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Adam Clery  North Tyneside Young Poet of the Year 1997, now one of's Great Men™ | Check out my Linktree for the latest videos ↓↓↓

Pardon the self-reflective soapy titwank here, but feeling so incredibly lucky with where life has taken me recently. Things could have unfolded very differently both personally and professionally and I’m so grateful for how it’s all worked out. Huge, huge thank yous to the countless number of you guys who spoke to us in New York and said such nice things about what we do. Without all of you we wouldn’t even be on YouTube never mind at WrestleMania weekend, so your support, your stories, your time is everything to us... we owe you so much for this somehow being our jobs 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Can’t believe this is something I get to say, but thank you so much to everyone who came to our show... in New York... that sold out. One off the bucket list, this 💙

Hello, I work here now. God bless.

Very pleased to report that our New York live show has ENTIRELY SOLD OUT!
So, to celebrate, we thought we’d give our pals in the Bullet Club a hand with their event since they seem to be having some trouble doing the same 🤔 #wrestlemania #wrestlemania35 #bulletclub

Stay cosmic, kids xoxo

Whatever it takes...

We got sent this jaw-dropping illustration of the WhatCulture office. Absolutely blows my tiny mind that people like what we do enough to make things like this 🖤

Now yes, obviously, this is absolutely absurd but we’re going to do a goddamn live show in New York City!

When? April 8th
Where? Stand Up New York
What? Not a fucking clue lads, but we’ll think of something. For tickets head to
#wrestlemania #wrestlemania35 #wrestling #newyork

Very Sunday, this
#very #sunday #this

Had an absolute blast filling in for @simonmiller316 on Ups and Downs this week. Slightly overwhelmed by all the nice messages about the shows as well so, if you sent one or tuned in, thanks v much 🙏🏻

Another 1 Million Subscriber Play Button from YouTube to add to the others. Another amazing team of genuine legends I’m proud to be a (small) part of 💙

A lovely night with some of the other Great Men ™ in the WhatCulture box at St James’ Park. You come for the cheeseboard but you stay on the off chance they beat the best team in England. Howay the fucking lads. ⚫️⚪️ #NUFC

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