazing. We fight, disagree a whole lot but in the midst of it, love still wins. We didn't flow as usual close to the end of the year but I know we still had each other in mind. Masoyina number 1. I love you from Lagos to Kaduna back to Ilorin. You always on my mind. #2017Goons

My Old woman.
Granny of life
Love you so musssh.
80+ and still strong.

Mr Dare
I met him later in the year and I've been with him for a few month but it seems he has known me forever. I had the skills he thought me the style. I so much appreciate his teachings and discipline. He is the kind of person that would push you to the wall till you find a way for yourself. He is the best person a young person would work with. He makes me know nothing is impossible. He's been a blessing in mi life. Thank you for making the last few months of my last year worth it and opening my eyes to better and greater things. I can't list them enough. God bless you sir. Thank you sir.

David Oshinkunle
All the Monday in 2017 has been worthwhile thanks to this man. My favorite edition of Monday Morning Manna is RUTHLESS DECISION, followed by GOLIATH GAFFER, and the one about Joseph. Struggling Strong also got me thinking. Thank you for being an inspiration in the time of need. I enjoyed 52 blessed Mondays. #2017Goons

When you are searching for a woman you need, call her cuz she is the needed woman. She entered the fray late in the year but has always captured my attention with her drawings and paintings. She is my number 1 resource person. She has answers to the questions I table before her. Thank you for having my time. Grace and Blessings... #2017Goons

One aburo that I have that can be quite troublesome in the physical but very attentive and teachable when you are apart. We became closer in March and it has been wonderful ever since. Sh makes me feel responsible because I have people looking up to me. You won't find me giving tips or help points but when we converse, I get to encourage and comfort. Thank you for honouring me this year and God would give you more responsibilities in the years to come. I love you gidigan #SeedOfGreatness

Tobi Eyinade
If you have a client that can do the job of 10 clients, then you have a Universal Kingdom Ambassador. He has been a brother from wayyyyyy baaaaack. Thank you for believing in my ministry and thank you for showing forth the products from my company. Never in lack of ideas. More grease to ya elbow. #UKA

2017 started with this guy around me but it wouldn't end like that but he has not left my heart for a split second rather he has acquired more plots of land in my heart since the start of the year. When we talk, its been to life and he seems to unlock my intellect when we get discussing and I'm like did I just say that. Thank you for being padi from the start to the finish. You shaa stii like to takul me still. I love you brother.

She's a friend I've only seen once in my lifetime and that was April 1st 2009 and we've been connecting since then. As usual we talk once a month at least and it went on smooth from January till late October when we got even closer cuz we challenged ourselves to study the last 27 chapters in the book of Isaiah for 27 days. She's always giving me much words of admonition and encouragement. Thanks for the care from Abuja when mum was down and the lovely voice on the phone. I love you from Lagos to Abuja and back to Lagos. #2017Goons

I was the first to call him CEESO because he was the C.S.O then while serving. We started this year 18 hours road travel time apart and I can't just vex and go to meet him. He has been a brother and a brother indeed. He is always interested in me and in my well being. From January to December, he has always featured, cracking me up, Lifting my spirit and telling me to have a strong manifesto when I want to go and talk with THE BAE. Thank you for being there through the year. You've been a BUDDY, BUDDY... #2017Goons

She came into the picture somewhere in March when I was in need of help and had to ask a favour and she turned up But we didn't see her until late November probably because we were born that month. And ever since she's been fun to talk with. Aunty mi, Your Majesty as I call her has been a great personality with a good sense of humor. I dinor expect it from her but she indeed cracks me up. Thanks for adding colour to the closing curtains of 2017.
#HerMajesty #AuntyMi #Morenike #2017Goons

With a dark complexion, red eyes and white teeth, he's not the kind of guy that i'd say he goes to church when I first met him then but..... He is..... (lets leave story) He entered this year in April and has been a great help and model. Believing in both my Music and Fashion career more than I do. Keeping me in his heart and praying. Thank you for the opportunities you gave me, the words and the check ups on mum c. You've been a great help this year. He calls me Rhapsody Yo!

Abbey Tee
After service, I slyed him by leaving him in his and running down to Lagos. We started 2017 saying we'd both release singles and he went ahead to drop NOTW (great music) and I dropped none. lol. After February we really didn't connect until somewhere around August after he dropped LIVE FOR GOD. This man believes in my ministry more than I myself. He says I'm his oga but he doesn't know that I look up to him. Thank you for turning up during the EMBER months. You've been HAWZOME. I appreciate the OT you dey gimme consanin relationship. Kei ne Danwana, Abokina. Nagode sosei.
#Alheri #Albarka #2017Goons

I thought it'll be difficult to keep relationships with people outside Lagos and with people you wouldn't see occasionally especially with some people you stayed with for barely a year but twasnt so for me and my Ore. I would say it was the distance that brought us closer. She's been there from January to now most especially being a support in the last 2 months. Thank you for being there. I'm Still waiting for the guy that wee coman carry you away.

She's One person that kept my heart pumping blood cuz she's been a sweetheart. We started 2017 like we ended 2016 always talking and chatting at length however as the year went by, duty called us to greater commitments. Even with other things in ya hands you still had time to say hi, cheer me up and did not fail to put a smile on my face cuz of your great sense of humor. I haven't received a word for 2018 yet but I pray that God lifts you and comes through for you in your most needed time. Ore Mi oni selfie. She like selfie eh..... #muah


A poet is to be found using rhyme or figure of speech,
But when I behold thee, my mouth canst not figure a speech,
Thou useth not magical powers like that of a witch,
But enemies become friends because thou makest the switch.

Lo, how I long for thee like David longeth after the waters at the well of Bethlehem,
Yea, thou art exceeding most beautiful amongst thy peers,
Even though I find shelter close to Agege and I see refuge besides Shoprite,
Thy bread at hand is worth more than these two in the mega city of Lagos.

Nothing is of greater value than thee being Hot in the Cold of Jos,
Many are revered as Lords but these same calleth thee Boss,
Thou art sweeter in the mouth than the language called French,
Perhaps that is the reason thou oh bread art being called Frentch.

written by: DOSUNMU Adejola Rhapsody

#WrhapStory #Bread #FrentchBread #JosCity

Colossians 3:17 And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.

How do you celebrate Christmas?

Keep Christ in it!!! #K3C #KeepChristInChristmas #ChristmasNotXmas #Wrhapstory

Have you accepted His gift of salvation..... .#K3C #KeepChristInChristmas

You are not the best mum in the world because you are the only mum in the world. I can only compare two or more things and pick out the best... But when you have no comparison nko.

Thank you for everything.
I celebrate you now and always.

My Heroine.

Thank God you alive today after spending last month and this one in the hospital fighting for ya life... Glory to God.

Happy 58 Birthday Mrs Lucia Morolake Dosunmu.

We tend to get carried away with the festivities and the holiday, missing the real reason for the holiday and festivities.

Get to know Jesus this Christmas and keep Christ in it.

#KeepChristInChristmas #K3C

When I saw it, i really and sincerely lost my strength to laugh... By the was don't belittle the name of CHRIST to an ordinary X when sending your wishes, and accept the best gift given to the world... Jesus

#KeepChristInChristmas #K3C #WrhapStory

Christmas isn't just about the festivities, but it about God gifting Jesus to the world..... It isn't a time to party, rock, have fun, become indecent and the likes but coming to a reality of the gift of God to the world at this moment... Jesus Christ.

#K3C #KeepChristInChristmas #Whrapstory

I should have written this a long time ago but @modesinuola and @mowasinuola please forgive me.

Nov 20 2015 was the first time I saw these ladies at the park. We boarded the same bus that would bring us back down soujt west after 3 weeks in the NYSC Camp and 4 days in Jos city. I still remembered them buying a whole bag of onions. In my mind i was like "kilode". The next year by January we met back on the Plateau and as God wii have it, we were in the same CDS. DANCE & DRAMA

There are quite a few people who won my heart in the CDs but these ladies had to own like 5 plots of land in my heart. Not everyone likes everyone but I loved these ones. They were always cheerful and their relationship with others is quite good cept you are getting on their other side.

I never thought I'd miss them until they were away for some weeks in July 2016, and just like the presence of God left Saul, felt their presence leave but Glory to God that they came back.
I've never loved identical twins before but I really loved this ones. @mowasinuola can be a very sarcastic with her comments atimes but you see that she cares while @modesinuola is the very outspoken one PS you need to check her IG videos.... I'm always loving it. And they are also #NovemberShidren

Thanks for those times in Jos city. You guys rock. I love you from Jos to Ibadan down to Lagos and to the uttermost part of the earth. Grace and Blessings on you.

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