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Golden monkey baby!!! @victorybeer

Happy Valentine's Day from your local Aflac agent :)

Happy Valentine's Day to my PIC. We've travelled many miles together on the hunt for ac30s and memory mans (men?) and spent pretty much every day hangin out for at least a little bit, yet we never get sick of each other and she still wants to hang around...BLESS HER HEART, AMEN??? Thankful for the bae @ayeteedee

Finally graduated sales school.

It's been a while y'all....come make a great time out of your Thursday night. We'll be playing everything from Coldplay and Mayer to some original stuff (including a brand new song if you ask for it) and Marshall tucker! For real y'all it's gonna be a fun one

I was going to write some long sentimental thing about how beautiful a guitar is and the magic that playing one is, but here's a cool picture of one of my guitars instead. #gibson

If y'all ain't had a pelican ain't livin. LETS GOOOOO now you don't have to drive to freakin Lexington for a dang snow cone @pelicansgrovetown

So my mom was a little concerned about some of the content in my last post, so here's the most important part of the picture...the wonderful, smart, beautiful and cute @ayeteedee !!! She works so hard helping at church and helping take care of little babies and doing brain study stuff at college and still finds time to hang with ol boy...such a lovely lady I get to date!!

Bae documented the dinner I made her :)

This is the best sounding amp I've ever heard. @3rdpoweramps

@ayeteedee and I just bought our first house!!