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Adrienne  and the word was


This photo was added for the sake of overall aesthetic

This is my cozy little room here in Kona where I live with Cynthia, Jessica, Amanda, Hannah, Caroline, and Bea. Seven girls in one room has never been so peaceful and homey.

{caption is unrelated to picture I'm aware and also I know I already posted this but I didn't like the editing because I edited it in the sun and I couldn't see}
I've come to see social media as more of an art form than a connecting tool.
These last months in Kona I've found myself leaving my phone or camera behind more often than not. In days when I'm trying to soak up so much it makes more sense to experience rather than document. So yesterday when we went to Narnia, these beautiful waterfalls in Hilo, I didn't take my camera. All I have is memory pictures, and those are vivid enough.
This is just to say: I think it's wise to be purposeful with when to practice the art of social media and life-documentation.
Next time I go to Narnia I might bring my camera, but a beautiful experience is usually better when it's savored, like a piece of chocolate cake you eat slowly because there's just one piece, no seconds, and you want to enjoy it.

I miss these ballerinas @hayley_dent @breannemarie @cortlekins

I made an account just for "phnotogransphy" as @septemberwildflowers would say. Go give me a lil foller hehe💕

He loves me.

Today some of the guys went around passing out flowers.

I've never been given flowers by a boy, and it's been one of my favorite pity parties to throw. It's fun to feel like you were mistreated; not shown the love you deserved. To wallow in that entitlement.

But how much greater love there is, to know that God himself grew the plumerias and hibiscus for you. To know He wants to lavish you every gift, every blessing; to pour loads of bright, fragrant blooms into your life. •
Learning to acknowledge my worth in something other than men has been an eye opening and freeing experience. To truly feel beautiful even if no ones eyes but the Father's sees me. To talk to anyone, absolutely anyone, with confidence because I know I'm worth being heard. To know only the one who made me can tell me what I'm worth, and it's more than diamonds. •
Thank you for reading these thoughts💕I know they sound very familiar, you've heard them before probably, but realizing this stuff in real life makes such a difference. He loves you🌙

The Lord is so good.
Here in Kona I am learning to exclaim about what God has done for me. Looking back I wish I had been bolder in the way I talk about faith--prouder of the light that I can walk in because of it.
Last week we had a morning of giving, where people were encouraged to ask God what they could share with someone else. I had a fifty dollar bill in my wallet, given to me towards outreach--and God said to give it away.
After giving that money to someone who I felt God say it should go to, someone walked up and gave me $120. Later, an outreach team member gave me $500. Another girl told me she wanted to give me her laptop, which I needed (mine is a chromebook, which worked in college but doesn't do well for editing or anything now) and we decided we would share it.
All in all, I'm humbled every day by the generosity of God and the generosity of the people I'm with here in Kona. No one gets left behind. No one lacks. Love is abundant.

You can almost see @erinfreeman through the blossoms

I'm up in the woods,
I'm down on my mind

So far, an era of humility, learning, sunshine, sunburn, new frans; soaking in all this lavish generosity.

The softest, sweetest blooms. So thankful to be here.

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