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Adam Richman  Gastronaut, Presenter, Producer, Author, Raconteur, Bespoke B-Boy. FoodPorn ⭐️ MvF OG. Spurs,Yanks,& Phins. NEW SHOW collab w/ @chefaz #SLICE 👇🏼

Seek him here, seek him on the highway
Never knowing when he'll appear
All await, engine's ticking over
Hear the roar as they sense the fear
Wheels! A glint of steel and a flash of light!
Screams! From a streak of fire as he strikes!
Hell bent, hell bent for leather
Hell bent, hell bent for leather - Judas Priest (STURGIS, SD 2016)

When Chef @chefjgv is your friend, you get nifty surprises like this. Merci, mon pôte! Love ya to the moon and back!

#FlashbackFriday - Traveling through Moscow #Russia - Don’t let my smile fool you; I found these 2 women to be really stiff, lacking depth and two-dimensional. #BorschtAndChill #MakinOutAndStroganoff

For this #ThrowbackThursday post, I just want to send my thanks to @kowvi - The King of the Wing competition I judged down in Saint Thomas. So happy to see the US Virgin Islands coming back to full strength, and to see so much Culinary creativity at play! Especially in the name of charity! Looking forward to joining you next year!

Beloved members of my instaFam, This world is full of snares and treachery. Stay alert. Stay strong. Stay woke.

Today, call your Dad, see your Dad, hug your Dad. Love em while you got em. Love you so much, Dad. Miss you every day.
Happy Father’s Day.

My boy @johnseymour_nyc and his @sweetchicklife fam know that when it comes to salads, bacon bits are for suckers - real G’s go full on slabs o’ pork. 🥓
Thanks for the great meal & service & special shouts to @bradbeckerman for putting a great night together! #Brooklyn #showloveitsthebrooklynway #realgsmoveinsilencelikelasagna

I used to drive my friends in my mom’s car, into the city to catch this man at the Boston Comedy Club back in the day. Occasionally the comedians would hang out after the show and we would get a chance to talk with them.
Dave Chappelle was always funny, and nice to my friends and I. Pleasure running into him the other day and getting a chance to reminisce with him about those experiences. Legend on stage, class act off it. Brooklyn represent. #JokesAndJokesAndJokes

Onward. Upward. Excelsior.
Go out there & crush it hard today. And as you effortlessly glide by them like royalty -
Let those petty pathetics who hate, and those who have hurt us, ache with envy & jealousy, as we merely turn to them and say, “Don’t be mad cause I’m doin me, better than you’re doing you...”
You’re already the best - you just have to believe it and own it.
Let’s rock! 🤘🏼

You inspired me to begin my journey.
You did your best through advice, humor, and tough love to guide me on it.
And yet you continued to lead through journeys of your own.
Everyone will talk of your profound legacy today: TV shows, Books, Films, Comics, Restaurants...
I’m just going to think of a mentor and a friend that I’m not going to be able to see again, and it sucks so bad.
Wish we could’ve caught that Yankee game we talked about.
I guess I wish a lot of things right now.
Mostly, I’m just sad you’re gone & sad you were hurting so badly, my brother.
Rest easy, you’ve more than earned it.
With love, gratitude & utmost respect always, Tony.
I’ll never stop working hard to live up to the standard you set.

Throwback to that time I took the stage with two hip-hop legends: @miked & @e40 at @bottlerocknapa

Roast Beef, Sea Urchin & Fresh Wasabi.
Go out and Punch your taste buds in the face today!
I’m @adamrichman and I endorse this message

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