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Zara Rutherford  Satya Retreats - embodying your truth - a week of acroyoga, yoga, aguahara, Thai massage, dance, exploration and adventure in Ibiza and Mexico


This earth of ours is so beautiful and magical. Feeling grateful for being in such beautiful places and taking time for my practice and inner growth.
#yoga #yogaretreat #bliss #satyaretreat

Feeling the energy of this New year bringing forth action and direction, kindling the inner fire, aligning with the hearts desire and focus to manifest an authentic lifestyle and sharing these through the Satya Retreats - a transformational experience through body, movement, touch and connection in order to experience our self more fully and embody our Authenticity. May this keep unfolding, growing and deepening into a beautiful sharing and opening of magical experiences.
Next retreats with @olajasyoga in Ibiza this July and Sept www.acroyogaibiza.com #yogaretreat #yoga #connection #ibiza #natureconnection #authenticity

Impressed by these Mayan ruins of Tonala, with a lot of symbology and images still intact. Behind me represent the DNA strand, they knew our living design without the need of microscopes. The universal knowledge resides in ancient cultures and in nature itself. How can we be receptive and learn to tune in and gain wisdom through these without the need of technology and the web. The universe is within all of us. Aho metakuyasi 'to all my relations'

New perspectives as I returned to Palenque for the 4th time, it's beauty of the ruins and jungle are captivating and magical but energetically empty of the mysterious past as it is overrun by tourist and locals trying to profit from tourists. But I wonder what happened to the Maya's, if they disappeared to another dimension as part of their evolutionary path as they were masters of the cosmos and the universal cycles and no longer needed to inhabit this physical plane... I wonder if the same can happen to us, as we evolve we may transcend this physical reality. What is our Truth, what is our destiny? Questions I ponder on for this New Year, how can I align and resonate on the path of my fullest potential.

The Satya Retreat is a full week’s journey raising body awareness through different shapes and forms of expression.
An experience to fly high, dive deep, let go, dance and let the magic unfold. Its all about Truth and how you choose to live your truth. www.acroyogaibiza.com #mexicoretreat #acroyoga #aylifestyle #yoga #contactimprov #connect #play #retreats #waterdance #ibizaretreats

Returning to the Pacífico coast of México, feeling the wild elements of nature, the warm humid air, tropical vegetation and amazing sunsets. The sense of freedom from structures and a lifestyle of simplicity. Inspired to share this magical land and practices this Febuary 6-12 in Mazunte for the Satya Retreat, combining acroyoga, yoga, Thai massage, aguahara (water dance), 5 rhythms,contact improv, kirtan and music - and along with this the wild nature sunsets and Mexican vibes <3 #acroyogaibiza #mexico #yoga #acroyoga #sunset #mexicoretreat #aguahara

The season to migrate to Mexico is coming soon, to this magical place of Mazunte where the sun rises and sets on the Pacific Ocean, the elements of nature are vibrant and the whales, dolphins and turtles play in these waters. Looking forward to the second manifestation of Satya retreat in Mexico with sweet acro sister @sarita_acrotierranomad and an amazing team coming together with Sandra Morrel sharing her passion for experiences in the water through aguahara, @guillaumelaplane with 5rhythms , and many sweet friends joinning and collaborating for this one week of play, connection and expression #mazunte #acroyoga #yogaretreat #5thythms #contactimprov #thaimassage #yoga #mexicoretreat - coming up February 6th :)

Nature is my playground, bringing me so much joy and awe in its grandness and beauty- Ibiza never seizes to surprise me with all its magic - inspired to develop the next retreat experience Satya Adventure with @olajasyoga that is getting into creation for next year. Along with all the practices of Acroyoga, yoga, Thai massage and dance we want to bring it more into nature to connect more fully with the elements, introduce the permaculture lifestyle and some adventure sports such as rock climbing, kayaking and secret hikes :) #acroyoga #yoga #ibiza #retreats #adventure #aylifestyle

To be able to have someone surrender into your arms with trust and letting go is such a gift, I thank the water and Aguahara for showing me how to hold space, listen deeply and trust my intuition and the impulse of the moment to guide me in this journey of the other- a pure act of presence and accompanying. Also very grateful to be able to facilitate and share the Aguahara experience at this last Satya retreat in warm pools here on Ibiza.
Amazing photography by @lilli_breininger #aguahara #ibiza #retreats #water #acroyogaibiza #watertemple #canskye

Getting ready for take off, only two days until the Satya experience here on Ibiza. Feeling excited for yet another manifestation from our hearts and filled with passion for movement, expression as play with @olajasyoga #acroyoga #aylifestyle #yoga #connect #play #retreats #yoga #ibiza #ibizaretreats #5rhythms #waterdance #thaimassage #somaticexploration #olajas

Coming together in a circle to share in community for one week, to learn, discover, trust and open your heart so you can shine out your Satya (your Authenticity) through movement, expression, interaction and play at Satya retreats Ibiza
https://www.facebook.com/events/1798965573699816/ #acroyoga #aylifestyle #yoga #connect #play #retreats #yoga #ibiza #ibizaretreats #5rhythms #waterdance #thaimassage #somaticexploration #olajas

Ibiza free spirit style Sharing this magic and lifestyle at our retreat next week. https://www.facebook.com/events/1798965573699816/#acroyoga #aylifestyle #yoga #connect #play #retreats #yoga #ibiza #ibizaretreats #5rhythms #waterdance #thaimassage #somaticexploration #olajas

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