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Adam Charlton👱👱👱👱👱  British 🇬🇧👱Single😭 🎨Art and 💪Fitness 👕@Aesthetix_Clothing 💻OnlineTraining

Arm pump today 💪

New polo top :)

Never skip leg day💪💪💪

Completed 4 sets of walking lunges 💪

Beach weekend 💪

Love the protein cookies ❤️❤️😬😬

Killed it💪

💪Now Offering online training and nutrition advise for those who want to feel and look great this summer. Contact me at for more info

Change of plan I hit shoulders instead 💪I started with dumbbell seated press 5 sets with 1 minute recovery max. Then my favorite side laterals dumbbells. The last 2 sets I did a triple drop set for crazy burn !! Then it was rear delts on the machine 4 sets . Front raisers with the cable superset with dumbbell shrugs to finish💪💪💪💪

Wtf I'm not flexing 😂😂😂

Form💪Will be posting my leg and arm session this week!!

Busted my session 💪Chest...5 sets incline dumbbells ....5 sets close grip dumbbell press....5 sets machine flys....4 sets of dips super set with push ups to failure 👍🏻

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