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Adashiko Collagen NZ  ✖️ Full body wellness + elasticity. ✖️ The world's purest collagen. ✖️ Potent, effective, natural collagen powders. ✖️ Worldwide shipping.

How good do these collagen smoothie bowls by @thefoodmistress look?? 💕 Frozen banana, berries, milk of your choice, and two scoops of Adashiko ⚡️#adashikocollagen #adashiko #smoothiebowl #smoothiebowls

Monday morning feels... Did you get your beauty sleep last night? ❤️ #adashiko

Salted Caramel Collagen Smoothies anyone? Feat. our superstar, Ultra ❤️⠀

Gotta get that Vit C all year round 🍊 Did you know that Vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis? #adashikocollagen #adashiko


"I'm absolutely loving this product! It's so fine that you don't even know it's in your smoothie, and the benefits are huge. Personally, I've noticed a huge difference in my recovery post-exercise since I started. My muscles don't ache anywhere near as much as they used to, and I'm able to consistently push my body so much harder at the gym regularly."⠀

- Naomi

Buddha Bowls feat. Adashiko dressing 🍃🌿#adashikocollagen #adashiko #buddhabowls

We know we rave on about smoothies, but they really are such an excellent breakfast option for those of us on the go - supercharged with Adashiko, of course ❤️#adashikocollagen #adashiko

Chocolate peanut butter Adashiko balls, oh my! Who wants the recipe? ❤️ #adashikocollagen #adashiko


Before Luci took over ownership of Adashiko – or even knew anything about the brand – a friend encouraged her to try Adashiko collagen to help her reduce the prominent frown line between her eyes that had long bothered her. It wasn’t long after she started using Adashiko before she started to receive compliments about her healthy, glowing, even skin. Not only that, she noticed that her troublesome frown line was already beginning to diminish.⠀

While these benefits were great, there were also plenty of less apparent improvements that Luci began to notice. “I had been playing competitive netball and training up to three times a week and had to have surgery mid-season on my knee. I was back playing three weeks later; I no longer have pain in my joints and hardly have to visit the physio at all, where I used to be in and out all the time. I can only put this down to taking Adashiko”.⠀

On top of this, her stretch marks began to disappear. “They used to be so obvious & deep; now they’ve faded and white.” Her fingernails and hair grew healthy and strong.; “I get asked all the time if my eyelashes are this long from using a serum, and I say, no they are my Adashiko Collagen lashes”. ⠀

She was no longer suffering from a dry scalp or sensitive skin “I used to frequently experience that snakeskin feeling in winter, now my skin is always soft and hydrated”, Luci adds. Luci couldn’t be more impressed with the results she has experienced. She was so impressed, in fact, that she began working for the brand and is now the managing director. You won’t find a more passionate collagen advocate than Luci.⠀

Monday be like... Who else is ready for a fantastic week? 🙌🏼 #adashiko #adashikocollagen #work


"I just wanted to say how amazing your product is. Until 12 months ago my skin was fine, I had an occasional pimple, but I was lucky enough to not really worry about it. Around November last year my skin, especially on my cheek bone area flared up. I had large red pimple like spots however when squeezed nothing came out. I changed my diet in multiple ways to see if that was related however it was not until I decided to try a new day moisturiser that they soon began to disappear. My skin, however, was so scarred. I don't wear makeup and never did during this period however the idea to cover the scars up was tempting. ⠀

Then I heard about Adashiko. I am yet to finish my first container of Adashiko Ultra but my skin has never looked better. The scars are gone except for one, which I am sure will soon go. I have no flare ups anymore, it is amazing! I have not changed anything else in my lifestyle except for adding this to my daily routine. I know you recommend at least three months before noticing changes, however, if these are the results now (less than a month) I cannot wait to see how my skin will look in 3 months time”.⠀

Georgina Gibbs

Summer smoothie inspo 🍓Who else is obsessed with berries? #adashiko #adashikocollagen #strawberries

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