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Addyman Books  Three magical shops in the Book Kingdom of Hay-on-Wye in Wales. Some people say life is the thing but I prefer reading.

Another very real #booksellersbreakfast at the front desk at #addymanbooks - it looks very healthy with a pink grapefruit but I also had a freshly baked croissant from @pughsonwye
I love these 1960s Ian Fleming paperbacks - they are perhaps the only film versions I appreciate with the leading lady posed on a white background. The cup is Minton which James Bond’s (so probably Fleming’s) favourite chinaware. I am on the look out for the blue version.
This post is for @thorneaddyman who prefers my simpler photos and who hates this spoon enough to comment on it every time he visits #hayonwye He doesn’t realise how useful a specialised grapefruit spoon is as he was born in 1991 and missed out on the grapefruit craze of the 1970s. Thank you also @marifforde for the flowers #sweetwilliam
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I hope as many of you as possible can relax in the sunshine over the weekend. We have a new Saturday man starting today which means training. This is something I am very bad at and therefore hate, fear and loath. I like it when everyone magically carries out my exact wishes in the bookshop without me having to explain anything. Management by telepathy would be ideal. Sadly this is not an option so the whole painful process of showing someone the thousand and one things you need to know to work in #addymanbooks will begin again. To prepare myself I have a stack of #frenchtoast with jam and cottage cheese (sounds and looks appalling but tastes good) I have picked a few favourites from my own shelves to cheer myself up. The two Susan Hills are both signed and were a present from #jacquelinewilson - the name dropping is also a way of making me smile. Hopefully Mr A will be in soon to help and we also have Molly!
#hayonwye #abooksellerslife #booksellersbreakfast #redbooks #oldbooks #beautifulbooks #susanhill #eggybread #coffeeandbooks #booksandcoffee #booksforbreakfast #breakfastbooks #usedbooks #abooksellersbooks #bookshop #usedbookstore This post is for @beachhut101 who had to train a fledgling bookseller 33 years ago in Quinto on the the #charingcrossroad Thank you Maud (Jo) who together with Gareth, showed me how to do it!

Did Fontana ever produce a bad series of covers for Agatha Christie? •

I used to prefer the Tom Adams Fontana covers but these surreal covers from the 1980s are also really clever. The stone angel with an axe, the black lamb behind bars, the Venus flytraps on the railway lines, the vicar with a tennis racquet head..... I don’t know who the artists were - though one cover has the initials MB.
Our Agatha Christie shelves are very empty so we are happy to have two lots coming in for the weekend. The Tom Adams covers will be posted soon. Every day our
#murderandmayhem shop is open we sell a book by this #queenofcrime 💀
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Some #booksellersbreakfast are an off the cuff, last minute affair; others take a little planning. Early this week we were sent these sampler books of the first 175 pages of Barbara Erskine’s latest novel The Ghost Tree based on one of her own ancestors. Last April, as part of the @bookstagramhay celebrations Dame Barbara (First Lady of Hay) gave us a very early sneak preview of this work which will be published in August. During the reading, there was a complete silence which seemed to get more icy and more threatening as Barbara’s clear voice told of the first encounter her two female characters had with a particularly unpleasant spirit.
We have 18 of these “Exclusive to Hay” free sample books to give away over the next few days so just come in. Thank you Ann Bissell of @harpercollinsuk for sending them to us and an even bigger thank you to Barbara Erskine, Hay’s bestselling author, for signing six of them yesterday over coffee in @evesofhay - available on a first come basis. •
The breakfast is chia pudding made last night and left in the fridge to set topped with a purple smoothie that came out so thick it was virtually like a sorbet. I think it is called #nicecream in #healthybreakfast circles. It was fun to try and copy the colours of the booklet - I used food colouring for the chia pudding which is a bit of a cheat but.....
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Thank you @marifforde for the mystery bunch of flowers 💐😘

Nearly forgot #publishersbindingthursday - so just in time we have these turn of the century #redpublishersbinding books from our children’s section. So many famous authors #robertlouisstevenson #gahenty #whgkingston #edithnesbit #andrewlang #doritafairliebruce #charlottemyonge #mrscraik The red and gilt look so good in the wooden shelves. DM us for details. •
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A #blueandwhitestripes #booksellersbreakfast with #observerbooks and a duck egg from 100% Hay at @haymarketsltd with local rye bread soldiers. This post again addresses the issue of without wrappers or with. Many life-style photographers use these books without their wrappers but as a bookseller I would have to say keep the wrappers - even if they are just safely flattened in a drawer because the value of a book depends so much on the presence and condition of the wrapper. This post is for my dear friend @toosemorton and her husband Andrew plus their dog Bertie who took me to Narbeth for a wonderful day out. I particularly enjoyed morning coffee at @ginhaus1 and lunch at @ultracomida Toose will be exhibiting her art at The Drawing Room, Hay later this year.
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A #healthybreakfast with Hardy this morning. This Heron edition is complete in 17 volumes and has pretty gilt decorations to the spines and front covers. We are selling them for £5 each. I started rereading Hardy in February this year and love his writing far more than I did at school. I liked the slow paced unfolding of the tale which reflected the lives and landscapes of the characters and I liked the contrasting portions of melodrama and action. I like the way Hardy describes his women in exquisite detail so you can almost smell their perfume. There are many writers who I find it far easier to engage with forty years. I understand the utter brilliance of Wuthering Heights now which I missed when I first read it in my early teens. Conversely I am less excited by Jane Eyre than I was then. Jane Austen is the one author who goes on delighting me - though now I get just as much pleasure from the conversations and absurdities of the side characters as I do from the romance of the main ones. One of the joys of getting older is that though your body gets less flexible; your mind becomes a more multipurpose tool - due to the years of experience. You notice humour, you value subtleties you may have missed. The changes in my reaction to certain authors mark this well.
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It’s a #bloomsbury #booksellersbreakfast today with a collection of wild flowers, garden flowers and bought flowers. The bun, from @pughsonwye aka The Best Londis in the World, was described to me as half way between a scone and a toasted tea cake with a crumble topping that includes lots of sesame seeds. It tasted exactly like this and was excellent with jam. The “cloud” toasts are slices of a small challah.
The main book is a dazzling selection of photographs from the albums of the longest living member of the Bloomsbury Group, Frances Partridge (1900-2004). This is the first US edition published in 1987 and is in lovely condition. We are selling it for £20 + postage so DM us for details. It has not been catalogued yet. The Charleston Bulletin Supplements are £6.95 each but anyone who follows us can have one for £5 while stocks last plus £3 U.K. postage - DM us for costs abroad (generally between £8 and£12). I hope you don’t mind us advertising our own books at #breakfasttime - I do like showing you some of our favourites as they come in.
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This post is for @zubscovered and @pardonmywritings I am so enjoying your Eid and post-Eid food and book photos. After a month of Ramadan I can feel the delight

A choice of three #booksellersbreakfast photos today - all with a #mushroom theme. I couldn’t decide which I liked best; some mornings are like that. Which one do you prefer? This incredible mushroom is a Boletus and actually edible. I’m too scared to eat mushrooms I’ve found without checking with local experts Dickie Hebbard and Cassie Rendle. I’m off to visit the King of Hay Richard Booth and his wife Hope this morning to talk about our dear friend Rhona Muirhead who died over the Hay Festival. We are still not quite able to get over our loss. It was made even more sad when a couple of days later another wonderful Hay woman Christine Turnbull died. Sometimes you just want to say “it is enough” but I am always strangely comforted by that Dylan Thomas quotation “Oh isn’t life a terrible thing, thank God?”
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We have just bought some of Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books in paperback editions. The spines are a bit faded so yellow has become pink and brown has turned violet and the violet looks blue. The front covers are more faithful to the original colour. I’ll post these later through the story. All the flowers in my kitchen are wilting but the scent of dead roses is still as sweet and evocative as when they were fresh. •
🧚🏿‍♀️ 🥀🧚‍♂️🥀🧚🏿‍♀️🥀🧚‍♂️🥀🧚🏿‍♀️🥀🧚‍♂️🥀🧚🏿‍♀️
I am eating one of @katesbakeryhay plum and almond tarts with gooseberry yoghurt and raspberries. DM us for prices of the Fairy Books. I had some of these when young and read them again and again.
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