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Adam Kay  Here's a🍍 Hi, I'm from the future👽 Gemini Millennial Entrepreneur Good Vibe Tribe! Happy😀 Healthy💪🏼Wealthy💸Live💃🏻Love💚 Win🙌🏻

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My Mom & Dad always told me I could be what ever I wanted to be, they told me I could do what ever I wanted to do, wear what ever I wanted to wear, & eat what ever I wanted to eat... IM ADAM KAY & I DO WHAT I WAAAANNTTT

They let me do what ever I wanted & they supported me in all my decisions🙌🏻 I love them for that!

I never stopped searching for the best things possible... because if they were to tell me what to do & if i did it, then I'd be stuck with their thinking, they gave me freedom to learn & explore. & with that iv never stopped searching, finding and growing to my fullest potential. Iv never settled for average, or the base model. I just learned more & worked harder.
I'm still young, my journey has just begun, breaking away from everyone, searching the world for the best minds, products, knowledge & strategies. I started making MY dreams come true🙌🏻 In the past Year, ever since I moved away from Sullivan iv spent more money in my self education with the best teachers courses in the world than iv spent on partying, cloths, sugar, nonsense stuff etc... all combined. You've made an awesome kid👌🏻 If it wasn't for the support & freedom my parents gave me, I would never be the person I am today! & for that I will forever be thankful 🙌🏻 Happy 34th Anniversary M💖M & D💖D Here's a Pineapple 🍍

Hanging out with the Sun🌞

Here's a Pineapple🍍

A human being in an American society, is a business owner.
We all have income & expenses.
The bad thing is no one tells you, teaches you, or explains it like that. Remember we're stuck in this 'system'. The rules were written by the rich, to get richer.
Become a business owner / investor... BOOM! You set your hustle, you set your paycheck, you create your freedom & work for growth.
Become an employee / self employed.... They set your hustle, they set your paycheck, they set your freedom, you work for them.... Take a choice... I chose to be a cereal entrepreneur... Why? I don't want only one flow of income, I want many flows🍍🍍🤑🍍🍍 #entrepreneur #GoodVibeTribe #socal #oceansidepier #waves #clouds #surf @narlydudeoficial #ig #igers #photography #colourpop #awesome #Happy #Healthy #Wealthy #Live #Love #Win

"When everyone's right side up, try flipping upside down" -Me😂 Hahaa! 🌴SoCal🌞Sunset handstands on the beach with the wind, waves, & clouds of awesomeness! Explore, Find your Happy Place, Do whatever it takes to get there & start designing your life the way you want to live it! Meet more people with good vibes & start removing the people with bad ones. Always be learning something new & forgetting something old. Everything's constantly changing and nature has told us that the ones who most easily adaptable to new situations will survive & thrive. We're all here to help each other get to the next level in this good life💃🏻. When we understand how to control the balance of honesty integrity gratitude trust teamwork peace love unity respect all with forward momentum powered by positive vibes we can achieve anything🙌🏻 #Happy😂 #Healthy💪🏼 #Wealthy💸 Here's a Pineapple🍍 #WestCoast #Beach #SoCal #yoga #Handstand #sunset #Sun #Waves #Water #clouds #sky #tamarack #carlsbad #GoodVibeTribe✌🏻️#Live😝#Love💖#Win💃🏻 📸Photo by @rachelmincemeyer

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"Don't be trapped by Dogma" -Steve Jobs

"When you're waiting for your food, build something cool & take a picture" -Me 💃🏻 I'v only been to @MikkoSushi 2 times & they're already hooking us up with free appetizers! Great service, they treat us like family & it's the perfect spot for some bomb sushi 🍣


Just got off the paddle boards and caught this awesome shot!!! Let this picture put wind in your sails 💨⛵️ Dream Big & Keep up the Positive Momentum! You're Unstoppable!!

Chuck Taylor II