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Adam Smith  An amateur attempt at a rousing round of Picture Pages. I photograph my kids a lot because they're basically the extent of my friend base. iPhone only

Rails & Roses. This little man: Such a great mind he has. What all's going on in there? Stop growing so fast...

Angsty Arch. Tegan scouting the path up ahead on a recent hike through the windy waving dirt roads weaving round @balboapark. .
#SanDiegoAdventures #Hiking #Bridge #Tunnel #Cement #Woods #Shade #Saddows #Outdoors #Family

Cockpit. Flashback to a mid-flight #CastlePark ride at Tegan's 9th birthday party last month. Every kid was screaming (and glad they have their backs to me).

Feeling Bright In A Blue Room. Some Saturday Science Center neon light experiment room shenanigans with one of my all-time favorite humans. This girl's smile glows brighter than the buzzing electric lights...

Parking. Exploring the museums inside San Diego's sprawling @balboapark with these four hoodlums. The secret is to take your pictures at the begining before everyone starts whining. #ProTip #Saturdays #FamilyTime

Big Green Pole. These boys. So funny & feisty. Love em to death. #minigolfadventures

NINE! Tegan is one of the most fun, energetic, witty, empathetic, outgoing, imaginative, loud, dancy people I've ever met. She's one of my favorite people. Ever. It's hard not to get sucked into her hilarious whirlwind of mismatched awesome. part of her pre-birthday celebration, she wanted to take a bunch of squirrelly, screaming girls to Castle Park & ride dirty carnival rides till they dropped. So we did. And they loved it. Especially her brothers. Clearly. #ZekeLovesGirlParties

Stone-Walling. The boys after a rousing round of mini golf. Not sure if you can tell, but Zeke lost.

SLED RUN! My buddy @seacannon snapped this gem of Tegan barreling down the makeshift parking lot haystack slope @southhillscorona's #SnowDay this past Sunday & it's just too good not to share. Love this little redhead's sense of adventure. #CoronaSnowDay #SouthHillsChurch #LetItSnow #CaliforniaChristmas [@seacannon's pic; my edit]

Jane Of The Jungle. Tegan exploring the rocks & trees & various rugged trappings of a local nature sanctuary. In a skirt, of course. Fashion ought not take a backseat to gritty gorilla exploration, not for this girlie, no way.

Mr & Mrs Doezie. Snapped this sunbleached shot of our friends just after they exchanged vows on a bright Dana Point beach. So glad our family got to cheer on their family in making a commitment to work the rest of their lives to become one. #BeautyInTheChaos Congrats @doeziejames + @deannakw! Also... Zeke fell in the ocean (not pictured).

Tilt. Coen owning that corner pinball machine; the one off in the shadows under the broken florescents. He's an old soul, a separatist, an obsessive tinkerer. Get em.