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Adam Federico  Simple man living an extraordinary life... this page shares a bit of the inside of it. FEDERICO advanced Ajfsalon FEDERICO Beauty Institute

One week away and counting! Central California come join us in San Luis Obispo!!! #thairapy tickets available at for $20!#moonriversalon @moonriversalon A night of live model demonstrations, the purpose of tHairapy is to inspire and inform while elevating the level of craftsmanship within our community of professionals. Presented by Adam Federico and @shockey.nick

The daze of Saturn... #huh #evolveordissolve

πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» not my words but shared feelings. #Repost @sickboy1984
I see nothing is changing. In fact things are getting worse with the titles "public figures", "influencers", and "tastemakers" day by day. This little app we have at the palm of our hands could be one of the most powerful tools available for communication. Fuck, I think it's time you sit back and evaluate your own life, instead of the perfect photoshopped photo, and plugging some fucking product 90% of us don't even care about. Why don’t you share your real life and tell us what's going on inside your head. Because believe me, we know it's not lattes, protein shakes, skin care, luxury cars, fashion model jobs, or some exotic beach every fucking day. You are actually making people more depressed than "inspiring" them. This younger generation is watching your fake lifestyle, and they are putting themselves down because they can't achieve what you claim to have. Stop trying to impress us and hiding behind a facade, and focus on making us better. Show us we aren't alone, and inspire that one person in the middle of nowhere and make them feel apart of something. We were all born into this crazy world and given the same air to breathe so fucking act like it. Fill that void your hiding behind, and if you could save one person's life it would be invaluable.

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