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ari davis  utah | california | washington dc byu football and softball media relations 💙 i’m the girl on the field with the camera 📷

just because I don’t want my family to disown me when I show up to rice-eccles stadium in two weeks wearing blue

I feel like a lot of people that know me now, never knew I started dancing when I was two years old. Today I got to watch a documentary that was filmed during my senior year of high school and my final year in the dance company. It document the transition of saying goodbye to the studio i had learned to dance in at age 2 and the building of a brand new studio. I watched myself dance in the film and thought back to everything that was happening my senior year. The after effects of my concussion had completely taking over and little by little I saw my life crumbling around me. Although I could no long dance the way I wanted to, my teachers made sure I got to be on stage even if it was for just a moment. While being a soccer player was what I was known as, being a dancer was what kept me going. It’s been six year since I last danced on a stage and the moment I stepped into that new studio it was almost like nothing had changed. (Sorry end of the novel.)

I’m just gonna stay right here for forever and never leave.

I was a little worried everyone was gonna hate me for taking them on this hike when the first mile was straight up hill.

True love was choosing to step on to the BYU campus to watch me graduate college. But I knew he really loved me when I told him I had accepted a job working for the BYU football and softball teams next year and his response was, “I guess I should buy some blue now.” Thanks for still loving me even though I’m going to work for the BYU Athletic Department. Don’t worry grandpa, I’ll always remember where I came from. ❤️ I love you

I MADE IT #byugrad

It’s graduation week... and I’m not freaking out AT ALL.

I did of a lot of “adulting” this weekend... like renting a car, not killing anyone driving the streets of San Fran... oh and eating ice cream every day. Thanks SF I’ll be back.

Travel Buddies

Today is the day that I get to see if all of my hard work, tears, laughter and hours will pay off. I have been a little MIA on my social media for the past two month because I have been putting my heart and soul into someone else’s (@jayneandkendra). So please… don’t let me down. All I want is for you to take 10 seconds to vote for two girls who want more than anything to serve the BYU students.
I have never said this before but for Jayne and Kendra I would do almost anything… the link to vote is in my bio. If you do vote, send me a heart emoji and ill owe you one. (Also its gonna be a long day, so you know if ya see me on campus come say hi.)

There is no one I would agree to be on a campaign team for BYU President than @jaynetrain. If you wanna see what will be taking over my life for the next 2 months head over to @jayneandkendra to see how they are Uniting the BYU Student Body (and for my sanity give us a follow). Side Note: prepare yourself for an over load of photos because I had too much fun taking them.

I deleted all of my social media about a month ago and wasn’t planning on getting it back until I returned from my trip but I knew this was something worth sharing.
When I was 12 years old I was sitting on a couch at my uncle Bard’s funeral. My dad quickly came and got me and dragged me towards the line of people waiting to see my family. He introduced me to a very tall, friendly man standing in line. The man shook my hand, asked my name and I told him who my grandpa was. As I watched the man go and talk to my grandpa and the rest of my family, my dad leaned down to me and said, “Do you know who that is?” I quickly said I didnt. He looked at me and said, “One day very soon, that man will be the President of the LDS Church.” Through his 10 years as Prophet of the Church I came to know him as “my” prophet because his words were the ones that guided me after I got my concussion. He taught me how to find hope in the darkest and hardest days of my life.
I got to spend the last four years taking pictures at General Conference. While it was exhausting, what made it worth it was looking through my camera lens and seeing President Monson smiling and waving to the crowd (like in the photo I took above). I will forever miss getting to take pictures of him and hearing his words. Rest in Peace President Monson. Thank you for everything you did for me.

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