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5 minute read 🙋🏻 - BBC has this nice succinct guide to Labour's manifesto commitments. They add brief analysis and comments from the other parties. 📊

Vote for the policies that matter to you.

Consider voting Labour because you believe in a fairer snd kinder society that looks after the many, not the few. #GE2017

SEARCH FOR: 'BBC Labour manifesto at a glance'

This Government's record on supporting health care workers is despicable and would suggest simply that we are all disposable.
Our Junior Doctors are working the harshest contract ever, which disproportionately affects women. Student Nursing funding has been cut completely, plunging new Nurses into massive debt. Almost 70% of therapy staff are reporting 'stress, burnout and a lack of resources' and 50% describe a target culture which left them feeling they were a failure. Almost half report experiencing depression.
Vote Labour to protect our NHS and those who give their working lives, hearts and souls to it. #mypublicduty #GE2017

The Red Cross recently announced the NHS was in the midst of 'humanitarian crisis'. This is driven by the Conservative Government's £4.6 billion cuts to social care between 2009-2015 (£1.1bn of cuts if adjusted for the increased demand of an ageing population and inflation). Over this time 400,000 fewer people received social care support. This caused record levels of people being stuck in hospital (plunging NHS Trusts into financial crisis and harming patient health). Social care leaders said in 2016 that this year's savings will come from cutting services or reducing the personal budgets of people who receive care and support.

Despite a long-overdue increasing in funding this year, the care sector is still in crisis. It has a 25% staff turnover, carers are forced to dangerously administer medicines and use medical equipment, and seeing more and more people per day for ever shorter visits.

Vote Labour to protect vulnerable people, and because any of us can get sick, any of us could need social care and so many us can't afford to fund it privately - can you? #GE2017 #8thJune

In the UK, half of the mums under the age of 25 have to skip meals to feed their children, and a quarter have used food banks. Under the current Conservative Government if you are under 25 you are not entitled to the National Living Wage and if you are 18-21 you are also not entitled to housing benefit. Please vote Labour to protect young people. #GE2017

Learning new swear words, at the football. #sufc

Still adjusting to living indoors after Green Man. #Breconbeacons #Wales

Happy Strawberry Moon Summer Solstice all ☀️❤️✌🏽️ First time the full moon and solstice has fallen on the same day since 1967, and won't again until 2062.

Do your bit for our Children to live in a less isolated, fairer, more egalitarian world. #VoteIn #VoteRemain #Trumpageddon

Cheers to Bill and Lesley! #Champagnesolarpanels #Todmanwedding

Emma, jealous of my face hair. Happy Birthday Emma! #nw6

Staying calm on the ice. Happy Birthday Emma! #iceskating #southkensington #naturalhistorymuseum

"... Long way back to the light." #frankturnerandthesleepingsouls #frankturner #AllyPally

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