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whats really going on here

i have been decimated tbh

ppl steal my pix direct everyday but the fact matter is i jus steal my imagess from various clipsart and deviant art type platforms anyway so its not like there is really honor among thieves i always laff when meme kids cry about how their stock image w/ short blurb of text get taken and they feel like someone stepped on their sketchers like lmfao lighten up bro i dont watermark bc im not a fucking narc like 75% of the posers on this app. internet is free im not artist but i am heavily medicted an more bipolar than ur fuccIng aunt so at least i have that. trying to think of what else to rant about. oh haha u ever see those ppl who follow u initially, then unfollow u, then come back once more only to unfollow u yet again??? HAHAHA u could not make it more painfully obvious that ur a cop and that ur also fake as shit so quit acting like u werent somewhat popular in highschool an take ur fake ass home i am so annoyed by the pretentious and contemporary attitude of this platforms constituents it really do amaze me how some of yall follow some these big meme kids who try and sell u merchandise in between ambiguous political sentiments and expressions of normality masked by drug use and the glorification of depression eat my fucking shorts instagram i dont trust any of u. also if i steal ur art (and i most definitely have and will continue 2 do so) pls dm me wit proof and ill get u set up w/ the tag bc im not a piece of shit like mosst these people but i am like robin hood in that i will steal from the normal ppl and give shit to the mentally ill and thats bc im a bo$$ but also bc i want to die thanks

thats crazy can u tel us more about how ur parents just stay together for tax benefits and how u dont need to exercise to maintain ur body image?

echo montage

if i ever worked at an office id hang out by the water cooler and casually ask people what they thought about the United States' relationship with Israel

who did this to their friend who has been bettayed by there friends nobody has yOur back

always had passion for body mods i think its so important to express urself but also mainly to compete with ur peers in a self-wounding war of attrition ;)

ill never forget big dot

retweet this for ur chance to win me not living up to anyones expectations

first in morning i check messagees and see whose mad at me 4 being bipolar today, then i check soshfial media an look at all my post that been stolen n all the meme kid who habe many more folowrrs than me even tho they suck lol, then i do a coffee, aftr that ill plaaiy Videdo game until time 4 school. later i will exercifise and tben sleep ok

but usual just get coffee turn on npr go into basement play vidoe goame with light off think about how i got here an why i wil go no further

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