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I've been playing these songs a lot lately. We’re doing a show to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its release next week so I’ve been dusting off the deep cuts and taking a little trip back into ancient history.

Playing these songs transports me back to some of the happiest times of my life. Long days spent in the studio and even longer nights spent roaming the streets of mid 90’s New York and hanging out at places like Wetlands, CBGB’s and Coney Island High.

The vibe in NYC at that time was incredible, it really felt like hardcore might finally get a shot at moving from the streets up into the penthouse. Major labels were looking for the next Seattle scene and had started sniffing around the LES in hopes of finding it.
We had gone a different route and joined up with Epitaph Records who had finally convinced us to sign only after we had them put 6 custom low rider bicycles onto the contract.

This record took us all over the world and via compilations like Punkarama and cassette samplers handed out at Warped Tours, exposed us to a whole new audience, many of whom have stuck with us to this very day.

To everyone who ever bought, stole or dubbed a copy, thanks for listening, I’m proud as fuck to have been a part of this record.

About to enjoy the first bite after a five day full zero calorie fast.
The science on the benefits of fasting for cellular health, mitochondrial biogenesis, stem cell regeneration, improving insulin sensitivity and a whole host of other health and longevity benefits certainly seems compelling.

If a full fast seems like too much, then try limiting your eating to only a short window daily. I've been fasting 16 hours daily since 2014 and it's been a cornerstone of my health and fitness regimen.

Anyhoo, do the research, give it a shot and it might just add a few good years onto your life.

Well that didn't take long...Night two just added, don't sleep on this.

#tbt...The 90's.

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ICYMI: Pre-orders are up now for H2O's 'The Don Fury Session' 12"EP. Re-mastered by Don Fury himself with illustrations by @dansmithism. Shipping soon! B9store.com/H2O

So proud of @cookiesnsandals and the fine folks over @mammachia for donating 100 boxes of their delicious protein bars to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Southern California...Let's do this!

NYC, let's do this!

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A ton of stuff just went live! H2O's original six song demo, recorded by Don Fury in 1994, is re-mastered and now available on a one sided 12" with a beautifully illustrated B-side by @DanSmithism. Grab the matching t-shirt! And it's the 20th anniversary of #ThickerThanWater, so we mixed up a couple of new colors and housed it in a gatefold LP jacket. Don't forget to also grab the new 7 inch from @TheEulogyCA

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In December of 1994, H2O recorded six songs with Don Fury. Originally split and released as a four song demo and a two song 7 inch, this session has been re-mastered and released together for the first time on 12" vinyl via Bridge Nine. Dropping sooooooon

7 Years no booze today.
When I finally decided to quit, it wasn't greeted with support and offer of help from those closest to me, and to be honest, why should it have been?
They had heard it a million times before, that "this time I'm really gonna do it" and the "never agains..". They had justifiably grown tired of hearing it.

I tried to quit more times than I can count and always fell back down, but finally after all the attempts and all the failures, I finally made it happen.

If you are someone who is struggling with a demon (or two..), then take heart. No matter if the rest of the world has given up on you, so long as you never give up on yourself, you can still win the fight.

Special thanks to @cookiesnsandals for being my rock and inspiring me to never listen to the monsters who still knock on my door from time to time.

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For the next hour you can request any H2O song through my personal profile in the @supercanapp (link in bio!) Send a text or video request and you will get a private performance of any song you want. **If you choose #whathappened? You get Mr. @matttskiba on the mic! All Proceeds go to #TexasDiaperBank #H2OGO

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