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Amaku (Adam)  • Amaku Films Cinematographer • Parkour Coach at The Movement Creative • Gymnastics & Parkour coach at Aviator Sports • Yoga ninja • 🙏🏽NAMASTE🙏🏽

I got way too into this! Fun Lil Improv guitar for @macmiller #macmiller
Keep swimming yall ♥️

I was drilling this b twist thing off the tramp and it felt so good that I had to throw a double. THIS WAS MY SECOND TRY!!! I wanted to yell in the gym but there was a class going on! Really proud of this one #kojostricklab @sam_kojo Do you have anything for transferring tricks from tramp to floor? Love what you do!

My journey to becoming a tricker/free-runner person has lately consisted of drilling variations of front and back flips, twisting on tramp and watching videos DAILY...Pretty happy its working 🙃#kojostricklab
Some kicking and tricking vids will be out as soon as Im done looking like a idiot haha

I honestly felt like crying. Been injured or slightly handicapped with my ankle for a year and to learn so much about movement despite the fact has me feeling so fucking grateful. So happy to have so many wonderful people in my life. Thanks to @jesse.danger @pyro4pk @taodharma and loads of others !!! You know who you are!!! P.s. I have never seen a rudy in real life till mike did it haha ( although I think the last clip is a raiz 540 twist??? ) anyways peace ✌️oh and cant forget @shreddykrueger love you fam

Check out @amaku_echa my new photography page!!! I have been waiting for this moment all year and I finally feel ready. I have a perspective I want to share.

Music by my brotato @julianecha 🎶🎵🔥 Been training fulls and btwist. I can feel the aerial progression happening. I can finally do the third floor spot after the second full! Cant wait to heal and take these to the floor! #tricking
#freerunning #yoganinja #adamecha #themovementcreative #movementcreative

Debating making my insta 18+ and posting my spiritual and controversial Ideals here. Watcha think?

Haha this is a very emotional piece but all my music is like this. I hope this provokes thought and reflection...🙃

Song I have been working on regarding running from love, mindfulness and wellness and the inconsistencies that happen when you are not following the natural universal pull to be the best you...if that makes’s not finished...yet...


So I have been re learning a song and I decided to just learn my favorite part and move on. So I added the beginning piece. I feel like it fits


So a doctor will be checking out my foot so I can go back to drilling my flip tech. So grateful to have this facility to teach and train at. Life is good. Even with a “meh” ankle. Namaste yall 🙏🏽😌👌🏽 📷 @reaper_the_genius 📷sony a6500 35 mm

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