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Adair Elizabeth  in love with Love Himself. okc. mustard yellow everything. flower obsessed. thunder basketball fan. i enjoy sarcasm & a good pun.


Life update: I use Instagram as a platform to share my story of all of my obstacles I’ve overcome and still overcoming. I want to give hope to people that are hurting. To bring awareness about mental illness and hopefully be a voice. I talk a lot about Jesus because He’s the reason why I am the way I am today, and sharing His perfect love is so important. As many of you may know... I’ve been suffering from chronic migraines for awhile now. It’s been a very long 5 years, and most of them were spent in bed because my migraines were so debilitating that I was bedridden. On top of all that, my anxiety disorder started to become way out of hand because of all the pain I was in 24 hours a day. I went to see so many doctors and tried all the pills you can imagine. Nothing worked and left me extremely defeated and useless. I ended up going to a pain management doctor and he put me on methadone. If y’all aren’t familiar with that drug, they give it to people that are hooked on heroine and are trying to detox from illegal drugs. You aren’t supposed to ever get off that pill. I took it for about a year and a half and it wrecked my body and I hated taking it every single day. I finally found a surgery called the Omega Procedure where they stick wires under your skin that sends pulses to the brain to help with migraines. We went down to Texas to have the surgery and it worked! Now that I got the surgery, I could finally get off of methadone. It took about eight months and two trips to the heart hospital for me to detox from that pain pill. It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life! To this day, I still have toxins in my gut from that pill. That’s why I’m on this cleanse where I don’t eat sugar, gluten, or dairy. It’s called Candida and you can look it up but the side effects are low energy, migraines, anxiety, and the list goes on. For someone who was super active and ran every single morning since the age of 14, it’s been difficult not just physically, but mentally as well. The only thing that kills the toxins is greens, so basically I’m a real life bunny. Recovery is not a race or a competition. It takes time and patience and I have faith that Jesus will heal me.

It might be difficult for you to do things that other’s might find very simple or easy, and that’s okay - please keep continuing to try your best, to work hard, and be proud of the progress you’re making, no matter how big the steps forward are.

Happy Friday, friends!! November… is really another month to bloom in ways you never thought you could.

Keep in mind that progress takes time. Changes are happening, but you may not be able to notice from one day to the next. Stay strong, keep persistent, and have faith that your actions are paying off; one day at a time.

I used to waste time chasing butterflies, but nowadays because of you, I have them in my stomach.
// Y’all know I love these silly pickup lines. Haha. 😜 Butterflies are my favorite and I dream of having a huge garden of them one day. My dad and I are going to the zoo this morning, and I’m so excited about it!! Follow along by watching my insta stories to see cuuuuute animals.

Nobody will ever love you more than God does. You won’t find greater acceptance and understanding elsewhere. Even if you never loved him back. His eternal and unchanging love is the fixed point of certainty in a world of unknowns.
-Unka Glen

Since getting my hair color back to its natural state, I feel more like myself again. When I look in the mirror I see and feel my true self. My confidence is proud of the strong person I have become because of my chronic pain and gut problems. Ya know, there’s a difference between self confidence and God confidence. I also pray to have God’s strong confidence. His confidence is quiet, humble, and comforting and that assures me He is guiding me and good things are to come. It’s a simple and solid truth that tells me “Be still my child, let Me work things out for your good.” I noticed that I have a different, much brighter glow about me when my thoughts give Him glory and credit for making me the person I am today. I just have to remember that.

The things happening around you won’t always bring you happiness. But you can always choose joy, and Jesus will give it to you.

Every time a strand of hair falls from your head, God knows. He is wonderfully and madly in love with you.

If you knew the beauty of the One who lives in you, you’d never look down on yourself. If God thought you were worthless, He wouldn’t have put Himself in you. If you have no potential, He wouldn’t have chosen you. You are loved by the most beautiful Savior!!!

Don’t you worry people, I did NOT color my hair back to blonde again. This photo is a few weeks old and I just wanted to show you my favorite grandma sweater. It reflects my introverted self perfectly. Don’t ask me where I bought it because it’s been years ago at a local boutique. Hashtag channeling my inner old lady status fo lyfe. 🙌🏻👵🏻

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
-Albert Camus
// Basically, I think everything is a flower...

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