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Working on a new website and integration for Melbourne Based courier company @tristatransport - great friendly people with flat rate same day deliveries to inner and outer metro. No accounts or pre-paid booklets necessary!
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Working on the new website and rebranding schedule with our #marketingSpecialist @jillwescombe #tristatransport making things happen ❣️

There’s a saying by Elon Musk that goes: Being an entrepreneur is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss of death. You’re taking risks, sometimes big ones, with no guarantee around how it’s going to turn out.
But while being an entrepreneur can be scary, it can also be one of the most learning-filled, fun, exhilarating times of your life. The feeling of building something, of creating something that didn’t exist before you put it together... that feeling is pretty amazing.

Want to know how what the latest is on how to create great content and make money doing it?
Last night the awesome folks at influencer marketing marketplace app @tribe held their first Melbourne based masterclass with the topic: how to create killer content that brands will love.
They featured @jb.aus, @shanchansen, @k_bloves, and @thehealthyhunter who provided us with up-to-date tips and tricks on how to create kick-ass content.

The link is in the profile:

A great takeaway from @shanchansen on authenticity when working with brands on content creation app @tribe. Choose campaigns that are going to be relevant for your audience rather than just approaching any campaign. #tribevibe

Here tonight at the @tribe influencer marketing MasterClass: How to create killer content brands will love. Keep an eye on our stories for updates - blog post to come with the low-down too.

Inspiring words are the key to a great storytelling copy or sales pitch.
Asking your reader to picture themselves in a better place through the ownership or use of your product is the digital version of putting the product directly in your customer’s hand in the showroom.
Imagine if all your copy had the power to inspire and engage your customers. Contact us for copywriting for anything from product pages to blog posts to advertising.

Is traditional Mother’s Day marketing still relevant? As a mother, whose mother is also still with us, Mother’s Day this year was a year much like any other. However, what struck me on social was the outpouring of sentiment for those people for whom Mother’s Day might be something quite painful.
For those who have lost their mother, for those who have been unable to become mothers, for those who have lost their children... this day is likely a reminder of all of those losses. Given this heart-breaking situation, it certainly begs the question: Is traditional Mother’s Day marketing still relevant in our society? See our blog for the full article: •

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Are you looking for bodybuilding or fitness photography in the Melbourne area?
Shoot packages now available! Contact us for more details.

Decision has a power to it, like a finality that can ease even the most anxious mind. Sometimes having to choose between multiple options without knowing how any of them will play out can cause significant worry.
As an anxious type person myself, I can have a tendency to brainstorm and debate which steps I should take next because of my worry about making the wrong choice. But I was reminded again today that making a decision has a freeing effect, and somehow that worry you expected to be there about how it’s going to turn out is just gone. All that’s left is motivation and excitement about how it might turn out.
So, if this message resonates with you... it’s time to make that decision. ❤️

Is blogging important for your business? The quickest answer is yes. Despite the rise in popularity of video content for social media platforms and courses, when it comes to your website and your SEO, blogging is crucial.
Even something as short as 300-500 words can be effective when written well (with authenticity!).

About a week or so ago, a friend and I launched The Strong Woman Project. Generally, when I launch a business it’s planned for months in a very specific way. .
Not this time. This time we both knew that this was something that the world needed, ASAP. A passion project with a purpose. A deep seated need in the both of us to start change. .
And sometimes businesses are like that. Sometimes they come out of nowhere and the purpose or the opportunity are there. Sometimes it takes a long time of planning and writing and execution before you’re able to put something out there.
If you’re interested, you can join us at @the.strong.woman.project and find out for yourself what it’s all about. .

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It’s overrated.... Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be excited about your new product or service or business, but be careful with your “marketing speak”. As soon as you start using “The World’s best” or “The ultimate”, you’re generally going to be overstating and you’ll have lost your audience.

We’re living in an age of authenticity. Our lives, products, and services are expected to be open to the public, and hyperbole reduces authenticity.

Be confident in your product, communicate your uniqueness in a way that draws in your audience. Not the world’s best communicator? There are services for that. (See what I did there?) 😉😄 •

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