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Matt Chow, Pharmacist CTE TTS  💊Tobacco Addictions Treatment & Support 📫 🇨🇦YYC ⬇WATCH MY WEEKLY YOUTUBE VIDEO⬇

When you are stressed, you release cortisol--your very own stress hormone that causes you to go into fight or flight, but also crave food high is sugar, salt, and fat to create another source of dopamine release.⠀

Smoking is NOT an appetite suppressant because the stress is still going to be there and you're not dealing with it head on. ⠀

Learn to deal with your stress head on instead so that you become more capable of handling any problem the day will throw at you.

Remember it's consistency over time that will help you form a new habit.

Instead of choosing to smoke, choose healthier habits that will take care of the same triggers and help you manage the same stress.

You got this! GO!

When you quit smoking, the stress is something that will still be around. ⠀

Until you learn to manage it, you will crave sweet/salty/fat foods to help you get the missing dopamine hit.⠀


Try drinking some water (and if you are like me, get a soda stream to put some bubbly texture into your water)

The high surge of nicotine into your body from a cigarette can cause an increase in your baseline amount of stomach acid and decrease the effectiveness of the esophageal sphincter from sealing off the stomach and acid from coming up.⠀

END result? Heartburn.⠀

When you stop smoking and dialing in your diet, you'll notice that this is not a problem at all.

It's a good kind of love to have ;)

Editing this week's video at my favorite coffee shop in Calgary. "(Effective) Morning Routines to Help You Quit Smoking"

Check it out Thursday 😉

When your body is put in a pro-inflammatory state from the chemicals in cigarette smoke, you're more likely to develop autoimmune illnesses (where your immune system doesn't know the difference in the proteins from your own body vs. foreign). ⠀

Crohn's disease is one of those manifestations. It's uncomfortable to live with, and medication therapy is complex to manage. ⠀

Quit smoking now, @addictionfix I will help you live smoke-free

You might not know what the day will bring in terms of stress, triggers, cravings--but have confidence that YOU WILL live smoke free.

Keep learning, subscribe to my Insta @addictionfix and watch my weekly YouTube videos--i'm with you the whole way!

Check out this week's video in the link in the bio (I talk about the nicotine mouth spray)

I know it's hard to give up that carton of cigarettes you just bought and let it go to waste.⠀

But if you destroyed & snapped apart every cigarette and made a promise to yourself to live smoke-free, the money lost will only be a distant memory when you are no longer stressed out and confined by your smoking habit depending on nicotine. ⠀

Instead, take the short loss and commit to living the rest of your life truly immersed in an amazing smoke-free life!

Smoking increases the risk of developing dangerous life-threatening clots including Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVTs) and Pulmonary Embolisms (PEs) while this is already high especially in women older than 35 years of age and taking estrogen-containing oral contraceptive pills.

I think you need to remind yourself more about what you can do--especially in a world that keeps telling you alot more about what you can't do. ⠀⠀⠀
I'm standing by you the entire way.

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