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Adam Blake  Trainer/Coach, H2O Bass Player, Devoted Husband to @cookiesnsandals

SLC bound!

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the landmark Loving Vs Virginia decision that finally stamped out the laws prohibiting interracial marriage.
Like all laws that try and regulate who and how someone can love, it was a dumb fucking law and, obviously, I'm personally very glad it's history.
Love is the best quality we can possess and anyone who tries to prevent others from expressing it in anyway they see fit is, in my humble opinion, a total fuck wit.
Happy Loving Day to all those who fell in love with someone from a different culture or ethnic background to theirs...The more diverse and mixed this world gets, the better.

Happy Pride Month to all the brothers and sisters out there...I look forward to the day when hate and prejudice can be discussed only in an ancient history class.

There is still work to be done, we're not there yet but I believe we're gonna get there in the end.

#onelove #lovingday #pridemonth #gay #straight #lgbt🌈

#fbf Don't forget your...

Shutting out the sounds of a world gone mad.

9 years ago today we released this record and of all of them, this is the one that by far holds the most special place in my heart.

On a personal note, it was the first time I actually got to contribute a significant amount of music to an H2O record. On the Go album and the All We Want EP, I had been on strictly bass player duty and although I like a lot of the material on those records and am proud to have been involved with them, To be honest, I never really felt like a part of the creative process, whereas on this one, I felt deeply involved.

@xchadballx and @paulminer made our sonic dreams come to life and @tobymorse definitely wore his heart on his sleeve lyrically.

Thanks to everyone who ever bought, stole or heard it.

We should probably do some 10 year anniversary shows for it in 2018...

#tbt to the last time H2O went to Denver with some of our favorite people. It's been 3 long years and we're excited to go back next month. Might just have to swing by @awakengymnastics while I'm in town.
#h2o #judge #cromags #rockymountainhigh

Groezrock is magic.

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Stage Invasion for 4th Time Playing @groezrock ??? 🙏Fucking Insane! Thank You Everyone Sincerely! #FBF #WhatHappened #H2OGO #Groezrock #H2Oezrock

Danke, Gracias, Merci, Dank Je, Obrigada and Thank you 🙏🏻 to everyone who came out, sang along and had a blast with us. You are the reason we continue to do what we do.

Outskirts of town.

Gracias, Madrid.
#h2o #h2ole #madball #ignite #fttw

Tour...Livin' hard and Riffin' hard.
#h2ogo #h2o #organicasfuck #makingmusic

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We had no expectations for yesterday. The 3 times playing @groezrock have always been insane. But you never know. Last night may have topped all 3. It was once again one for the H2O History Books. Incredible fucking show from start to finish. Thanks for making this 23rd Old band feel like a new one. The Back To Basic Barricade Free stage at a huge festival is proof that people can look out for each other like family without having one. This music is made for that connection. Sincerely Thanks To Everyone! 📸 @headshotbe #H2OGO #WhatHappened #Groezrock

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