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Matt Chow, Pharmacist CTE TTS  💊Tobacco Addictions Treatment & Support 📫 🇨🇦YYC ⬇WATCH MY WEEKLY YOUTUBE VIDEO⬇

You are in control of your mind and body. ⠀

I believe in you. ⠀

Keep up the work--a smoke-free life is the REAL reward and totally worth it when YOU are in full control of creating the life you've always wanted.

Have you tried Quit Tea? ⠀

It's non-medicated and not usually my go to when I suggest things to my clients, but when you get the urge to smoke, taking time to prepare hot water, steeping tea, and sipping tea is one way to keep yourself busy as you work through a craving. ⠀

What's important to know is that one person's winning formula is not the winning formula for another. ⠀

What I will teach you is WHY and HOW you can use different tools to create YOUR OWN solutions to quit smoking safely & effectively so that you can start building the smoke-free life you've always wanted.

As bad it may seem--the urge to smoke is your brain telling you it needs nicotine to release shots of dopamine to feel good. ⠀

While you quit smoking, you are MEANT to find new things that give you a new dopamine rush. ⠀

Find new activities and set goals that will get you excited to get out of bed and start creating the smoke-free life you've really wanted. ⠀

It takes time and work, but it's worth it in the long run (the rest of your life)

Although this is an exaggeration, smoking does accelerate the wear and tear of aging on your body, no matter how good you take care of every other aspect of your health.⠀

You should age well and enjoy your years alive.⠀

Don't just survive. ⠀



By definition--it's the smoke that comes from both the burning cigarette and the exhaled smoke after you inhale a cigarette. ⠀

Both contain chemicals, such as the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons found in tar--that can be harmful for everyone breathing it in--many of which will increase your risks of developing certain cancers and increase your risk of heart disease.⠀

It affects everyone in the room and those close to you.⠀


While you are trying to cut down your smoking--make sure you go outside to smoke, and if you can, in smoking-specific areas (which you will find at airports, malls, hospitals)

I Agree. ⠀

Start Now.

"Find a 'Quit Buddy' to help you quit smoking"

What does that actually mean?

Click on the link in the bio 👆 to watch the FULL VIDEO and I'll tell you why you shouldn't choose friends or family and WHAT you should ACTUALLY look for.

If you've smoked for a long time, find other activities aligned with your vision of a smoke-free life that will keep your spirits positive and keep you motivated to stay smoke-free. ⠀

Withdrawal IS real--your brain just went from needing lots of nicotine to function and get all that dopamine to feel good--to not getting any nicotine at all now. ⠀

You need to find a substitute to create your own Dopamine response (but one that will create a new smoke-free life and not another harmful addiction)⠀

Apply to the QuitFix Program to find out how to get this done.

Do you notice that your clothes and hair smell funky after you smoke? ⠀

That's called "Third Hand Smoke" and it's the chemicals from cigarettes and in the smoke when you light up a cigarette that have now settled down back onto you.⠀

This is another reason why your smoking hand and nails turn a weird yellow color, that's why there's a really noticeable yellow beard look with smokers with grey beards. ⠀

Stop smoking now--so you don't have to worry about this.⠀

Like...AT ALL.

A different way of saying "What's stopping you from quitting smoking and living the smoke-free life you truly want?"⠀

The way you live your life is a product of the decisions you make for yourself and how you perceive your abilities to make things happen.

You may know smoking is bad for you.⠀

But do you ACTUALLY know? ⠀

Here's an example of the actual physical changes when we look at organs between smokers and non-smokers.⠀

If you're lucky enough and can stop smoking now, you can reverse some of the damage or reduce the damage already caused.

How much time do you spend doing stuff you enjoy vs. time spent fighting cravings for cigarettes and frustration going back and forth quitting and relapsing? ⠀

Think about it. ⠀

What would you rather do? ⠀

You'll soon find out the sooner you push past the discomfort of quitting smoking, the closer you are to spending your time enjoying your smoke-free life.

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