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Andre Cymone  Black Man In America EP 9/30

It was such an honor to be involved with giving back, spending time playing music and speaking with those very bright students at Anwatin, and to do it in honor of and on behalf of Prince on the day of his birth makes it that much more special because this is in fact how we began our musical journey.
I really have to thank my wife Katherine Copeland Anderson, Manuela Testolini and the In A Perfect World Foundation and last but certainly not least Principal Ellen Shulman for putting this whole thing together.
It's true one of the last phone conversation Prince and I had was specifically about doing something just like this for the community, it's one of the few things I know for a fact that he wanted to do and would have loved for us to do together.
Hopefully we can continue to do these types of things in the future and maybe even expand them and make it a nation wide program that can help more kids growing up in inner city communities have the opportunity to realize their musical or artistic dreams just like Prince, myself and others had when we were growing up.

I know Prince will never be forgotten as a musical icon but I and others want to do all we can to ensure that he will be remembered for the positive opportunities he gave and in his name will continue to give to others far into the future.

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Last night I had the honor to go see one of my ultimate musical heroes. All I can say is if you ever ever ever get or have the opportunity to see George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic live "GO"!!!
It's THE REAL SH%#*¥+!!!!! It don't get mo real.... George was on fire, the band was on fire, the women were absolutely gorgeous... I was sweatin like a dog, like I was performing that's how hard I was gettin my party on... I wanna thank George and all the players past present and future for all the inspiration and bringin the Funk!!!!!! I also have to say it was beautiful to see a man doin what he loves and doin it with his family that's what love is and that's what a legacy is all about.... and Sir Nose, you da man!!! Love to all a y'all......
Andre Cymone ☮️❤️💪🏽😎🎶

I can't put into words how much I really absolutely love Australia and hate saying goodbye. So many many beautiful people and amazing moments, so much love and inspiration. The shows were great, hearing from people who didn't know anything about my past but responded to my music and its message was simply a blessing, it's what it's all about. We all have our issues when it comes to living together, loving and respecting each other but our planet and the health of our earth is a priority and Australia at least at the moment seems to get that. Clean air, clean beaches, food you can trust, no GMO's, no drug commercials no airplanes flying over head spraying chemicals on their people. I already can't wait to get back there.
Thank you Australia and
Thank you @bluesfestbyronbay ❤️
Andre Cymone
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Good morning People, take a look out your window, it's almost time to go. Place Byron Bay,Time 2:30, Stage, Delta, band, Andre Cymone and the Live music experience. Be there cuz being anywhere else just ain't cool! #bluesfest #byronbay #brunswickheads

If you're at SXSW and you want to see a band just rip it, you need to be in the building.
Andre Cymone: The Live Music Experience is the place to be
Saturday Night, 1am
at Palm Door on Sixth
#Austin #sxsw #sxsw2018
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Australia can you believe it... I'm coming to you to celebrate Prince, his music, me and my music and to continue the journey we began so many years ago. I need to see you in #Melbourne, #Sydney and #bluesfestbyronbay 'cause we plan on rippin' the roof off, so come on out and celebrate with me and the @theoriginalnpg cause being anywhere else just ain't cool...
#andrecymone #prince #thenpg #music

A lotta magic happened in this castle, so many stories, so much history. It's always great to come home. 📷: @katherinecopelandanderson

" 'I wrote a song just for you,' declared Cymone, ripping into a new song about his hometown, delivered with the force and style he’s been honing since his high school days gigging with Prince in Grand Central" - @jaygabler @thecurrent

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