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Karishma Donde💡Design Thinker  💭Design Facilitator & Ideator 👗Fashionista & Blogger 🙌🏽 Inspire, Empower & Create 🌏Change through Innovation👇🏾


I plan to create a way for the next generation of children to get sufficiently educated in preparation for the mass shift happening in the world. I will enhance and shed light on the current outdated educational systems in place which is frightening (literally nightmarish) based on how quickly the world is evolving. 😱 •
Also, if I could have an AI created I would want one that could decipher what’s real and what’s not because we are currently in the “mis-Information” age which means there is so much Information we don’t know what to believe anymore bordering on causing mass chaos. 💡

“Soul Family: are those that gather around you in your life, not necessarily connected by blood or race but energy and essence. They bring unconditional love and support at the perfect times.” -Unknown 🙇🏽‍♀️

Couldn’t be where I am today without you guys 😍🙌🏽💁🏽‍♀️

#mondaymemories to my 30th bday (2 years ago in April), the photo booth, and my lifetime friendships. 💫
#soulfamily #bestfriends #goodvibesonly #loveyouguys❤️ #ipreview @preview.app

.. So you can learn faster and move forward. Failure does not define who we are. This concept is a fundamental mind shift in terms of learning to look at something as a lesson learned versus a let down and never trying again. 👏🏾

In the last few years my perception of failure has changed vastly, because I have learned so much more from the experience more than the fails and loss. ✅

I have had failed jobs, blogs, websites, and partnerships/startups. To say I haven’t learn and grown from my experiences would be a misconception. What about you? 🤔
#leanstartup #designthinking #failureisnotanoption #failfastfailoften #ipreview @preview.app

It’s nice when sweaters are actually as warm as they are chic. Jan is still total sweater and boot weather👢 but wearing this @fashionnova sweater makes me forget how cold it actually is (for LA) 🤗
#sweaterweather #fashionnova

I’m always asked why I openly share my ideas. And The truth is that I learned I really can’t do it on my own. I know my own capacity, even if my own idea is great, I know that it can be better. 💡

We need other people to bounce off of and just test our theories. We also need people whose specializations are different than ours. 🤗

The more we build on each other’s thoughts and ideas the more powerful they are. And more often than not, I have found those who encourage more than discourage. •
Last year I got some really good advice about being afraid of people stealing ideas and it’s that you are only one you and people can try to imitate you but they can never be you. Ideas are meant to be collaborated on and manifested. 💁🏽‍♀️ #ideas #elizabethgilbert #manifest #creativelifehappylife #bigmagic

KARISH. Fabric Inspo 😍, saw this at the LA textile show last year and fell in love but my biz manager likes to remind me what my price point is (because this fabric costs like $45/yard) I can’t help my taste. I still have dreams about this fabric. •
Imagine the day we are able to 3D print these types of beautiful pieces? 💁🏽‍♀️

I went on a journey to find out how feasible 3D printing actually is for fashion startups. Why? Because it will save so much fabric waste but also because it will revolutionize how we think, create and design clothes in the future. You can read about it on my blog. #latextileshow #fabricinspiration #visionary

The best example that I have heard of this is from a Simon Sinek speech who describes MLK legacy. MLK spoke his truth and what he believed in and there were 250k+ who identified, believed in him, and trusted him. He inspired people. 🙌🏽

And that is the essence to building brands and influence. We buy brands that we trust and there are hundreds of example of this (Apple, Harley Davidson). An interesting point that Simon makes is that if you can appeal to early adapters and visionaries not only with the revolutionary technologies you put out but with your cause you could really build some loyalty to help you cross the chasm. 💡

Another great story of this is Flex Watches, which is to date the most inspirational Profit episode that I have watched. Marcus realizes that the thing that will sell is not the watch itself but the story behind why the brand started. ✅

Flex Watches started because one of the founders mom had cancer and they wanted to create something with cause. Each of their watches sells in different colors which support different causes.⌚️

#visionary #earlyadapter #empathize #whatisyourwhy #flexwatches #theprofit #innovate #mlk

“There’s a day when you realize that you’re not just a survivor. But a warrior. You’re tougher than anything life throws your way” -One Tree Hill •
Never the less, we have all been victims of labels/judgements.. whether it was in high school, college maybe or in the workplace. But if you’re reading this, I applaud you for being able to have the mental strength to overcome judgement and other people’s thoughts continuing to grow and walk down your life path. 👏🏾

Not only is time up for sexual harassment but time’s up for bullies, judgement of others, and not standing up for each other. The time is now to raise each other up and celebrate our differences. 🌏 •
This message reminds of a time when I first went in for a homeopathic treatment and during my eval. one of the questions my doctor asked me: “if you saw a kid getting beat in the street, what would you do? Would you walk faster and pretend nothing was happening or would you interfere and try to save the kid?” What would you do? 🤔

#onetreehill #empathize #timesup

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” -Charles Darwin 🙌🏽

When I think of the world evolve I think of the word love. And it’s funny how words work because in truth, in order to evolve we must love ourselves first. Only then can we extend love to others. How much time do you spend in solitude? Are you friends with yourself? 🧘‍♀️

The importance of change and evolution is tremendous because right now we are being faced with shifts maybe we are unprepared to handle. The next phase is already here but are able to love each other enough to evolve into the next phase of man-kind together and embrace this new world? 💜

Are we able to move past judgments and just writing each other off to becoming a more listening-aware and caring/nurturing culture? 🤔
#creativelifehappylife #innovate #designthinking #evolve #loveyourselffirst

I always hear people saying jeans are their most comfortable go-to garment. But for me, jeans are sooo uncomfortable and have never been my garment of choice. They don’t stretch and my thighs suffocate. 🙅🏽‍♀️

My love-hate relationship with them have caused me to own probably around 4 pairs my whole life. I was so surprised that these jeans were actually comfortable and had room for my thighs to breathe. 👖 •
This is why I am determined to put out a fashion line that is able to tailor custom sizes at no extra cost to the consumer because we all deserve to feel and be comfortable in our own clothes. 👗

Personal Story: I remember once when I was 7 my mom forced me to wear jeans and I was so distraught and uncomfortable that I cried the whole day. I grew up in the leggings era and now I’m so glad that they are back in “trend” ...I aspire to feel comfortable at all times. 🤷🏽‍♀️ #rippedjeans #emapthize #weekendvibes #comfortfirst

In true visionary form, Jacque Fresco was way ahead of his time in that he found a way to use the resources we already have (air, water etc) and apply technologies to truely enhance the world we are living in. 🌏

The Venus Project proudly has proven that we have enough resources in the world to support the number of people on this planet. 🌿 unlike a #technocracy (which is what we are being pushed to accept) the Venus project believes in a technology enhanced but fundamentally Resource Based Economy.
The Venus Project has innovated a system for housing, transportation etc. and recently got to test their prototype site located in Venus, Florida during hurricane season and amazingly their homes were able to withstand extreme weather conditions. 👏🏾 Jacque Fresco died at age 90 but his legacy, technology and innovation still lives on. He is a true futurist, innovator and visionary and his legacy continues to inspire. 🙌🏽 In my opinion, his solution is the best we have, not only in making major shifts in mankind but also solving our housing crisis, giving us an affordable way to own (because so many of us want to buy homes and can not afford them)🏡 Finally, it’s true that we have an influx of technologies, but we really need to ask ourselves, “are we using and applying the available technologies for what we need and what is best for the rest of humanity” and “in a technology advanced world are we doing what is best for the next generation of children? What will their lives look like if we continue down this path?”🌸 #RIP #venusproject #jacquefranco #visionary #create #innovate

#bts filming for an app my partners and I came up with to make the lives of moms and dads easier. Baby’s World is a digital aggregator based on social computing to give parents everything from group donation boxes, food delivery, fitness classes a music player, chat rooms and more all in one place. 👶🏽 You can find the prototype link in my bio 🤗

Baby’s World is still in the prototyping phase but we did submit it for the most recent @openideo challenge 💡

We interviewed over 50 moms and dads to make this app the most convenient/social it can be, and continue to interview more. You can find additional on my website karishmadonde.com including more #BTS, and play with the actual prototype and leave us feedback 🙂

#powerinprototypes #creativelifehappylife #innovate #designthinking

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