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Everyone kinda left me after I graduated from secondary school. It was just me everyday. Things get better this year though, I even want my fwends to become one so I can bring em around everyday😴😴🤙🏽😛 #icouldntcaremoreanyway

Sums up my first 20 yrs on earthhhhhhhhhhh wasssup

I grow up getting called psycho, obtained this superpower from my parents. Sometimes I just wanna burn the house down and burry this mental illness to the ground. #swipetoseemyuglyface

I miss Nicklas and the smell of chewing tobacco around the cinema. I’m a loser lol

Its cringe how we sleep so differently. I sleep on my side, some sleep on there back. My ex wanna sleep with everybody. That sorta thing, u get it.

Pop it like it rains


Check out her @payalia cool ass jewellery collection / @kiran___narik @stinalilleke Photograoher : @ines.laimins
MUA: @mezmua

My bitches

Life gets hard bruh, don’t put on your filters.

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