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Adair Sanders  in love with Love Himself. oklahoma. yellow cardigans. flower obsessed. thunder basketball fan. my goal is to always find beauty in brokenness.

Life is made of small moments like these.

I had the best time at the zoo with my dad this morning. This is something we've done together ever since I was a little kid, and I love that we still continue this tradition after all these years. My dad is the nicest man I think I've ever known in the entire world. He's so selfless, giving, kind, loving, and has never met a stranger. The way he loves Jesus and wants to help others is so inspiring to me, and I'm so thankful to call him my best friend. You can't stop me when talking about my parents! Haha. What's your favorite animal to see when you visit the zoo? I would have to say I love the meerkats and the bears.

I want to cultivate a deep sense of gratitude, of groundedness, of enough, even while I’m longing for something more. I’m practicing believing that God knows more than I know, that He sees what I can’t, that He’s weaving a future I can’t even imagine from where I sit this morning.

Me and the boyfriend (my camera) went on a greenhouse date yesterday. You could say we are pretty much in love...

We often waste an incredible amount of time wanting to be somewhere else, someone else. Our head-space gets clogged with compare, contrast, what if, why can’t, I should. But you’re never getting this time back. You can’t borrow tomorrow. Please don’t save the best for last. The best is all of you, here, where you are, brightly lit and painfully now, in this breath you’re leaving. Each second dies as it is born; every hello must say goodbye; all is fading in the collapsing hallway of a fragile hourglass, a grain at a time. You are here. The best is you, now.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
-Genesis 1:1
Plain and simple. He made this beautiful place for us to enjoy! All good things come from God and His hand in nature displays His glory for all to see. Happy Earth Day, and remember who made this magical place.

Happy Friday! I gotta say this, succulent therapy is the best kind of therapy.

I want to thank everyone for your kind comments on my post yesterday. It's incredible the love and support you guys show me, and I'm thankful for your friendship! I share my story because I think it's beautiful one. Personally, I never really understood how you could find true beauty and peace in tough situations. It was only until I had my chronic migraines, I started to see beauty in the brokenness. Brokenness can be found anywhere: pain, heartache, and even fear. But I think finding true beauty in that brokenness is found in Him and Him alone. My faith in Jesus kept me going and fighting each day. I'm actually thankful for everything I went through because it made me more aware of beautiful, broken things I would've looked past. The connections I've made with people are much more deeper than ever before. Please, don't feel sorry for me because this has opened my eyes to just how glorious Jesus heals, how beautiful brokenness is, and how incredibly amazing my parents are. Dang I've got the best parents in the world!!!

Some of you may know my story, and some of you may not. About 5 years ago around 1:00 in the morning, I woke up with a terrible migraine in the back of my head. I screamed for my dad to come in my room and I started having a huge panic attack. I was to the point where I was literally shaking because I didn't know why I suddenly started having pain. The next day didn't get any better, the migraine moved to the front of my forehead and around my eye area. I had panic attacks every single day and couldn't relax. I spent my days going to see tons of different doctors, and trying tons of different medications. None of them took my pain away. All this while being bedridden quite possibly the worst pain I've ever felt in my life. With so many questions unanswered. I had to go see a pain management doctor because there was no other options for me with my pain so high, and my anxiety through the roof. He ended up putting me on methadone. I hated taking every day because it is one of the hardest drugs for your body, and it didn't totally take my pain away. This drug had so many side effects that didn't agree with my body. I won't even mention because that would be a whole other post. Anyway, I stayed on methadone for year and a half until I couldn't take it anymore. With my prayers answered, we heard about this neurostimulator implant surgery. They put little leads into your forehead, neck, and down your back. It provides pain relief by using an implanted device that transmits mild electrical impulses. The stimulation interrupts the feeling of pain, substituting a more pleasing sensation. We went down to Texas and tried the trial surgery and it worked! So about 3-ish years ago, I did the actual surgery and... my debilitating migraines went away! Now all I had to do was get off of the methadone. After two years and two visits to the heart hospital later, my body was free from that stupid pill. The detoxing was cray! That pill left toxins and yeast in my gut that now I'm on a cleanse and STILL having to get rid of. Sure... I still suffer from migraines, and I'm having problems with my gut, and I get tired very easily. But I still have a lot of fight left in me.

She believed a great happiness awaited her somewhere, and for this reason she remained calm as the days flew by.

This spring I will grow and grow and grow.

You do not need to be small. You do not need to be delicate. Be loud, be passionate, because you’ll regret minimizing yourself to please others.
Also, can you spy the tiny ant on my thumb?

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