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Today marks me being on my cleanse for one whole year!!! I haven't had sugar, gluten, or dairy in a flipping year! I'm so proud of myself and blessed that God has made me so strong. If some of you didn't know, I took a really hard pain pill for almost 2 years that basically ruined my gut. I was left with a ton of toxins, and the only way to get rid of it was to go on this candida cleanse. When I first started it, it was tough because my body was not used to having no sugar. I was extremely tired and getting the worst migraines the first week. From then on I felt SO much better, my taste buds changed dramatically to where I wasn't craving sweets at all. And if you know me, my weakness is all that yummy sweet stuff. But cutting sugar out has helped my acne go away, I have more energy, and my migraines aren't as severe. I gotta give some big love to my parents because they've helped this picky eater find food that I love, and help prepare some of my meals. I'm forever thankful for those lovebirds. Even though my gut isn't completely healed yet, I'm on the right track and thriving. My dad always tells me that it's a marathon not a sprint and I believe that's very accurate. If you don't see progress at the start keep going because with Jesus, He's right next to you cheering you on and guiding you along the right path.

You are important. There is a purpose for your life that will never be for anyone else in the history of forever. Remember today that you are so incredibly loved by Jesus!

Happy Friday, friends! Do you like succulents as much as I do? Also, I decided I'm going to binge watch Parks and Recreation for the second time because that show is the greatest. Treat yo self.

God did not ask you to be like others; God asked you to be like Him. Don’t compare yourself with those around you, they are not your role to follow. Jesus is. You're special just the way you are! I know I struggle a lot with comparison, but I'm working on erasing those thoughts and adding prayer towards others instead. By the way, does anyone know what this flower is called?

Happy Thursday, here's a fun hair flip photo fo ya! 💁🏻
I want to clarify something with y'all so maybe you'll understand a lil' bit more of my situation. I have a migraine every single day. Yes, everyday I deal with a different pain level of a migraine. It's been ongoing for about 5-6 years now, and I haven't been able to completely stop it. Doctors can't explain how I got it or why I keep having them. I'm just learning to live with it and try different medications and technics to take some of the edge off. It's extremely challenging to have friends because my mind is constantly consumed with thinking about how will I get back to normal one day. I mean... Do you blame me? I have to be honest here, I hate when people say that they feel sorry for me because I'm totally okay and I can handle this. God is so good, and has blessed me with a wonderful life and the greatest parents in the whole world. I have a lot to be thankful for. So don't feel sorry for me, be happy for me because even though I experience pain, I've seen God work miracles in my life and that's something worth celebrating.

I'm so thankful today. Even though I'm in my bed with a migraine and no energy, I'm still SO thankful. God is SO good and loving. I just got back from my psychologist who I see every 3 months to check up on how my anxiety is doing. It's always incredibly boring because my anxiety is fine and I haven't had a panic attack in forever. There is always someone different that checks my weight and blood pressure, and she noticed that mine was really low. I told her it's usually always low and it's probably even much lower because I'm increasing my migraine medicine. She instantly looked at me and said she suffers from migraines. Turns out, we both take the same medicine, have the exact same placement of pain, and have everything in common with chronic migraines that you can imagine. I've NEVER talked to someone that lives with the same pain I do, so I was in complete shock. We bonded over pain, people! She understood everything I'm going through! That's never happened! For once I didn't feel all alone, for the first time in years I felt hope. I told her I'm going to do whatever it takes to help her. I said I'll pray, get her my doctor, and encourage her. I know my story is to help heal others. My brokenness has a purpose, and this is just the beginning.

Ain't nobody goat time fo dat.

The color of these roses are pretty dang rad. I took this photo at Whole Foods and I always get the weirdest looks. Hashtag sorry not sorry. But let's get real for a sec, does anyone out there watch American Ninja Warrior? My parents and I randomly became hooked on that show last night and I'm a little obsessed...

You know those days where you feel like everything is completely overwhelming? I'm not going to lie, I had a mini breakdown yesterday because sometimes the pain I go through on a daily basis can be too much to handle sometimes. I'm much better than I used to be, but I'm not there yet. I think one of the most important things is to constantly look back and see how much you've grown and celebrate every tiny victory. No matter how big or small, you're growing and that's important. I've learned that just because you've had a bad few days, doesn't mean you had a setback. You've just had a sucky day and that's normal. I always pray for God to give me more strength to keep fighting this battle because I believe God can do amazing things when we fully put our lives in His hands. I think one of the hardest things is explaining to people the whole entire process of my situation, and the heart headache of no one fully understanding it. I've learned the hard way that everyone doesn't have to understand or get what I'm going through. Real friends will stick around and love me for me and maybe not fully grasp my situation, but still be a positive supporter. Basically, we are stronger than we think with Jesus on our side.

What I'm trying to do at the moment...
Embrace the season that you’re in with arms wide open and feet ready to journey through it all. Remind yourself to grow through what you go through. No season is ever wasted. God wastes nothing.

Omg, did you watch Game of Thrones last night?! Me either. But I did watch Hocus Pocus because that movie is a flipping classic.

People change, but God remains. I think it's pretty neat that God always stays the same. He is our only constant and I'm thankful for that. 💛

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