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Bo Jackson  The Hood 🥑VEGAN

If you care feel free 2 read-up Boom!

It's that time again you none supported BLACKS in my city and the surrounding city of New Orleans. You supposed to be #blackoutnfl NO ticket sale NO television WTF or you doing

Bruh Where's the MOTHER FUCK'N winter at? Tell her I'm lookin her🌬

My dog was on FIRE at the OTR II New Orleans,La 2018 If you kno me then you kno dude my favorite rapper and the BEST rapper ever did it. #otrii #jayz #jayzandbeyonce #beyonce

Im N LO❤E with being BLACK cuz my ppl sho-up and sho-out on this topic. This RACISM is hitting close to my home. My ppl decide to take a stand against this BS. So #boycottnike never cuz #nike stand with #7 aka #collinkaepernick and we should stand with dude for his HEROISM #nikeshoes #blackpeople #blackcommunity #blacklivesmatter #blackconsciousness even channel 4,6,8 and 38 news came out ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

Okay ppl it's your turn 2 show up and show out, The mayor of #kennercity took it upon himself to get in on the #boycottnike & #nikeboycott2018 to all my New Orleans folks Kenner,La is only 9.1 miles away from the city. Please show up wearing FULL #nikegear from Top to Button at the rally. PLEASE his a PEACEFUL rally just 2 send the MAYOR & the city of KENNER a message that his ACTION will not TOLERATED in the BLACK COMMUNITY cuz #bluelivesmatter #7 #collinkaepernick we stand with you #nikeshoes See you guy there!

Spotted a Clean FORD F100 long-bed truck

🚨ATTENTION ALL WHITE RACIST MEN/WOMEN🚨 Please ST🛑P fuckin with BLACK PPL on that RACIST BS you folks be on okay. Cuz we sick and tired of your BS Look at that 👁 tho! the O.G hit dude with that 70's punch like your dad would hv throw Lol" #donaldtrump #blackman #blackdollarsmatter #nikeboycott2018 #blackconsciousness #policeofficer #racist

I done fail N LO❤E with this LEXUS LC500 COUPE

JUST DO IT by NIKE cuz I support #7 and B4 I for get I'm with what he said👆🏽 #boycottnike #nikeboycott2018


🤬ALERT🤬 Dear WHITE ppl thtz NOT supporting this @kaepernick7 campaign #justdoit ad by #nike if you think BURNING YOUR➡️ @nike kickz gone ST🛑P anything your FUCK'N crazy. I'm not gone stop by Jordan or Nike products. So mother FUCK🖕🏾 you & that 🇺🇸 & N my opinion #blacklivesmatter & FUCK #bluelivesmatter movement cuz #bluelivesdontmatter cuz I'm with the ppl. #nikeboycott #nikeboycott2018

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