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Todays stretch will help you get closer to the middle splits. 🤸🏼‍♀️ If you are REALLY tight, then fold up a blanket and sit on that while you stretch. Tag your yoga buddy and share the tips!!

Correct ✅
•Engage the quads to help strengthen the pose and keep the knees and toes facing up (especially if you're more flexible)
• Feet are flexed to get an extra stretch in feet
• Use a strap if you're tight, and use biceps to pull back as chest goes forward
• Lengthen Spine, open shoulders, and reach chest up ⬆️to fold down
• Hip bones stay on the floor.

Incorrect ❌
•The body is not engaged anywhere - thighs, biceps, abs
•The stretch is happening from the back and not the legs
• No strap is being used (not necessary though if you're more flexible).
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You guys ask me what I do besides yoga for my workout, and I lately I’ve been running outside a lot. I’ll go 2-3x a week, and try to incoiroarer some sort of intervals, like hill sprints, or sprints in general. I love running outside to get some sun and also for the scenery. Then the other days I’m doing yoga, pilates, or barre. I really love all of these types of exercises and think they each bring something unique to my body and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to just pick one. That’s why my blog has so much variety when it comes to the workouts I provide each week - one week it’s HIIT, one week it’s yoga, then another it’s Barre. It’s how I live my own life and it’s definitely reflected in the content I share with you ☺️ So check out my blog if you haven’t yet (link in bio 👉🏽 @actionjacquelyn) and sign up so you get my free weekly workouts!!👩🏼‍💻❤️🙏🏽🙌🏽 Outfit and photo by @aloyoga #aloyoga
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These are some of my faaaavorite moves to strengthen my core and back, plus your arms work like crazy too. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Couple of tips...
• Make sure you place your hands equidistant from each other and your head.
• Press into your hands as you lift your legs up, and draw the shoulders down your back. • Your elbows should be stacked over your hands. • Your Hips are stacked over your shoulders
I’m going to host an inversion challenge (I.e. headstands, forearm stands, and handstands), soon but I don’t have the exact dates yet, so click the link in my bio to join my blog so you don’t miss anything!! Plus you’ll gain access to my free Workout Library 💪🏽😊 Outfit by @aloyoga

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Today’s tutorial is Butterfly Pose 🦋 (as most people know it, or Bound Angle Pose in the yoga world 🙏🏽, or Baddha Konasana in Sanskrit 🕉. It’s an amazing HIP OPENER stretch! Good for anyone who spends their days sitting 👩🏼‍💻
Today I’d like to emphasize the importance of stretching with a straight spine. Too often I see people trying to stretch to see how far they can go, but it’s much more effective to stretch with integrity and length. So take your time in this stretch, pull the abs in, widen across the collarbone, and lengthen the spine as you stretch forward. Keep your tailbone rooted into the floor. Hold for 5-10 breathes 🙏🏽☺️🦋 #hipstretch #yogatutorial #getstretchy || outfit by @aloyoga #aloyoga

Save this video! Click the little flag at the bottom right of video 🤗 This YOGA FOR HAMSTRINGS Video is sped up 4x, so take your time. Hold each pose for 5-10 breathes 🙏🏽 which stretch is your favorite??
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Outfit by @aloyoga

Save this photo for later!! Tap the Little flag flag bottom right of the photo! 🤗 Half Lord of the Fishes Pose fish 🐟 🐡🐠Ardha Matsyendrasana 🕉 This seated twisting pose is reminiscent of the salmon twisting as it climbs upstream, and uses the energy generated by pressing the elbow into the knee to create space and energy in the spine and stimulates your digestive fire. 🔥 The full version of this pose is when you bind the forward arm to the foot and the other arm behind the back to the thigh.
This is an amazing pose to do after your practice, or as a quick detox throughout a sedentary day. 👩🏼‍💻. Hold for 5-10 breathes. -
Correct ✅☺️🐠:
• Energetically press the elbow into the knee, and knee into elbow. These opposing energies create space in the spine, and deepens the turn of the torso.
• The back hand 🤚 presses into the ground to assist in lengthening the spine.
• Lower traps draws the shoulders downward away from the neck.
• Middle traps and rhomboids draw the shoulder blades towards the spine, opening the chest.
• Sole of foot presses into the floor, grounding the pose.
• Obliques work to accentuate the twist of the torso.
Incorrect ❌🚫🛑:
• Big toe and hand is not grounded, which makes the lengthening of the pose difficult to achieve.
• Knee and elbow are not actively pushing against each other. This means that the torso is not able to twist as deeply, and the chest is not opening.
• Since there is no muscular engagement happening in this picture, there is not stretching or lengthening in the pose. It is clear that there is no energy in the pose.
Modification ⚠️: If you are having a hard time straightening your spine due to inflexibility, then I suggest sitting your hips on a folded blanket to bring the floor higher to you, and ultimately create more space in your spine and body.
Join the @getstretchy Challenge! It’s a self-paced flexibility challenge! ✅ Link in my bio! Go to 👉🏽👉🏽 ActionJacquelyn.com/Free-Get-Stretchy-online-yoga-challenge -
📷 @lukegraeber
Outfit @aloyoga

Save this video! Click the little flag at the bottom right of video 🤗 Are you signed up for the @getstretchy 28 Day Challenge? The challenge starts when you sign up. You will get the challenge calendar, worksheets, and more! Click the link in my bio and join right now! @getstretchy #getstretchy •• Outfit by @aloyoga 👉🏽 http://www.actionjacquelyn.com/free-get-stretchy-online-yoga-challenge

Save this photo!! (Little flag bottom-right under photo) 😁Upward Facing Dog, or Urdhva Mukha Svanasana, or Up-dog, as it’s commonly known for the @getstretchy Challenge! ✨If you're not signed up for the challenge yet, click the link in my bio to join (it's FREE!) 👉🏽 @actionjacquelyn - or go here: ActionJacquelyn.com/free-get-stretchy-online-yoga-challenge
This pose will open your chest and heart, while simultaneously engaging and strengthening your triceps, upper back, and core.
Correct Photo ✅:
•Shoulders externally rotated open
•Shoulder blades towards each other, creating a support system in the spine for your heart
•Chest is open and proud
•Triceps and forearms are engaged, taking weight out of the wrists
•Ground down through first finger and thumb, and there should be a slight pulling back sensation of the hands (down and back) •Lower belly is pulled up, supporting lower spine
•Tailbone is reaching down towards heels, lengthening lower spine
•Hip are lifted off floor, thighs are engaged, and knee caps are lifted off the floor
•Feet are parallel to one another and pointed. Arches of feet hug in and ground down into the floor
Incorrect Photo ❌: •Shoulders rounded forward
•Chest collapses
•Dumping weight into wrists
•Shortened spine
•Slack belly and vulnerable lower back
•Heavy legs
•Open ankles
Read more about Upward Facing Dog 🐶 on my blog -->> ActionJacquelyn.com/how-to-do-upward-facing-dog
Outfit @aloyoga

✨HOW TO FOLD FORWARD ✨For the @getstretchy challenge today I'm showing you how to flow into Uttanasana from Standing, or Mountain Pose. 🤸🏼‍♀️
Tag a friend and share!! 🙏🏽 If you find it difficult to keep your weight forward, try doing Uttanasana with a wall behind you and it will force your hips to be in the correct place 👍🏽👍🏽
Correct ✅:
•Keep weight in the middle of the foot and toes when folding forward
•Squeeze your outer hips and pull abs in as you fold forward •You are going to feel like you are falling forward when you do it correctly
•Place the blocks as I've shown in the last image so you can easily place your hands on them as you fold over
•When you do this correctly you are going to feel your feet muscles and hamstrings working a lot
•Belly is pulled in.
Incorrect ❌:
•There aren't any muscles engaged on the descent •All of the weight of the body is in the heels and it's causing the hips to be too far back
Click link in my bio to join the challenge!! Link in bio 👉🏽 @actionjacquelyn || ActionJacquelyn.com/free-get-Stretchy-online-yoga-challenge

Today's video for the @getstretchy Challenge is foam rolling, which is an amazing addition to your flexibility training. (Sign up for the challenge with the link in my bio!) ✨Check out these 6 moves that will help alleviate tension around the spine, hips, and thighs. You have to watch till the end because the last two moves are yoga restorative poses that I LOVE. Comment below and let me know that you're going to do these moves! 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Sign up for the challenge: http://www.actionjacquelyn.com/free-get-stretchy-online-yoga-challenge/ ---
Outfit @aloyoga

How to do TIGER POSE! 🐯 This pose is inspired by the @getstretchy Challenge because Day 3 is all about opening the shoulders! (Click the link into bio if you're not signed up yet! We're having so much fun 🙌🏽😜 Tag a friend and do the challenge with a buddy!)
Correct ✌🏽☺️:
•This pose requires both grounding and reaching. •You must press the band into the floor as you simultaneously kick vigorously into the hand. •Continue to lift the chest and let the foot stretch the shoulder and chest
•Pull the low abs in •Keep hips level, and over the knee that's on the floor
•Alignment is off - knee too far forward, and hand too far forward •Hand is not grounding into the floor, so there is no foundation to lift off of
•Foot is not kicking into hand, so chest is heavy as belly sinks down like a loose hammock
Outfit @aloyoga

Save this photo!!! 👋🏽😜 LIZARD LUNGE 🦎 is Day 2 of the @getstretchy Challenge! Click the link in my bio to join now!
Modifications ⚠️:
Beginner ➡️ Place blocks under hands
Intermediate ➡️ Shown in pic above
Advanced ➡️ Lower down onto elbows, keeping back knee still straight and lifted
Correct ✅:
•Front knee is over ankle
•Collarbones widen and shoulders soften
•Quads are engaged, helping to square the hips
•Knee is hugging into the triceps, which helps to engage the inner thigh and core
•Foot and toes are grounded, allowing the entire pose to be lifted and engaged and strong while stretching.
Incorrect ❌:
•Front foot is too far back and is throwing off entire pose.
•Inner thighs and quads are not engaged so knee is opening to the side and collapsing.
•Shoulders not rolling down the back and instead are lifting up towards ears.
•Abs not lifted or engaged.
Join the @getstretchy Challenge!! Click link in my bio and join now :) Link in bio 👉🏽 @actionjacquelyn || or here's the link:

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