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#fbf Jumps > Notes.

#tbt 10 years ago
We didn't look, sound or feel like we belonged in the then musical climate. The term hardcore was now being claimed by bands we felt we had little in common with and to be honest, we weren't sure if anybody even cared anymore.
We had done the whole major label thing and that hadn't worked out and it felt like maybe our time had passed.
We made NTP without any expectations at all.
When we stepped onstage for the release show at Gramercy Theatre, I remember thinking this was gonna be the moment that set the course for our future. If it was a lukewarm response to the new material, that it probably meant the beginning of the end for the band.
From the very first note, the crowd showed the new songs so much love that we felt like a new band all over again. It gave us a new wave of energy that we are still riding to this day. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I'm really stoked to get out and celebrate this records anniversary. As much as I’m proud of all of them, this one is the nearest and dearest to me.
Except for this picture, which I think is dog shit. I mean what the fuck is that all about?? Really?? In suits?? in a fucking elevator??

I just launched my new project to help those looking to get healthy, get fit and not grow old like assholes.

It’s a project in three parts and this is the first.

It’s entitled Sprintingforfitness.com and it’s up now.

Link in bio

Happy Birthday to the GOAT.

#fbf to the Top 10 most memorable shows I have ever seen (Part One)


01/01/92 Rage Against The Machines first ever London show at a tiny club called The Borderline just off of Charing Cross road.

This was before their debut album dropped and the show was filled with hardcore kids who were only there because it was the singer for Inside Outs new band.


Nobody had heard the music and although they had the crowd moving the lyrics were a mystery, but by the end of Killing In The Name, pretty much the whole room had gotten the message.


I saw them many times since, both in clubs and later headlining festivals but this one is still my fave.

#tbt to a record that had a profound influence on me as a teenager.

Even at first drunken listen, I knew it was love.

I played it on repeat for days on end and it set me down a path where I would discover a whole new world of artists and attitudes who’s music and lyrics would forever change the way I saw the world and my place in it.


It spoke of friendship and positivity and open mindedness rather than the blood, horror and gore of the metal I had long called my own.


If I’m ever feeling down in the dumps and just fried on life, I know I can still put this on and things will seem a little brighter.


Much love and respect to the fellas who made it.
This one put a lot of smiles on a lot of peoples faces.

For your Sunday morning reading pleasure.

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If you have been looking for a time efficient way to get into incredible shape, this one's for you.


Sprinting has long been a cornerstone of both my training and that of the majority of those I work with.


This program includes ramp up workouts to get you primed and ready to go, plus a four-week sprint focused program designed to burn fat,
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Take a look and as always, feel free to drop me a line with any questions

Not a selfie.

Seeking the divine.

#fbf to Dynamo festival 1996 and the days of singing Hare Krsna, slinging a six string and temple living. 🙏🏻 This is a day I will never forget. From getting to fulfill a dream be on Headbangers Ball to receiving a stern impassioned lecture on the importance of gratitude from Harley Flanagan to getting to playing with bands I loved like Voivod and Venom. 💪🏻 And to this day, this is still the largest crowd I have ever played to and notice the shirt I chose to wear was a portent of a future not yet written. 💦
To quote my then band mates, This is a time we’ll remember.

Let’s do this South America! #NTPX

Things are definitely looking up.

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