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Erin Rivera Merriman  Regeneratrix + Devotee, reweaving the fabric of reality. 🌿Medicine Mandala Apprenticeship🌿#StarseedSurvivalGuidePodcast🌿#BridgeTempleNatureHospital 🌿

Your passion for this planet is contagious, your medicine so needed, thank you @for.the.wild for all the ways that you inspire us all to heart centered action in the name of the sacred, I'm honored to know you in this life, happiest of birthdays to you wise one🌲🙏🏽🌲 #spiritweaversgathering

Grattitude for the teachers and the teachings, as #feverray said "We were hungry before we were born" #wisewomantradition #medicinemandalaapprenticeship

If you have any Aries in your chart, then chances are you have been worked pretty hard by spirit since April in the department of emotional growth and dancing with your shadow, even maybe taking her out to lunch and listening with compassion to all she has to say. We can ask ourselves "what part of myself have I consistently denied expression?" Do you feel those parts now, pressing on you from the inside as we speak, starving for attention? Go to her now. Don't be afraid, for she may just hold the key to the liberation you have been seeking. We are being asked to recalibrate our universes and identities by reconfiguring our boundaries in unexpected ways. Who would we be if we embraced all the parts of ourselves that we dearly wish would just go away, set a place of honor for them at the table of our inner council? We would be different, that's for sure. Perhaps more understanding, maybe even more able to give and receive love? In this recalibration, as we open our hearts to the unexpected designs of our soul, many projects and relationships will not make the cut. We are being prepared to move to the next level, asked to get really real with our priorities and walk our talk when it comes to what we truly value. It's time. Some of you are developing a real taste for the truth and rooting into the sweet, deep flow of REALITY. And for some reason this can seem to be really hard and makes everyone say you are really out there, really radical. Apparently to be a human who tells the truth makes you radical and weird and even dangerous...but what other option is there really? #imwithher #jaima #kali #truth

The more structurally sound the foundation, the deeper we need to dig and the higher we get to fly, a thousand thank you's to family architect @sunset__projects for helping ground this vision in reality🦋 #onthewingsoflove #bridgetemple #bridgetemplenaturehospital

Yes, I kind of make (suggest...repeatedly!) all my potential coven mates get a therapist, a daily practice, and learn Non Violent Communication, but I also make them #gapsdiet compliant donuts, sooooo✨🍩🤷🏾‍♀️🍩✨#survivalskills #heartgardening #intestinalintegrity

The interesting thing about deciding to get down with your sexuality is that the journey ends up being about so much more than our “sex life” or the somewhat arbitrary line we draw between sex and not sex. It can end up being about our health, our diet, our boundaries, our capacity to be honest with ourselves, our communication skills, or the healing of childhood wounds that dam our creative flow and prevent us from living our dreams. Often we know that a deep journey into self mastery awaits us through the portal of sex, but we don’t know where to begin. There are so many gateways into the mysteries of sex, but lets not overlook the most obvious one, which is having a deep understanding of our basic anatomy!
So even though its been, I don’t know, maybe 40 years (?!?!) since women first suggested looking at your own genitals with a hand mirror as an act of empowerment, many women today admit to never having done it and feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable about the prospect. Reclaiming our rightful role as the presiding expert of our own bodies is a radical thing and so I am so very proud of @thec_ntsultant for creating the space for sharing real, practical information- Knowledge is Power!

To read more and reserve your space for Salute Your Cervix: A Cervical Self Exam Workshop with @thec_ntsultant happening Tuesday, July 18th in San Diego, CA, visit @thec_ntsultant and follow the active link in their profile today✨🙇🏾‍♀️🔻🙇🏾‍♀️✨

It's been 100 degrees at the farm this week, and yes, it is home to rattlesnakes, scorpions, coyotes and crows, some of the more maligned of Mother Nature's creations, and yet. I feel something here- I feel HER heartbeat like never before and I cannot, will not resist the call to worship🌿

If you exist in service to Women and Goddess, then I exist in service to you! ✨🙏🏽🔻🙏🏽✨w/ @magamamas (photo by @yomiroyando )

Fierceness in Service to Innocence🔥🌸🔥 #durgama #magicallaw

The perfect blend of structure and softness💚 #tenttemple #farmfam #elderfarm #farmtotemplelifestyle #medicinemandalaapprenticeship

Presence + Presence = Magic~ The faerie queen of @madregrandemonastery bringing the full medicinal dose of unconditional love, just because...💚🙏🏽💚#angelseverywhere

I used to say I was 100% in, that there was nothing I wouldn't do for this mission of excavating and re-membering The Goddess here on earth, but now I say I'm 99% in, because I have this little elf-angel to show up for in the third dimension. For him that I hold a little something back, temper my fire, try to keep my feet on the ground. It is for him that I bother to fold myself up into this tiny human shaped package, to practice reducing and contorting my words to remain fluent in this language of duality, that I may be able to help him translate and navigate and have the experiences he needs to grow and evolve, but also plant seeds that one day hopefully at the right time sprout into medicine plants that help him remember that all of this suffering is but a great drama orchestrated for his own learning, disentangle from identity with the illusions, always know where to find sanctuary and food and teachings that truly nourish and sustain🌸 #mousearrow

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