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Adara Sherron (Butler)  an Esther for this Generation ◽️Wife to a King @dasherronmin ◽️Int'l Christian Speaker & Author ◽️Lover of Jesus and Life


I am so proud !!! My Dad @pastordebsr wrote his second book!!!! This is a story I’ve heard my whole life but to have it in written form to pass down to my children is incredible. This is my parent’s love story - that time they got together with no engagement ring and almost 30 years, 4 Kids, 4 grandkids and a whole church that they Pastor together and taking over my wedding as you see in the second picture they are still going strong. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU DADDY!!! The book is available on Amazon now. It’s an EXCELLENT READ!!! Now, Daddy, I expect my percentage of sales since I never got a pony growing up 🤣... won’t the Lord give you double for your Pony troubles.

Romans 8:28 said it like this: all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. Rest on this tonight 🖤

My favorite thing about Black Panther was how Black Women were portrayed. We were regal like The Queen Mother, strong even in grief, innovative like the little Sister, protective, and even selfless as the head General was willing to put her own love life on the line if it meant saving a nation. That’s truly the essence of who we are. I’ve always been proud to be a Black Woman but I’m even more proud now. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

Note to self: this is why I need to GUARD( keep a watch) over my heart. BECAUSE EVERYTHING including MY WORDS flow from it!!!!! My GOD!!!

When you both love The Word and study to show yourselves approved 🖤📖

Soul care on a Sunday. It’s my desire to see God raise up a tribe of women who don’t view their value or greatness based upon whether or not they get married. I wish more women understood that marriage is amazing yes, but there’s no difference between a single woman and a married woman in terms of her importance, value and opportunity to be greatly used by God in His kingdom. This is coming from a married woman - im telling you- yes You Queen, as a single woman to hold your head higher. You don’t have a graven plague but you do have a great place in God’s world.

I had a person who I thought was my person but they weren’t my person. They were just a person who brought out things in me as person I thought I would never say and do as a person. And that’s why that person was not my person.

**🔥Conference session teaser 🔥** I’m teaching a session this year called “Roles, Rules, and Responsibility” -it’s about being a Godly Wife. You may or may not know my favorite OT (Old Testament) book of the Bible is Esther. I taught on it last year from the perspective as a single woman but this year I am humbled and blessed to teach it from a newlywed wife perspective. Do you know why Esther was effective in getting the King/Her Husband to hear her request?
I’ll tell you. She:
1) approached him AFTER praying and fasting on how to approach him - my God I hope six of y’all catch this part. You’ll have to pray before you approach that man. You can’t just run up on him with what you want to say.
2)she waited until the right time to discuss what was wrong and what was bothering her.
3)She did not approach him waving her finger at him telling him what he did wrong and if was his idea that’s about to ruin everything. Her emotions were in intact she didn’t approach in hysteria but rather in humility.
4)she had a troop of women behind her praying with her but didn’t have a whole troop feeding her what to say to him; that was between her and him. I’m hoping about 6 more of y’all catch that part too.
There’s a great breakthrough in speaking TO a man rather than speaking AT a man.
More gems to come. Register on www.adarraaa.com or the link in my bio.

I think I’m going on Periscope in a few days after everyone has seen it to do “Spiritual Christian values applied to Black Panther” I feel a preach. There was soooo many gems in this film. And Global Fire Wakanda location coming soon @dasherronmin 🔥🔥🔥 #WakandaForever✊🏾

Posted this a few days ago but I’m posting it again in case a reminder is needed. Roughly 100+ people unfollowed me today and honestly if I can be OD OD OD honest, I’m hoping all the rest of ones who have an issue with me speaking on real social issues such as racial disparities in America / other issues beside love and marriage follow suit. Doing so doesn’t make me less of a Christian. It’s amazing to me how people LOOOVE a good encouraging singles relationship marriage quote but we want to sweep the real issues under the table. MY MOMMA RAISED ME NOT TO SWEEP NO DIRT UNDER THE TABLE. If you don’t like that, perhaps this isn’t the account for you and that’s fine. I don’t really have this account for you- it’s for God. My main Goal is to please God. Not people. I got delivered from that in 2013 along with many other issues and it’s a DUB for all ‘lat Goodnight. Devotional and prayer time. ✊🏾

Grace and Peace everyone. Still on a short sabbatical but I wanted to share some updates about the conference. After some consideration of the fact we have guests who expressed interest out of state AND OUT OF COUNTRY 😍🙌🏾 we are making the permanent ticket price point $65 per ticket. Both meals and all sessions are still included. However we are capping the number of seats and no tickets will be sold at the door. Translation: get a ticket while they are available and they are staying at the sale price. If you need more information you can contact us via email or visit the website; link in bio. Can’t wait to see you all there.
Have a FABULOUS BLESSED weekend !

I gotta get off the gram for a few days - Lent is fasting/ sabbatical time but I’m going to leave you with this as a final love letter (I post from time to time as a gentle reminder) until I come back and make two quick points. 1) sometimes God allows us to experience TOTAL LONELINESS to the point we have to know and develop a relationship with Him so when He does send us our partner we know the TOTAL LOVE is from Him 😩😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥2) you need to log on to my website ( link in bio) and get a ticket to April’s women’s conference before they all go. I’m feeding you twice that day, there’s games prizes, sessions of the Word, an IMPORTANT session on Prayer and of course a room full of LOVING drama free sisterhood. That’s all I have for today. I’ll be back in a few days. 💋💋💋 Adara.

Dinner with my Papa Bear 🐻was great. He took me to a place called Tony Colombo’s. It was AH-MAZING! 🖤 love you @dasherronmin thanks for making what you already do everyday a little more special today. You are steadily proving that great things happen when women let men out of the friend zone 🤣🤣🤣😍

You’re up. It was never an issue for you to say congratulations to others and now it won’t be an issue for others to say congratulations to YOU 🌹

A year ago today, my husband my forever Valentine asked me to be his wife - the first time- without a ring. That night he had a preaching engagement so we didn’t get to spend Valentine’s Day together. I cooked a simple meal at my apartment, he came by for a few after he finished ministering and that’s the night he told me he had a ‘sit down’ meeting with my father & got my father’s blessing to marry me. He asked me to marry him but told me he needed a little more time to get an actual ring for me. Of course, I said yes. It wasn’t about a ring. And, he didn’t know this but my parent’s got engaged without a ring so I knew the value of considering a person’s heart and GENUINE love for you no matter what they can materialistically offer you. We kept it super low for a few until I made an unofficial Feyonce( fiancée) post. My actual ring came March 8th 2017, and we did in fact get married October 21st 2017 just under 8 months later, but Valentines Day will always be significant to me. It was the day I really understood how ministry and marriage would look like being married to a Pastor but also how ministry and marriage would work for us if we made everyday a significant day for each other. And that’s what we do. Every 21st of the month we have a simple celebration because we celebrate the small wins and every month we stay unified in a world where divorce is normal is a small win for us. You can catch us coming home with random gifts for each other and or cooking each other’s favorite meals just because. It’s been quite an adventure thus far but I am truly blessed to be taking the journey with my best friend @dasherronmin. Marriage doesn’t have to be difficult. And the first months and even the first year DOES NOT have to be hard. Marry your best friend and you’ll find that your marriage even in trials that come will be a journey of walking together. Happy Valentines Day to my Papa Bear 🐻🖤 enjoying these times when it’s just us before it becomes more of “us” lol.

Just gonna keep pushing this... especially to those of you who have recently been involved in a break up. The break up means one man’s “ this is over” is another man’s “this is only the beginning”. I FEEL LIKE RUNNING FOR REAL NOW!!!!!! 😫🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

You know a very stupid caption is coming so brace yourself...here it goes. I’m going to give you 4 reasons you ought not be pressed about February 14th.
1. February 15th comes after. Life goes on. You were someone with her edges intact on February 13th and you’ll be someone with her edges on February 15th IF you don’t stress this and let this stress you.
2. Your value isn’t embedded on what you have to showcase. Even if you don’t get flowers, you’ve still got the Lily of the Valley and Bright and Morning star, the prince of Peace named Jesus loves you ( ooh Shata ! I could run right here!!!!)
3. There’s gonna be a lot of heartburn and gas from the food eaten at restaurants tomorrow. You know these places don’t cook like you cook. You cook your own dinner and be heartburn free.
4. The valentines chocolate goes on sale tomorrow. If that isn’t reason to praise God I don’t know what is 🤣🤣 The point is this is one day. Don’t let it depress you. You are loved and valuable. I said, YOU ARE LOVED AND VALUABLE. TODAY, TOMORROW AND EVERYDAY.
adara 💌

Forgot to post this 5 days ago lol smh. But anyway. Scripture memorization doesn’t have to be hard. But you do have to consistently be exposed to it to memorize it. If you can learn lyrics you can learn scripture. A good place to try it out are the Psalms. They are songs and the passages are lyrics. #BibleLiteracyisImportant #WellAtLeastToMe

Ohhhh this is an oldie but a goodie. What’s your motive behind your Proverbs 31 journey 🤔 are you doing this because you’re supposed to or ....so you can get proposed to? 🤭🤭🤭🤭
April 21st 2018 Purpose Mate Prep is BACK !!!!! Second annual conference. This year our theme is CHARM SCHOOL. -Proverbs 31:30 . With dynamic teaching on: ◽️Biblical definition and everyday life application of “Beauty” ◽️Women & Servanthood ◽️Women & Leadership
◽️Wholeness & Starting Over ◽️Prayer
◽️Preparing for Marriage
◽️and more ——————————————————————-
We also have trivia games, giveaways, a live Q and A, and more ! ——————————————————————— ◽️Tickets are $65.00 on early bird special until 2/20 for a regular ticket. MEALS INCLUDED. ◽️online viewing is $45.00 per ticket ◽️ groups of 5 or more are $55.00 per ticket. MEALS INCLUDED.
Visit my website www.adarraaa.com for more info. Hope to see you there !

😫😍😫😍 well ok thennnnn ! When you put it that way !!!!! I guess waiting is truly in the best interest of the person who is waiting. 😍😍😍

This is where we are. This is 2018. If this is how you started your 2018, be at peace because there will be a turnaround. Sometimes, the only way we learn a lesson is by learning it the hard way. That last time, will be the last time you let someone in without seeking the wisdom of the Holy Spirit first to know WHO sent them and why they were sent to YOU. Beginning now, we are seeking God about EVERYTHING. Everybody can’t walk together because everybody don’t agree. So before you let someone walk with you, you’re gonna make sure your spirit and ultimately the Holy Spirit are in agreement with the idea of a person(s) walking (being involved) with you in any area of your life.

Pre Valentines preach post #2. God’s perception of you has not changed and will not change. Your worth to Him isn’t predicated on who you are wedded to. Remember that. I hope you’re listening. 🖤 married, dating, single, waiting for a miracle or the return of dragon ball z which comes first..... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 wherever you are in those categories doesn’t make you less of a person than anyone else in a different category. And that’s all I got to say about that.

This is how you do makeup on a lady who never really wears makeup lol 😃🖤 @ambertaylorartistry

My pre- Valentine’s Day preach is so simple. What’s on your hand doesn’t make you a Queen, what’s in your heart does. With or without a man let your bills be paid, and your hair be laid. *snaps in a circle three times*

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