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Iman Wan  I'm Iman, daddy to an AUTISTIC son, 2 lovely girls, hubby to a beautiful wife. WE'RE AN AUTISM FAMILY advocating Autism, living & sharing dōTERRA.


I always hold his hand or get him to hold mine whenever we walk in public areas. This is the reason why... 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻 watch the video.
Arena chased him in slippers for about 300-400 meters calling out his name to stop. We were afraid he would push someone or knock into people or store display. He practically ran from one end of the mall to the other end, finally sat down on the floor in Watson. Well done Arena.
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Adam was counting while mommy oiled him with doTERRA EOs. We can’t express enough how much joy is there for us to see our son happy, smiling let alone counting. Alhamdulillah.
His daily struggles with meltdowns is now a thing of the past. But it used to break our hearts everyday watching Adam going through meltdowns and feeling so frustrated and helpless. That’s why we are so hopeful with these essential oils. We are not saying these oils are miracle oils and that they will cure his meltdowns. But the oils has helped him to an extend.
In the beginning we were doubtful too, but we needed something to help him and us as a family. We were stressed, desperate but hopeful. So when we decided and set our minds on doTERRA, we berusaha diligently and berikhtiar (endeavour). Mommy oiled him 5-6 times a day. We diffused the oils 24/7. We tried different oils and are still experimenting till today. We educate ourselves with the science behind essential oils. And I went to the US leaving Adam for 2 weeks for the first time in my life to learn more about essential oils and this company call doTERRA which has just started operating in Malaysia this year.
Only after 6 months of oiling Adam that we decided to start sharing the oils with others. We are not someone who just trying to sell some oils and make money out of it. We wanted to share the benefits, the hope, our experiences, and most of all the joy and relief we found in having doTERRA essential oils as a part of our lives, especially Adam’s life. Indeed oiling has become a way of life for us. We love it. Adam loves it. And that’s why we will continue to advocate. We truly believe that some of you will also grow to enjoy doTERRA as much as we have. InshaAllah.
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Good luck @marshamilan We will be rooting for you tonight! Enjoyed every one of your performances. Can’t wait to see your star shine tonight. #teammarsha #afmegastar #lovemashamilan @idanixh @arenalieya

Good morning everyone! Selamat pagi! Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday.
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Goodnight everyone. Selamat malam... #adamsautismfamily #doterrafamily #adamwan #goodnight

Interested to get 5 bottles of doTERRA essential oils for FREE? Watch this video, then DM, PM or simply whatsapp 013-3935005 for details. Best Incentive for new enrolment this October. Why pay retail price when you can buy on your own at wholesale price? Get yourself enrolled today and enjoy the benefits of the world’s best essential oils. Now available in Malaysia. (Promotions is only applicable in Malaysia) DM and we will help you to set up your membership.
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Adam got a little too excited and over whelmed at auntie eda @ed_shikin house. Nasib baik Rumah kawan yg dah kenal Adam. That’s why we seldom visit people’s house with Adam. Mommy had to immediately apply doTERRA Roman Chamomile and Lavender to help calm and stabilise him. Shortly after this, we had to leave coz he was getting to hyper and aggresive. This happens when he is exposed to new environment sometimes. It’s been years since he visited auntie Eda’s house. So I think he was getting flashes of memories. We continued to Oil him in the car with doTERRA EO like Copaiba and also we diffused some Siberian Fir as well. He was stabilised about 5 minutes later in the car. Great to have the oils with us at all times.
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According to scientists, 9 out of every 10 cells found in what we call the human body are not human, they are bacteria! We are a bacterial colony. Some are harmless and some are not. Our body’s immune system work their bud off on a daily basis non-stop to protect us. So when they let their guards down, we get sick. Why do you think kids often get sick almost every month. Ara use to visit the clinic on a monthly basis. If some kid in her kindergarten is sick, high chance most of the other kids will get sick too if their immune system are down. Therefore it never hurts to lend a hand to our immune system by putting on some doTERRA OnGuard daily, especially for our kids, and when we are potentially exposed to people in crowded areas. doTERRA OnGuard essential oil protective blend is certified pure and therapeutic. There is real science behind it. Do check it out mamas and papas.
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Happy Devali to all our followers who are celebrating and visiting friends today. On festive day like this we tend to makan to much and akibatnya sometimes we will have tummy upset or uneasy feeling. doTERRA DigestZen is an essential oil blend to fix just about anything to do with our tummy and digestive issues from bloating, indigestion, cirit-birit, gastric, wind, food poisoning dan sebagainya. A must have EO remedy in every household as you will experience immediate effect. The blend will relieve you almost instantly.
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doTERRA Peppermint Essential Oil has yet to fail me. Everyone I sample the oil with would wanna bring a bottle home. Peppermint helps Adam to quickly switch from bad mood to happy mood too. Sometimes he would wake up on the wrong side of bed and normally with a little migraine I would assume. My wife would roll some peppermint on his neck and slightly on his forehead (we dilute the peppermint EO with FCO in a roller bottle) Within 3-5 minutes, we will see Adam’s mood change. It’s so uplifting and a must have essential oil in your starter kit. There are many more ways to benefit from doTERRA’s Peppermint Essential Oil. For more info, DM.
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Calming essential oils are the most important in our family. doTERRA EOs like Petigrain, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, and lately Copaiba have helped Adam tremendously. But it was the more popular Lavender that got us started using EOs for Adam. I never liked the scent until I was exposed to doTERRA Lavender. It is so smooth, sweet, and simply calming. More importantly, it’s certified therapeutic grade. An oil that should be in every home. For more information, DM.
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