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Adam  Lover of music, science fiction, positive people and hope for a better global society. All photos by me, unless noted.

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At the #drycleaners and saw this beautiful collection of handy human ingenuity.
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When the #deadlines creep up the team steps off. #lol
My team has been grinding hard for months so when they go #awol it's just par for the course .
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#Loess new LP #Pocosin on the great Label #n5MD
This long awaited album by Loess starts out with an unassuming back beat along with their tried and true click crunch percussive motifs. After a few bars a highly signature synth stab melodically comes into the forefront. Swishing disorientation swirls around the sound stage as it become apparent the ground on which this song is standing is undulating like ocean waves. For long time fans, this albums kicks off to a great start.
Moving into the next track, the album begins to flaunt its modern technical production with a well sculpted low end that is heavier and more defied than anything we have ever heard this duo produce in the past. With a melody that sounds and feels like something from a lost memory, the tracks overall structure begins to slowly melt and build simultaneously. Track 3 is titled “Striae” and is high point on the album. Deep cavernous beat structures are there to be explored by the listener, and the well EQ’ed synth melodies pulsate in and out of the depth of the rhythm structure. Striae is defined as “ in anatomic nomenclature, a longitudinal collection of nerve fibers in the brain.” and is an appropriate visual for this organic and structured song. Side B begins swimmingly with the track “alosa”. A very relaxed tempo rolls out with what sounds like processed flutes that are slowed down to about a 3rd of their normal speed. Then water harp elements creep in, all blending together to form a shamanistic tribal meditation punctuated by a sensation of reaching the top of a tall mountain or winding road. Side B continues with a cathedral like sound palette which develops into a melancholiac laps of time. It reminds me of a solitary candle burning brightly with its wax melting silently into the night. “Bowhead” brings the album to a close. Its a colorful song with a mix of yearning and hope. It’s tones stretch out like a new day on the horizon, forever shinning a light on the mysteries of what lies ahead.
Hopefully Loess enjoyed producing this wonderful album and will feel inspired to continually share their unique sonic vision with the world. #vinyl #vinylcollector #vinylclub #vinylrecords #records

#doandroidsdreamofelectricsheep ?
What an incredible book - thought provoking , way ahead of its time and incredibly deep.
In the book Rachel's primary objective is to sleep with the bountyhunters so they begin to feel empathy towards the androids that they are supposed to retire. Thus, making it difficult for them to actually kill the androids when confronted with the choice.
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This is a visual remix I did of @vojdvojd fantastic original art. If you are not familiar with both his visual and sonic art I highly recommend you check it out.
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#crystalgrid on a lunch break , but the benefits will carry throughout the day.
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