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Adam LZ  Living life one corner at a time 🚗💨 Follow @LZMFG Bachelors in Business Management @ UCF • e92 | S13 | S15 | JZX100 | F250 | S550 | Z33 | R32 | CP9A

e b i s u s p e c

Not only did I have the honor of driving @okamura_kazuyoshi’s S15 on Nikko today - I also got to tandem with the man himself! Words can’t do justice to the car or how surreal of an experience it was. 30 minutes of rad raw driving will probably take a while to upload so expect the video closer to 7-8pm EST ❤️

I love japan :)

Got into an awesome groove driving minami today with @meskerdrift - definitely feels like some of the best I’ve ever driven. Can’t wait to show you guys all the footage - 4:30PM EST!
🎵: @belmontmusic 📹: @sytuph

I present to you my 3.4L @runbc 2JZ S15!!! Beyond honored to partner with @enjukuracing on this build and even crazier getting to reveal it at the @garrettmotion SEMA booth. Can’t thank the people and companies involved in this build enough - it’s going to be a good time 😈 @enjukuracing @enjuku_bub_fab @vibrant_performance @bcracingna @ecumasterusa @titanmotorsports @wiringspecialties @graphicsdirect @binkindustries @deatschwerks @sleeperdesigns @doc_race @mamotorsports @lowlowcarbon
@enjukujamjam @t0mmygun @wefabrication @vertexusa @isrperformance @albertobigboost

Time to give the S13 a full overhaul! First step is switching over to the angle kit I fell in love with on @colectivo_drift_clan‘a car. Thanks @officer_dan @gktech_official 😎

Last minute SEMA prep with the @enjukuracing crew. The car is en route to @semashow and will be unveiled at the @garrettmotion booth at 1:30PM on Tuesday. The attention to detail on this car is absurd - so insanely lucky and excited to get behind the wheel!

*when you realize you’ve been wasting your time with RWD platforms and there is a whole sea of AWD greatness you’ve been missing out on* @lzmfg

I got a message from a close friend of @originalrobbob last night letting me know that he had passed away and it really shook me up. Robert and I had never met in person, but we had been talking online for years since I first got my S13. He had one of the cleanest builds that was a large inspiration for mine and had even gone out of his way to help me source parts on a few occasions.
His death hit me harder than I’d expect it to. There are hundreds of thousands of us that share a passion for cars and a lot of us get carried away and can make dumb decisions (myself included). This is NOT directed at all at Robert, but is a generalization that popped into my head just thinking about death. Life is too short to be wasting time - stop talking about what you want to do and start taking steps to DO IT. Tell the people in your life you care about that you love them - and remember they care about you whether they’ve said it or not. Put yourself in a position where you could be gone tomorrow and feel good that you’ve done all you can to get where you wanted to be and say what you needed to say to the people you care about.
Losing someone from our community is rough and I can only wish the best for the friends and family of Robert that will be going through the struggles of his loss. You’re in my thoughts and prayers as well as everyone else’s in this tight-knit community that I’m proud to be a part of. Rest in piece man - I hope RB’s are a little more reliable up there <3 #RIP

My original intention with this car was a bit more reckless/rally, but I’ve found SO much enjoyment on how this thing handles tracks/corners. Thoughts on me making it more of a touge style build? 📷: @hamilton.t6i

Had some car trouble, but we pulled through and took home the win! Can’t thank @bcracingna enough for making this trip to @stacked_motorsports_festival possible. One for the books! Where to next? @proxzimity @taylordrifts @matttheginge

Can’t thank @bcracingna enough for sending us up here to compete in the @stacked_motorsports_festival team tandem comp tomorrow. Who is coming?
@proxzimity @taylordrifts @matttheginge

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