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There is nothing like the open desert; being the sole person on multiple trails and switchbacks, alone with your thoughts. Being five miles out from the trailhead; a few more miles than I imagined running today, but when you are inspired, you push a little more. My legs may be tired, but my soul is full. | El Paso, Tx #franklinmountains |

πŸ”πŸŸπŸ₯›| If you are in the New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ area, then must visit "Moo" πŸ„ on the New Hope side. A truly farm-to-table, locally sourced spot. The burger, fries and seasonal milkshakes are all created from local farms. Great flavors, inventive use of ingredients and the minimalist decor hit the mark every time. This is not a sponsored post; I just love a great burger and fries. The minimalistic decor is also pretty pleasing to the eye. You don't need a lot to do it right.

"If it's warms, I sit." - Chloe, the cat in the dishwasher. Also, the cat in the dryer on freshly clean clothes. Also, the cat on the heating ducts.. Cats man, ridiculous.

The picturesque Delaware River, taken from Pennsylvania, of New Jersey. For someone not from around here, that can be confusing. Don't worry, it's a special place where three states come together...

I didn't like my fall post yesterday, so I decided to turn over a new leaf...🍁

When we moved into our home, the view of the front of it was blocked by massive holly trees (which are only nice around Christmas or if you are over 65). We removed them and did not plant anything in its place for six years. Now that we have roots of our own in the @polhemustwins, and to be a good husband, that keeps his word, to @reveriemade we made it to the nursery. This fall we will be planting four "Starlight" dogwood trees above our rock wall and the pictured, early Southern Magnolia (D.D. Blanchard varietal). Baby for scale, lol. I cannot wait for our girls to learn to love plants and flowers as much as their mother and help us in the yard and gardens. There will be something special about watching them all grow.

Not a proper @instagram if you haven't declared your love for all things fall. This oversized maple leaf makes me bonafide. Quick, someone throw something pumpkin spice my way. #🍁#πŸ‚#psl

Always had a thing for red barns. How can you not? So much character and a story behind each one. Add Fall blooms and changing temperatures; it's perfect. There is even a bench right there to sit down and stare at the barn. Country just gets it. Slow down; live more. | in farmland, NJ |

There is a reason why the "peanut butter chocolate" cupcake is the largest. It is because it is the best. I am talking to you, fun-fetti with yellow cake and vanilla swirl.

| Continuing my pursuit of posting more of my images, here are some that I never got around to post; taken on my first trip to Las Vegas. Red Rock Canyon Park (@redrockcanyonlv) was one of my favorite places, followed by Valley of Fire Park (@valley.of.fire), and then so much can be said about downtown Vegas and the "sights." The highlight there was the Bellagio fountains (@bellagio) and the Chandelier Bar in the Cosmopolitan (@cosmopolitan_lv). I had a number of great meals in the the multi-floor restaurant area also adjacent to the Cosmo. As one could imagine, I much prefer the trail running and hiking of the outdoor parks over a casino floor. |

| When you, one, take too many photos on vacation and don't post them; and, two, want to save photos of your kids and run out of phone memory it is time to post. Here are the photos that I never posted of beautiful San Antonio and the Riverwalk. I loved this city in Texas for the food (bbq and Mexican), beer (great breweries), places to run and the kindness of the people who live there. The Riverwalk is certainly such an interesting feature in the heart of the city. I always leave a piece of my heart in Texas every time I go.

| πŸ“· 1. Lilly-pads and water flora. | πŸ“· 2. Upside-Down World @strangerthingstv trumpet flowers (may not be the exact scientific name). |

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