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Adam La Rosa  ✖️Melbourne, Australia ✖️Actor • Executive Producer • Blogger ✖️Film • Life • Inspiration • Love 🙌🏼🌹


So it's official, I've just finished revamping my entire website after starting from scratch and now it's online and live for the world to see! I'd love your feedback on it, check it out: adamlarosa.com

Cheers @wix 🙏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 •

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(n) a lover of rain;
someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days

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Don’t you just love the way those leaves dance with every collision of rain? Beautiful 🙌🏼🌧🌿🕺🏻

Noble and great. Courageous and determined. Faithful and fearless. That is who you are and who you have always been. And understanding it can change your life, because this knowledge carries a confidence that cannot be duplicated any other way.― Sheri L. Dew

Here's a short clip from a very deep, meaningful and beautiful award-winning film called Father Time that I acted in. I played the role of Father John (a priest) and Scott Reid played the character of Matthew, who in this film is friends with Father John.

This is a very personal scene regarding Matthew's terminally ill daughter and the decision he is faced with to make it right.

Written and Directed by Dmytro Latorets (@dlmade)
Cinematography by @Peter_Kalaitzakis

12 months ago to the night, our amazing feature film @thelegendofbenhall premiered in Forbes, NSW. •

I was honoured to have my parents with me for the journey, it was a 14 hour round road trip, it was hot, we were tired, but it was memorable and unforgettable. •

I was also honoured to be involved in this film in a dual capacity, as an Actor and Executive Producer. •

They’re not on Instagram to see this, but they know how much it meant for me to have them there and share that moment ❤️

Walk towards the good in life and one day you will arrive - Atticus

When I see you, the world stops. It stops and all that exists for me is you and my eyes staring at you. There's nothing else. No noise, no other people, no thoughts or worries, no yesterday, no tomorrow. The world just stops, and it is a beautiful place, and there is only you - James Frey

#Repost @primitive_films ・・・
Crowdfunding for THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU is now CLOSED. We are proud to announce that team Primitive Films has raised a total of $6,215 from 80 backers! This total amount exceeds our initial goal by $215! •

A BIG THANK YOU to our final group of backers: Klara Sallai, @nathanitter, @jcreely91, @soniadon, Wendy Christensen, @em_joyable, @redouanechaouki, Martin Stirling, Tania Burro, Briony Sherrell, @nickkozakis, DTA Australia, @algoikhman_actor, @dean.giannakis , @hotdogwithmustard, @connorbashford and Mike Whelan. You got us over the line! •

Thank you again to all our family, friends and supporters who pledged and backed us. Now, the fun begins 🎬

Lights, camera, action!

#Repost @primitive_films ・・・
The film set is where the magic happens. Luke, Jack and team Primitive Films CAN'T WAIT to once again cross the threshold and embark on Principal photography for our bold new film - THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU. •

And YOU can help make it happen. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to EVERYONE who has contributed to our crowdfunding effort. •

So far, we have raised $4,820 from 64 backers - 80% of our $6,000 target. But now, we are into the FINAL DAY of our campaign. If you are thinking of contributing and helping us reach our goal, it is literally NOW or NEVER. •

For as little as $10, you can claim your REWARD PACKAGE and join our film family forever. Filmmaking is a collaborative medium. And we want YOU to take part in this exciting journey and film venture with us. •


@primitive_films, the Melbourne-based production house recently announced me as the Executive Producer to their next project THEY CAN’T HEAR YOU. They very nicely posted an update about me, my blog and my industry insights. Check it out if you like: www.adamlarosa.com/blog

By the way, we have 2 days left in our campaign to raise $1,300 to reach our goal for the film which equates to only 22% left, less than a quarter.

If everyone who read this, liked this or comments on this pledged only $10, then we would achieve it. You can pledge anonymously too if you wish.

1. Go to Indiegogo website (www.indiegogo.com)
2. Click on search magnifying glass on top right
3. Type in: They Can't Hear You
4. Click on it and then pledge as a guest, you don't even need to sign up
5. Sit back, wait for us to make it and await your rewards

We are 74% towards the finish line with 4 days left to race. Have you backed the winner yet? Inside tip says @primitive_films and their new experiential one-shot short horror and psychological thriller film - THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU.

Team Primitive being @lukecreelypf, @jackcocopf and myself are backing you to back us! •

1. Go to Indiegogo website (www.indiegogo.com)
2. Click on search magnifying glass on top right
3. Type in: They Can't Hear You
4. Click on it and then pledge as a guest, you don't even need to sign up
5. Sit back, wait for us to make it and await your rewards

#Repost @primitive_films ・・・ Team 'THEY CAN’T HEAR YOU' are all smiles 6 days out from our campaign closing date. We have now raised $4,120 - 69% of our funding target. The $6,000 magic figure is becoming a genuine possibility. •

A big THANK YOU to Tim Sallai, @the_road_not_taken_vegan, @mattholmes77 , @stf996 , Darryl Redden, @spacetouristfilms , Riccardo Sacchetti, @adamsalerni, @_laurajane1, Benny S, Paula La Rosa, Vince La Rosa, Derek Erksine, @paulmosca , @sassysuzanb, @runsamarakoon , @katdakin1 , Sandro De Rango, Antoinette Aquilina, @tomv1970, All Ports International Logistics, Turba Group and @sandracasa_actress for your generous contributions 🙏


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