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Today would have been Arlo's 8th birthday. I'm going to take a long walk and think about the smells, he would have liked that a lot.

Our classroom sail seeing machine arrived! We can now stitch through ANYTHING with a straight or zigzag stitch. So excited!

Yikes harbor freight! πŸ’©

Classroom creepers


Marbled porcelain necklaces in the works

I made a school account. If you'd like to keep up with the great things my students make I'll be posting that stuff here. @cardinalclay

One more for today because I can't stop myself! 😬 they're all so good!

I love how the same assignment can yield such a range of solutions. I'm so proud of the work they have all done!

My advanced students all made full dinnerware sets and they're AMAZING! πŸ’™

"I fixed the mirror" he said. #remodeling

Necklaces for days

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