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BIRD OF PARADISE is today’s @getstretchy pose! I will be doing more on this pose so stay tuned! ✨ And for every majestic pose, there’s always a starting point, a humbling beginning that builds character, strength and resiliency - much like life! Leave your comments and questions below.
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CLOSET MAKEOVER!!! Remember when @lifeinjeneral came to my place to purge and organize my closet a few months ago??? It was quite a day. My closet was a DISASTER. I was “stuffing” and running. I also couldn’t ever find anything, and I dreaded getting dressed. This is not how to live. If this sounds like you, then you have to watch the video I made from this day (Link in bio!) for their 5 Simple Steps on How to Purge and Organize Your Closet. Purging and organizing takes time and work, but trust me, it’s life-changing. I wasn’t giving my things (or myself) the respect i deserve to live more simply and intentionally. Now that my room is organized and minimized, I feel inspired when I walk into my room, I look forward to getting dressed, I feel at ease just being in my room, and my getting ready time has gone down significantly. I live very intentionally in my life, and I realized my closet was a missing peace that I had overlooked. I am so grateful for the @lifeinjeneral team for holding my hand all the way through, because I’m not going to lie, it’s an emotional process. They are experts, so watch the video from our day together to see the complete makeover and also for their 5 simple strategies on how you can purge and organize your closet. Click the link in my bio to watch the full video NOW!!!
Side note, you are worthy of have a beautiful closet and drawers. There might be a conversation in your head that says thats too fancy for me, or I don’t have time for that.. and I believe you get to make time for yourself, you get to revere yourself and your clothes, and you get to love the spaces you live in. Life is too short to live in a disaster zone.
5 Simple Steps on How to Purge & Organize Your Closet (VIDEO):

More foot work today! Scroll back on my feed if you’re looking to improve the flexibility in your feet, ankles and calves because I’ve been covering those topics for the last couple of weeks!!
This video is another warm up exercise I would do everyday before putting my point shoes when i was a professional ballerina and dancer to strengthen my shins, mobilize my ankles, and improve my balance. I fractured my tibia when i was a ballerina because of the lack of strength in my shins so in order for me to recover I had to do an exercise like this to keep my body safe.

This is also amazing to do if you’re a runner, or have shin splints, or have tight stiff ankles. Try it out and then comment below to let me know how it felt! Your shins will probably be on fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Let’s continue to @getstretchy In our calves and feet! I’ve been focusing on feet, ankles and calves the last few weeks so scroll back on my feed to learn even more exercises!! 🙌🏽🤗👣.
Improve the flexibility of your calves and feet by stretching off the edge of a step, so that you move eccentrically - engaging your stabilizer muscles while stretching.
1. Standing with balls of feet on edge of step, Alternate pressing one heel down.
2. Standing with balls of feet on edge of step, lift heels high up then press heels down past edge of step.
3. ADVANCED: Carefully fold forward, keeping balls of feet on edge of step, and repeat exercises 1 and 2. DO NOT do this if you feel unstable.
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More @getstretchy exercises for your toesies!! Some many of us have lost the flexibility in our feet because we ONLY wear stuff shoes. So tonight you get to change that improve your overall flexibility - since your entire body is connected. ✨ Scrunch a towel tonight under your toes to improve your balance, increase toe articulation and mobility, and strengthen all the tiny intrinsic muscles of your feet! This will also improve stability in your whole body. Do 10 reps in each direction a few times a week.
When I was a professional ballerina, I would do this before I put my pointe shoes in everyday to strengthen my arches and warm up my toes! 👣👯‍♀️Try this tonight and comment below to let me know how it went!!
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What’s holding you back? Are you aware of the stories and excuses that are programmed in your brain? It doesn’t have to be that way. What critiques do you tell yourself that make you hesitate, stop, over analyze, and procrastinate? Sit quietly with yourself, and focus on your breath. Become aware of your thoughts, and don’t let them rule you. Let your heart be the ruler and the brain be the do-er of your heart. Connect to your truth, the human nature of wanting to love and be loved, let the old stories go, and live your dreams.
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Because who wouldn’t want to @getstretchy with their toes in the weirdest way possible?!! 🙌🏽😆 This seriously is a MUST DO if you have super stiff feet and toes. great. This stretch aligns your toes, soothes and reconditions the entire foot. If you have a lack of balance, wear tight shoes all day, or have immobile feet then definitely try this!
More Benefits to this Stretch:
• Relieve Chronic Foot Pain
• Avoid Bunions (Hallux Valgus)
• Release Plantar Fasciitis (pain in arch of foot)
• Prevent/ aid in Overlapping Toes

Try this out and let me know how it goes!!! If you do this consistently you’ll notice a significant improvement in your balance too!! Tag a friend and get weird together 🤗.
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All week I’ve been showing you how to mobilize your feet, ankle and calves, (scroll back on my feet if you haven’t seen them!), and today you get to STRENGTHEN your calves, ankles and feet!! As a former ballerina, i have MANY exercises for you to do just that, and today we’ll start with 4 ballet inspired exercises!! Let me know how you like them!
Do 20 reps of each Exercise:
1️⃣ Standing in first position, alternate between pushing your heel forward into a demi point, keeping the weight over the big toe, and knee tracking over big toe.
2️⃣ Demi Plié (bend the knees over the toes, keeping your heels on the floor), push heels forward into a demi point, tracking knees over big toes and weight in big toes, then press heels firmly back into the floor.
3️⃣ Lift geeks high up keeping your legs straight, bend knees into a plié with heels lifted, then keep the knees as they are and press heels into the floor, then squeeze the legs together as you straighten.
4️⃣ Straight leg Relevé - lift heels high up into a demi point, then hug outer hips legs as you gently lower your heels down to the floor.
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I am so honored by @pinindefteri’s animation creation of my photo! I found it yesterday when she tagged me so it was a total surprise. Swipe 👉🏼 for the colored version! ❤️❤️❤️ Also thank you @laseraway for taking care of all of my skin treatments! If anyone is looking to do laser removal they are amazing! Great customer service too. 🙏🏼💕 Hope you are all having a fun, loving, and happy Sunday! 😎 original photo by @karmacaptures

I’ve been covering foot and ankle mobility this week for your @getstretchy tutorials! And you all seem to be loving it!! 🙌🏽💕👠👞 These stretches will help you in every area of your life and give you more freedom and flexibility in your entire body. Do these stretches before or after your workout, a run, or any activity. The past two days I put these stretches into a video, so scroll back on my feed to watch these stretches in action!
1. Sit on heel with hands behind you, and stretch tops of feet with toes curled under
2. Use hands for support to stretch both of tops of feet
3. Stretch bottoms of feet by pressing hips into your heels. Use blocks under hands when you’re first starting this.
4. Sit on curled under toes
5. Stretch tops of feet and lean slightly forward over knee
6. Sit on knees with arches flat on floor
7. Press the arches of your feet forward with knees bent
8. Press arches of your feet forward with pointed toes, keeping weight over the big toes, with bent knees
9. Press arches of feet forward with straight legs, keeping weight in big toes. Hold onto something sturdy for 7-9. ——-
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PART 2!! Let’s @getstretchy In our feet and ankles AGAIN today!This one is a bit more advanced, for those of you wanting to point your toes, open your ankles, shins, and underneath your feet. So many people suffer from plantar fasciitis and similar ailments from pure stiffness, so how do you fix it? By moving and stretching!! 🙌🏽✨ I know, can it be that simple? Yes it can be! Support yourself by placing your hand on something steady to help you keep your balance. Leave your comments below to let me know how it goes. AND Check out yesterday’s video for more foot and ankle mobility exercises!
—— #getstretchy
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Stretch your feet and ankles‼️Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing @getstretchy tutorials that will show you how to both stretch and strengthen your feet, ankles, and calves. It’s SOOOOOO IMPORTANT because your feet are stuck in stiff shoes all day, 👠 👞 which leads to tight calves, tight hamstrings, and a tight low back!! 😖 The entire body is connected, so take the time to mobilize your feet to create an entirely free and flexible body. I was a professional ballerina and dancer for many many years and these are the exercises I would do DAILY to stretch my feet. I’ve used dance terminology to describe the moves, so leave comments below if you have any questions!
Do each exercise for 1 minute ✅...
1. Single leg arched plié
2. Alternating relevé with forced arch
3. Double leg plié, forced arch, to relevé
4. Holding forced arch in relevé plié.
My Get Stretchy online yoga program has a module dedicated to increasing the flexibility in your feet! Learn more on

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