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St⭐️rstruck - thanks @kellyslater and @kalanimiller you legends!

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This is the 6'10 @gashsurfboards I ordered for the Bells 50 year storm event. I was very unprepared for the event and ordered the board on the Tuesday when they called the event potentially on for Saturday. Even though the events waiting period is coming to a close for this year it's not a time to forget about men's mental health and to continue to look out for your mates.

Glad this one didn't cut you in half today @mikeywright1 💥🎯

It was great to spend a week @baha_baha_villas coaching a group of @surfersinsuits members. Thanks for the boards @simonanderson1 @simonanderson_surfboards The face dancer 6'1 was my favorite on the trip. #sosunburnt #peeling #red #ranga #rangdaddy #fml #lovethenight #mates #schooners #90'smusic #hairmetalforever

This is a repost from @nate_smith_photo on a trip we did to the Telo islands. The board is a 6 channel swallow tail @cory_surfboards Love going left!

What would you ride at 12ft plus Bells? I'm holding a 9'11 @stretchboards and a 2ft tall mini me.

Very humbled to have been nominated by some of Victoria's most influential surfers to compete in the Bells Beach 50 Year Storm Invitational event in loving memory of Shaun Brooks. The opening ceremony went off in great spirits today and I was stoked to have my son Teddy with me. The event is raising awareness of men's mental health. Having lost my high school best friend David Goldsworthy, and his older brother Mick to mental health issues, I can't help but wish we'd all been more aware and proactive in helping them through their tough times. #comeonhuey #bringushugesurf #letsdoshaunandtheboysproud

Happy Mother's Day @hannah_louise_r thanks for putting up with your 3 kids..... 😎😎👶🏼 and being an awesome mum/wife

Following up on my previous post here's a shot from yesterday afternoon taken by the one and only @simonanderson1 where i'm riding a 6'1 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/2 rounded pintail 4 channel. @joelparko paddled out again blew me out of the water. I certainly don't miss surfing competitively, but I do miss surfing all day. Hanging with my wife and kids @hannah_louise_r #teddyandviolet is far more rewarding. The first board I ever had from Simon was when I was 9 years old. I want my kids to have a board made by Simon one day. His boards definitely shaped the way I surf along with anyone else who ever rode a thruster.

8 years ago today was one of the best days of my life. Still to this day it doesn't feel real. Sometimes I'm even a little uncomfortable with it. It's nice to still be involved in the event and nice to see a wave I like so much surfed so well by the guys and girls. The best part about this week was sharing it with friends I'd had my whole life. I remember parts of the after party, I remember being so stoked @kellyslater showed up. I asked him how he dealt with the fame so well. It was certainly something I felt uncomfortable with and I only had it for 1 week! Kelly surfed a wave in the expression session that was the best wave I've ever seen anyone surf, it was on a wizard sleeve he was testing at the time. #sorryforthenovel

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