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  Calisthenics and weight training since 2011. The journey of a 63 year old (160lb BW) with life-time fitness goals ahead.

On the way back, after injuring my right elbow 10 months ago (doing muscleups). Here is my 22 ring push-ups.

Front Lever Progress!! I'm back focusing on calisthenics and happy to see it transferred well to my powerlifting (big increase in my BP over the last 2 months). Anyways, one of my big goals is to have a solid front lever (holding it for say 15 secs), so I'm more than half way there.

New Life-Time Bench PR -243 lbs!! I couldn't have done this without the help of @adairtrainer and of course my Muscle Up training.

Preparing for my “bench off” – 1 RM comp bench with @frankielaws on January 25. Video shows one set of 5 x 5 – 200 lbs.
I have no idea how I can beat Frankie, as I:
am 3 times his age
no hair, lol
can’t straighten my left elbow
have shoulder mobility issues
don’t use pre-workout
don’t breathe properly between reps
don’t use wrist bands
don’t use weight lifting shoes
don’t use a lifting belt
don’t have anyone cheering me on
my leg push is poor, my heels were not supported.
have no knowledge of kinesiology
not on a training program
only benched for about a month now after not benching for a year
I focus on calisthenics (muscle-ups is my religion), lol

Working on my elbow planche.

Senior citizen (adairclient) spotted "flying" over the city.

Progressions for the "360 butt roll on a Bar" taught by @adairtrainer. Shawn showing the ability to break down a skill into steps and progressions, where even an old guy like me can learn it.

My first "180 over the bar, with a Muscle Up", shot yesterday on my new backyard bars.

14 chin-ups, AMRAP with a plate (45 LBS) in a minute.

"Muscle Ups" and "Front Lever" on my new backyard Bars. It's almost ready for our first meet up. Stay tuned!

Weighted Lalanne Push-ups, 5 reps with one plate (45 lbs). Help provided by my sister Mai-Lin @mailinbrach. Please take note of her good squat form!

4 Pause Squat Reps at 275 lbs, hoping the butt shot does for this video what it has done for @fitwithok. Lol.

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