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Eid mubarak
Salamun salamun

Happiness is not defined by where you are, what you have, or the investments you have made.
It is defined by who you are. And who you are is a reflection of whom you have brewed yourself to be.
The position might be taken from you, money have wings and can fly, the investments liquidate, but your person is eternal.
Each time you see me smile or laugh out loud, it is not because I have it all settled around me, it is not because I don't have my shares of pain. It is because I understand what it takes to be happy.
I understand God has not brought me this far to let go of me.
I understand the level of Grace I am enjoying
I understand happiness is one way to attract Grace.
I understand the more we complain, the lesser we posses the power of appreciation.
I also understand that in appreciation lies true Happiness.
I am Abdullateef Adedimeji Adetola
"I am not a celebrity. I am not rich. My little fame does not define who and what I really am"
I am a man who is happy because I remain who I am. I am Grace PERSONIFIED..... If you want to be happy, Find yourself

Happy birthday sis, may the rest of your life be the best of your life @iyadammy_custumier

Even if all the beautiful memories would fade... Even if one day you would wake and forget your own name, I hope someday, you would look back at once.. And maybe, just maybe... You will REMEMBER ME.
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The race not only belong to the swift but to those who keep pushing and running, life is more than a dream ......
How far can you see??????? Happy Sunday good people.
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Everyone of us is running , being alive means running , running away from something or running through something but no matter how fast you are , there is always something you can't run away from which is DESTINY.
In all ramifications it will always manage to catch up with you. Be Strong, Be Real in your chosen field , you will survive the race, I believe in you.
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Happy birthday dear, may the rest of your life be the best of your life , may you continue to grow and prosper @omolaradrk

Happy birthday brother , may the rest of your life be the best of your life .I celebrate you always @seyiogunrinu

Nothing best depicts a person than her identity. Identity is who you are regardless of the occurence of external transformations. 'Who you are' is fundamental to living; than 'where you are going', 'what you do', and sorts. 'Who you are' primarily determines every other things. Thus, know yourself, and be comfortable and confident being you.

Unlike some people, you cannot allow the passing trivialities of life rob you of your identity. Nothing is worse than losing one's identity for anything. A lost identity is scary. Your identity is worth more than everything else. You are the best version of you created. You are your only original. You must maintain high hopes of better days because the better days are here. You are nothing short of living your concealed self but another trial and push.

Let no one deceive you. Better put, do not deceive yourself. Your year is here. Stay on it! Keep at it! Do not abandon it having come this far! You are just a step away from victory; take that bold step. You will still achieve those BHAGs. You cannot quit now; you have tried too much to stop trying. Keep being yourself and soonest, yourself will be the ensample.
Have a blessed weekend ahead .
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Talent brother! Kindly check out his page and follow. @dhammybanks

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