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Ada Photo  Now booking portrait sessions🌼 Job 19:25 Dm or email for inquiries✨ Creating dreamy imagery, writing and eating plant-based in Portland, Oregon💫

I love this picture because of the movement in her hands—classic ballerina giveaway😊 @beccaholstrom is literally so stunning! And it was her idea to pair a cheeky lace bodysuit with this skirt—I love when models have a great eye for style🌼

I got to shoot with lovely @beccaholstrom yesterday—and fulfill my dream of shooting in this field♥️ Fun news coming soon, get ready!!! Also I got new business cards from @moo and they are so pretty! Will share a pic of those too; I feel so profesh🌼

Today I want to remind anyone who needs it that you are quite enough, quite loved, and capable of what you find impossible right now. Uneasiness comes to us so easily, but if we could look forward and see the lovely moments ahead, we would know how worth it is is to keep on keeping on. Hold on to hope🌼

I’m obsessed with yellow and gold. When did this happen? I have no idea...but yellow makes me happy and so do beaded vintage bags. I’m learning to be a bit more fine with liking what I like, looking the way I look, feeling how I feel, even if it’s corny or too vibrant or too old fashioned or flawed.

I have always loved art. Me and my sister Ruth used to draw for hours on any scrap of paper we could find. As I got older I spent more hours at the ballet studio than i did painting or creating, and as time has passed it’s been difficult to find a creative voice again, especially surrounded by so many beautiful artists (like @septemberwildflowers who grew up to be such a lovely artist!!!) who are so inspiring but also intimidating af sometimes with how much talent they have!!
Lately though, stepping into this love for making art through pictures and color has been so life-giving, and even though I’m still learning and testing and taking baby-steps, it feels so free and wonderful to be artistic again in my own way.
There’s so much to love right now! I love summer, I love lavender, thrifted rompers (like this one which was $4!!!) and I love that around every corner is a new beginning, new possibilities.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever;
Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness; but still will keep
A bower quiet for us, and a sleep
Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.
John Keats, from “Endymion”

“I carried a watermelon”
Points if you know where that quote is from.

Selfie Wednesday 💁🏼
I saw Incredibles II with my lil sister today, I loved it but I also felt nostalgic for the first one❤️

Sendy in the palm trees, Kona ‘17. I miss these sunsets so much!

I tried to find an inspirational quote on the internet to caption this with, but all of them sounded like fortune cookies. So here’s one from Leslie Knope: "I'm big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself." Be inspired by your own dann self today! U can do anything!!!

Lana Del Rey vibes✨
I can’t wait for the 4th of July!!! Sexiest holiday of the year. If you need somewhere to celebrate hit me up, my skwad will be at @breannemarie ‘s ICONIC annual 4th party.

I’m so impressed by this lady, my dear friend @hayley_dent who is so kind, sweet, generous and beautiful❤️ She’s also a @senegenceinternational distributor—what a boss💁🏼 @marchforthmakeup

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