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Misty Easler  #Actor #LoveIsMySuperPower #Untamed #Humanitarian #RebirthReloaded™ @mdoteasler my writing page **Click link : I'll tell you a story ❤

❤This post Steve ❤ @Regrann from - to poetry.

Maya Angelou nailed it. But more broadly, let's look past all differences and see the overwhelming similarities in people.

All the fighting, dividing and warring is garbage when you recognize we're bleeding the same blood, breathing the same air and need the same basic things to live. Focusing on what separates is not only superficial but intellectually as lazy as it gets.


P.S. love the homage to Keith Haring they worked in. - #regrann

THIS!! @Regrann from @city_sotg - #selfworth become a priority to yourself - #regrann #SelfLove #selfpreservation #selfrespect

✔✔THIS !! @Regrann from @idillionaire - It's time to get better. It's time to start changing and truly manifesting the reality you want. The #universe is constantly listening to you. You have to get serious about what you want out of life. You can’t waste anymore time entertaining people and situations that are making you lose your focus. You can’t think negative thoughts everyday and expect change. Your #thoughts are #powerful, so therefore you have to start being more conscious about what you're thinking. #Energy is contagious, so therefore you have to be more conscious of the people you spend your time with and what you put into my body. The power to create and change your reality lies in your own hands. You can recreate and redesign your entire life right now. Knowing this will simply bring excitement into your life. You are not your past and knowing this should automatically free you from the unnecessary weight you carry mentally. All the signs you need to transform your life is right in front of you. You just have to start taking action to get the results I want. Start today. Start now.

Comment if you're ready to CHANGE YOUR LIFE 🙏🚀🙏 - #regrann

A-FUCKINMEN ❤😒@Regrann from @nikkiesthoughts - Kings who are artistic typically understand me better than those who aren't. They also don't try to stifle my spirit. Perhaps it's because what others see as trouble, they see more as art. Peace to my artsy kings. Us #carefreeblackgirls love you ❤️
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Always #RedCarpet ready with @suella_daville and friends ❤ #Artist #creativebeings #Beauty

I'm feeling all brown and #Toasty with my girl @suella_daville she did her thing tonight #Comedy proud of you ❤

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