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Adam Findley  Art and Woodworking and Plants | Nebraska

Made another small pot. Cleaned up an off cut from my workbench build for the stand.

Just essentially fell out of this at 10,250’ 🤙🏼 #lincolnparachuteclub

Painting is really a 3 dimensional endeavor. Granted they are pretty flat but they do inhabit a depth of space. >
I mean if painting were on a continuum, with Neanderthals on one end and Adobe Illustrator on the other, it would be closer to cave peoples. It has more in common with beasts and fire and the physical human plight than it does vectors and binary code.>
These paintings in particular and their heroic scale are something to be experienced in person. They offer more than just a visual experience. >
> *Also, toured the galleries adjacent to Gordon Gano of the Violent Femmes. And it was only $5.
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Back in the 1850s hipsters would dovetail the whole tiny house.

I potted up this small umbrella plant I bought for $1.00. I used a typical bonsai mix for the “soil”.
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View from the warehouse before the storm. The 15° drop in temp (and dew point) over just a couple minutes is one of the things I love about this state.
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Made a pot.

Surrounded by its ingredients this cupcake, otherwise known as “The Ron Swanson”, was a gift at work. So good. A big thank you to @reclaimedenterprises and Olivia!

I scored a dozuki “Z” saw for my b-day. It cuts very easily. I can bend a ryoba saw instantly but the rigid back on this saw makes it a user friendly blend between east and west style saws. And not very expensive.

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Lemon Tree,
Frederick Leighton 1859

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