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Addy Starr  Books // Barbells // Bodyslams // Breakdowns #FirstLadyofLego #QueenOfCrazy Ask me about my feminist agenda

Some days you just feel wobbly. It’s sooooo hard to accept it when things feel harder for absolutely no reason. Just need to keep practising this new movement. #PushJerks


#FightingBack8 where @cecilnyx hates me and @walking_weapon shows off.

Getting back to where I want to be. It’s weird realising I’m 30 now and my body doesn’t behave the same as when I was 19.

Achievement unlocked: push jerks for the first time. Watching this I have horrendous balance and need to keep my elbows up more. BUT it was cool to make my body do something it was freaked out by. Like learning to bump all over again!

95kg above the knee DL triple? Yes please! (Also no rack pulls allowed anymore so I’ve become a gym architect. Just like George Costanza)

🎶 people let me tell you ‘bout my best friend...
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Team work makes the dream work - @addystarrsnstripes is my wrestling spirit animal! 😍💪🏻💚
GIF from @prowrestlingeve by @nxtirwinator .
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Women supporting women. Thanks @charliemorgan.arrived and @1erinangel!
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Miss this giggly boy ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #Leo #Nephew

First time doing box squats. I realise it’s above parallel but I wanted to get the feeling/movement in my head before I dropped the seat. 60kg felt nice and smooth so hopefully next week will be even better.

Hey it may just be above knee rack pulls but I’ll take 80kg! Haven’t lifted this much since pre-depression last year! (Also I haaaaaaate using straps but I left my chalk at home 😕)

So I found out over the last month that it’s REALLY hard to stay consistent in training while you’re on holiday. I’m now SUPER DUPER set on making a real effort over the next year and doing even better in strongman than I did before. This is only 5kg off the Log weight I did in comp, and it felt so easy and I did it beltless! WE’RE GETTING THERE, GUYS. (Big thanks to @liefiasaurus for reassuring/supporting me and to @missfitdanyah for helping me fuel and not hate my life by only eating plain chicken every day 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏)

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