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Adair Sanders  in love with Love Himself. oklahoma is my home. yellow cardigans. flower obsessed. my goal is to always find beauty in my brokenness.

Nothing can compare to books and writing while it’s raining.
-C.S. Lewis
It rained all last night and still continuing this morning. Not even mad about it.

He’s not an “I told you so” kind of God.
He’s a “come here. welcome Home. I’ll fix you. I love you. My grace never runs out. Just believe that it’s enough” kind of God.

Christ’s plan for our lives may not be good in the way we imagined it, but it is good in the way He perfectly planned it.

I was petting the most adorable dog and a goat got a little jelly...

If God didn’t give you more than you could handle, then there would be no reason to rely on Him. Happy Saturday!

This photo was taken on June 7th, 2016. A month before I started my cleanse. Before I started my journey of cutting out sugar, gluten, and dairy. I maybe smiling here, but my gut was in constant pain every single day. Lemme say something here... Eating so clean has cleared up my skin completely. I suffered from acne for years and tried everything under the sun so you could say I was shocked by this. Cutting out sugar has helped tremendously and I honestly don't crave it one bit. I didn't even realize that sugar is literally in EVERYTHING! I also have been really getting into essential oils and blown away by how many different ways you can use them. I'm in the market for a natural deodorant and toothpaste so if you can recommend some good ones... Please help a sista out! This journey hasn't been a very easy one if I'm being honest. I'm still dealing with my health issues. But I have an amazing support system, my faith, and Thunder basketball to distract me.

“Temporary things cannot bring long term content.” Temporary? Anxiety. Pain. Fears. Insecurities. Discontent. Long term? Grace. Mercy. Love. Salvation. Christ. Focus on the eternal, because these momentary inflictions you feel in your skin are not permanent pieces of your soul. Let me be honest, that is my greatest weakness. These momentary inflictions feel like they have been burned into my veins. I have allowed the words of this world shape my vision of myself. I have allowed these tremendously loud anxieties of my being weigh on every breath. I have fallen prey to the insecurities that flow through my weak bones. But that is not my end. My worth does not depend on those weaknesses. My worth depends on - and only on - the eternal. The gold story scripted on my very being, undistorted by anything this world may try to change. THAT is what will bring long term content - our true selves wrapped in eternity.

This photo was taken two months ago. I feel like I must document good hair days because 90% of the time it's in a ponytail, topknot, or some kind of braid. I also have this huge obsession with essential oils now. It's becoming so huge that I'll stay up for hours researching different things you can do with different ones. Keeping it natural, baby.

Tulips scream Spring to me! 🌷Also, I'll most likely be listening to the new Drake album all day...

God is not ambiguous. He is not ethereal or undefined. God reveals Himself in Jesus. Jesus is the awesomeness of God, the glory of God, and the ultimate manifestation of God. He is God with no skin on. Life makes more sense when we don't make it about ourselves.
-Judah Smith

Be so full of love, it overflows from you like rain. You never know who is living in a desert and is in need of water.

It's almost wildflower picking time, folks. In case you're wondering, this tattoo is for my friend that passed away from cancer around 5-6 years ago.

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