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Yaya ((Erin))Rivera Merriman  Unconventional Solutions for Heart Centered Evolution.🌿 Regeneratrixes & Devotees, Re-Weaving the Fabric of Reality♻️ #medicinemandalaapprenticeship


🔮New Year’s Broom Making Workshop and Blessing Ritual🔮
Hey witches, I know you know, but Brooms actually are used around the world for daily and ritual clearing of spaces. A broom is an important part of making a safe and sacred space, yet in the modern world, where handcrafts of all kinds are being replaced by machine made goods, handcrafted brooms are on the brink of extinction!

On this New Years Eve Day, we will gather together with Yaya Erin Rivera Merriman (me) and special guest instructor @ladyursus at #BridgeTemple (Newly relocated to @elderfarm in Descanso, CA) for a day of slowing down, celebration, and study of the time honored craft of broom making.
Each attendee will make and take home their own turkey wing style whisk broom (shown in photo) and participate in a sweeping ritual that will assist us in clearing and resetting ourselves to greet the new calendar year with fresh eyes and open arms... A group oracle reading will probably happen😉 .
Space is limited, please visit the link in our profile to reserve your spot today!

Where there’s drama, there’s trauma, but SHE remains unphased, third eye turned ever inward, casually remarking over her shoulder “Don’t worry about it, it’s not a big deal, just de-escalate, have compassion, have boundaries. De-escalate, have compassion, have boundaries, de-escalate, have compassion, have boundaries” we heal in many ways, simultaneously. We may seek out mentor ship and gentleness, but often the healed parts of us are magnetically guided to make babies (co-create) with the wounded parts of others not necessarily because you are trying to rescue them or are a Martyr but sometimes because you are feeling “safe enough to be generous” ( a great line from my dear @eveladyapples ) and on a meta level, this is how Spirit ensures healing for ✨all✨ weather we have the consciousness or resources to seek healing-by weaving together communities and bloodlines in such a way that redestributes the resources of ✨HEALTH + WISDOM✨ Relationship is the favored medium of evolution, the universal ecosystem Her art. The sub-project that produced me was spirits attempt to evolve a more emotionally connected Earth wizard , pairing my highly intelligent skilled and articulate nature steward father with my highly empathic, creative and deeply caring mother...how about you? They argued. They suffered for their differences. But they ✨served their purpose✨ What dance does your inner masculine and feminine play out? Is it a standoff? A happy harmonious folk dance? A sensual slow dance? A war with a winner and a loser? What dualities is Goddess seeking to synthesize, unify, and resolve within the sacred alchemical vessel of your body? What evolutionary experiment created you? Understanding can really help us take strides toward that inner marriage, to fall in love with ourselves exactly as we are, and that’s when the fun really begins!
#matangima #evolutionarycreativity #iammyancestorswildestdreams #natureisart

As winds of change and pressure valves continue to blow, fueled in no small part by Jupiter in scorpio, collective need for healing continues to move up and out, up and out. These things come in waves I find, and when the waves are breaking close to home, I’m grateful for these mountain mammas holding it down, doing that most important task of raising strong kids in strange times. Many thanks for blessing up our space after last weekend’s @elderfarm #Yule #redtent , it’s an honor and a blessing to be weaving with your tribe🙏🏾💚🙏🏾

( Part 4, Continued from last post) And I then I hear Goddess continue: “Dear Daughter, you have taken vows, to serve Goddess, Nature and the Big picture, and in this moment, you are being brought together with others who have also made those same vows, to serve one another only in so much as to do so serves the earth. Take comfort in the companionship you find on the path and know that your needs are noted and your prayers are heard and your ultimate fulfillment in this path is coming, but not in the form of being rewarded with being granted ownership title over another human being who is a perfect amalgam of all your parents wants and needs and every unrequited crush and movie character you ever internalized, but in the form of your own complete spiritual liberation and empowerment to keep your heart wide open, be love, learn, grow, and be a beneficial contributor to the health of the planetary ecosystem. There are others who share this dharma and you know who they are. There is a time to celebrate and a time to make love and a time to rest, but right now we are mostly all climbing this mountain together. Right now its time for all who share this vision to do their own part. Your job is to welcome the new modalities arriving and water the seeds. Your job is to take such good care of yourself as a living house of magic, as a portal, a bridge, a paradigm incubator. Your job is to keep these heirloom strains of beneficial healing culture alive and grow these colonies and be a matchmaker helping the new and ancient ways to meet and fall in love and make super-well-adapted-to-these-times-wisdom-babies. Know that if it seems the brothers aren’t there at this moment it is because they are working as hard as they can to build new structures that can hold and appropriately distribute the multidimensional medicine that you and your sisters are making in your inner and outer cauldrons. Know that we are all on the same team, that we ARE in this together. Know that the apocalypse already happened, slow and insideous, not overt and (continued in comments)

(Part 3 Continued from Yesterday) And this is how I arrive again and again at the truth that in nature, intimacy is a crowd funded endeavor. That partnership is a naturally occurring process, that we do link up with people who’s paths are heading in the same direction at a similar pace, but we are not meant to focus on them at the exclusion of all others. We injure each other when we do this- It’s not that YOU are too much, it’s that we are ALL to much for any one person to be responsible for- Like Voltaire said, “We must tend our own gardens.”
Above is a photo of my ancestors, women originating from the Amazon basin, who sometimes where “found” living in villages apart from men, raising their children and performing all basic functions of life together in sisterhood, yet free to interact with men in sovereign manners of their own choosing. I am researching Ancestral Skills from a new angle, turning to Ancestral Relationship Skills, and finding that there are SO MANY different ways we have danced in the past that we can look to for more authentic ways to relate, and we are allowed to be creative, adapt, and come up with new ways as needed as well…I feel scared to leave the ways I have learned behind, but If I’m honest, it feels we all left them behind a long time ago, that we often take turns in relationship being the one refusing to play the game because it is not honoring the truth of who we are as souls, and is not any fun, and we are ready for something more than security at the expense of authenticity. And so, yes, I get scared sometimes, and then I think of my dear sister @sibbyfresh saying “Good thing we don’t have to figure it out” and remember to just be honest, have compassion and let life reveal herself, remember that when It seems there is no way forward, to remember that the truth will always make a way, (Continued in next post)

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(Part 2: Continued from yesterday) After dating two queer men at the same time last year (who I met the same week and had the same name…confusing!) I learned this next one: Patriarchy (rule of the father) hurts the creative, spiritual, nurturing aspects of male bodied people just as much as it hurts those perceived as or identified as women. It tells them that their only value is as foot soldier or provider, that the only liberation is to be at the top of the pyramid, and makes any male with any soul purpose that does not include agreeing to legal maraige and producing biological children into a parasite/ loser/ “not a real man”/ commitment phobic/ etc. It can be a challenging time on planet earth to be a witch, wizard, priest, priestess, artist, musician or other liminal creature with a passion and purpose that is a higher priority to you than parenthood, money making as its own end, and exploring the institution of romantic diad relating as primary source of spiritual or emotional fulfillment. There is nothing wrong with any of the above explorations, but we have esoteric teachings from many ancient traditions that have come a long way through time and space to remind us today that just as there are many different Goddesses and ways to be a woman, there is more than one divine blueprint for how to be a man. There are many roles that masculine energy plays in the health of the universal ecosystem that are not often seen or celebrated. .
So when one of your favorite Bhairavs, ( A wild, undomesticatable form of Shiva and beloved of Nature/The Wild Woman/The Dark Goddess, comes home after a long journey and passes out next to you without brushing their teeth, maybe your inner child who was raised on Cosmopolitan Magazine, romantic comedy movies and books like “The Rules” lays there burning in frustrated need for validation in the form of visible, quantifiable efforts made. Maybe they are screaming at you “Oh no he didn’t!”, straight from your long afternoons of being babysat by the Jerry Springer show. Maybe your hear the voices of many well meaning friends, councilors, and tarot readers ringing in your head saying that you (continued in comments)

Cheers to women who are dealing with their own shit and the brothers who show up to create the sacred container for that important work to happen! aka My brother from the stars, ( who I spent months painfully resenting because I perceived that they where taking me for granted because they declined to validate me in the love languages I am most readily able to receive,) is helping me build me my dream waste management system and I am in awe of the blessings and lessons coming through this strange trip we have been on.
I’ll admit that I have been, for a long time, one of those women who behind closed doors, indulged in an odd blend of self righteousness and self pity that proclaims “ The women are doing the inner work and the men just aren’t even showing up!” If you have ever felt that way, you will find no shortage of people willing to validate that perspective. But how did it feel for me to walk around believing that perspective? Shitty! Which is an indicator that it was not true, and that there was lots more healing to do. And for me that healing has come in the form of a few realizations:

1. Just because someone is not perfect, not always impeccable, makes mistakes or holds some weird belief systems that we are not sure if we fully resonate with, doesn’t mean that they don’t have areas of mastery where it is safe to exchange and receive from them, under certain circumstances, in certain containers, with the right boundaries. I am learning that having boundaries is what enables the actual intimacy of two or more authentic beings to occur, and that for the right size, shape, and title for the container of the real relationship we have to others to emerge and be revealed at a natural pace, we need to be mindful of and root out the culturally sanctioned behavior of trying to make over someone we are attracted to in the image of a fantasy program we hold inside, one that was likely crafted by outside forces with a commercial agenda….(continued tommorow)

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“Come back to yourself again and again. Shed the layers that stick to you causing blurred vision. Sit at the edge of the empty meadow with a cup of yourself and see how it goes down, smooth, bitter, sweet” ~ @risingappalachia
Sometimes we grow up in environments where the people around us have lost their taste for the complex, often bittersweet taste of the truth, and we can be trained to find our own flavor hard to swallow- unpalatable, seek to change it through one means or another. But just remember, God thinks you are delicious exactly the way you are❤️
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In old English traditions there was a practice called Wasselling the boughs, where the community would go from orchard to orchard performing a ritual that included drums and libations. They would sing to the trees, songs of gratitude and honoring, that we appreciated and loved them, that we are thinking about their health and wishing that they might thrive again in the next season and beyond. Now we live in blended cultures, we Wassel the Boughs and sing in different ways, but in this season where a beautiful evergreen tree adorns so many of our homes at the center of our conscious or unconscious seasonal ritual, let your heart song be one of gratitude for the way that trees are as much our mother’s as the woman who gave birth to us, and we can allow ourselves to feel the reality that they give us life, give us the very breath in our lungs. Thank you Ayana @for.the.wild for living your life as a song of devotion to the Sequoias, the majestic Redwood species that contains the largest and tallest trees in the world. These trees can live thousands of years. This is now an endangered subfamily due to habitat losses from fires, logging, and more. Ayana and her organization For The Wild are planting millions of trees, native plants, and fungal companions to mitigate climate change and rapid species loss.

For context, “a 100-ft tree, 18" diameter at its base, produces 6,000 pounds of oxygen. On average, one tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year. Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four." The loss of these ancient relatives is incredibly personal.

Maybe this year, you may consider donating to Ayana’s appropriately ambitious One Million Redwoods Project as part of your gift giving? To plant trees in your name, in your family’s name, in your children’s name, visit the link in our profile today! ~Blessings to all of you who are paying attention to the other species that are collaborating on our own wellbeing, who allow what you observe to become actions, to become your art🌲🙏🏾💚🙏🏾🌲

It’s amazing to me how preoccupied and anxious I can become with knowing my roll and my place. I’m so grateful for the way that the practice of simply being with the plants as companions and friends brings me home to myself again and again- to be able to genuinely say- “I don’t need anything from you, I just like being around you, it feels good to me “ and see what happens next. Today my longtime friend Mugwort reminded me, with such kindness, that it is not my job to tell people lots of things about the plants (though it’s fine to do that if I want to) That it is my job to listen and invite others to join me in my practice of listening to what the plants want to share about themselves on any given day. We all have our own relationship to the plant world already, but what a joy it is to become aware of what “our way” looks like and to re-discover our true nature through these exchanges. Thank you to @elderfarm for hosting, for all who came out for yesterday’s #plantfamilyreunion and many many thanks and love to you Vicky @grandmothers_medicine for bringing your knowledge and the vigor of the tactile realm to the temple, you are most welcome here any time!💚

Whatever the original intentions of this day, in reality what it represents now for most is family and tribe, having it and not having it. And while our yearning for partnership, community, and tribe is deep and sacred, at this time we often find ourselves in conversations in which we simply do not have the skill to “do no harm” or walk away feeling empowered. We grow up hearing we must learn to have boundaries, but receive very little concrete instruction as to what they are!
Although I love to read and read a lot about these ideas, what actually helps me behave differently and make more mindful choices moment to moment with my family and community is plant medicine. And I’m not talking about getting stoned to get through it, although if thats what you need to do, that can totally work and be an option. I’m talking about the fascinating realization that plants are actually excellent teachers of boundaries. I find that in the same way that crystals represent an encyclopedia of different facets of the concept of love, plants seem to hold a very complete, multidimensional understanding of boundaries and how to have healthy ones. I’m excited to be exploring this topic together in this Saturday’s workshop
Boundaries in a Bottle: Multidimensional Support for the Holiday Season, where Vicky of @grandmothers_medicine will join us at @elderfarm for a day of winter herbal medicine making, and I will be guiding us in a plant spirit meditation and exploration of best practices for maintaining authenticity in the presence of our blood kin. .
This event is open to all but a note that we are not yet wheelchair accessible. .
Registration and details through link in profile, we hope to see you there!

When you have the mistaken notion that ancestor work will be grounding and comforting, and instead are taken on a visceral journey of initiation into exactly what it means to be a hybrid, to be a living chalice for Great Spirit’s alchemical experiments...
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