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Dana AKA Acro Sprout 🌱  Grow with me 🌼🌙☀️🤸🏼‍♀️ 👇LA Acro Yoga Class + @sweetgreen

This is how we like to chill #acroandchill #notnetflixandchill ☺️☺️ psssst! @Wantable is doing a “Summer Refresh” 7 items for $10, buy what you love, send back what you don’t. Worth a try if you’ve been wanting some new styles. Click the link in my bio to try it out. #wantable #summerrefresh #ad

We’re teaching a 2.5 hour beginners Acro yoga class on June 2nd including lunch from @sweetgreen! It’s the last day to get the early bird $40 price which is a killer deal 💥 We’ll be raising it tomorrow night. You are most likely a last minute LA person and decide what we’re doing the morning of 😜, but seriously this is going to be a blast AND @sweetgreen is hooking it up and serving lunch after the class. So get your tickets NOW so we can get your order right 😉

This class will help you get your foundations down so you can feel comfortable taking your practice home with you! We’ll give you a bunch of progressions to strengthen and stretch those key muscles you need to progress in Acro. You don’t need any experience, zip, zilch, nada. We mean it! Come alone, come with your partner, come with friends. •
Link in my bio to get tickets! Thanks for this photo @acrowithjon! ❤️

When I got to the beach, I told @ninja_natalie “I’m gonna make it to the top of that rope today and sit up there with you” she told me, “just go quick and don’t second guess yourself” I climbed up the first time and carefully crawled over the top and just hugged the pole for dear life for 5 minutes. Tarzan came running over from the greens to make sure I was okay hahaha! Then I crawled over and came down. The second time was easier, I sat up for a little bit. The third time was this epic sunset and we all climbed up together. I must say, the view really is better from up there. Proud of conquering my fears and grateful for my friends who help me do it ☺️ thanks for the photos @little_beastmode - can’t wait to sit up there with YOU soon!

Happy 30th birthday Queen!! 👸🏻🎂🎈💥👏🏼 We love teaching you Acro Yoga, going on adventures, hiking all the trails and simply enjoying this beautiful life together. I can’t wait to see what you create this coming decade!! 📷 by @moderntarzan ❤️

Thank you all for participating. Winners are selected below! Please direct message me with your email address and I’ll give your info on claiming the prizes ☺️❤️ Acro Private Winners: 🎉
@itsmekasey_ and your partner of choice! 😄

@Yolohayoga Cork Mat Winners: 🎉
1. @thekalicokat
2. @caitlindozier_

@Blueridgehemp CBD Gel Winners: 🎉
2. @crazyasiayoga

@Backtotheroots_official Winners: 🎉
1. @allisonmartyn
2. @beyond_the_asanas

50k Giveaway! (Closed) We’re giving away an Acro Yoga Private lesson + some of my absolute favorite brands!! Truly grateful to all 50 thousand of you for following along. Thank you. Picking 8 winners total!! See below 🎉🎉

To enter:
- Follow @acrosprout @moderntarzan @yolohayoga @blueridgehemp @backtotheroots_official
- Tag your 3 favorite Acro Yogi buddies below!
- Bonus :) share the giveaway to your stories! 🌱

*2 winners (one pair/couple/best friend duo) to receive a one-hour Acro Yoga Skype session with @moderntarzan and I 🤸🏽‍♂️
*2 winners to receive my favorite @yolohayoga cork yoga mats 🤩
*2 winner’s to receive @blueridgehemp CBD muscle rub gel (my lifesaver) 💥
*2 winners to receive @backtotheroots_official Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit!! (you might have seen on my stories) 🍄

The private Skype Acro lesson is open worldwide! Giveaway winners for the cork mats, CBD gel & mushroom kits must be USA only. Giveaway ends Friday 5/18 at noon and winners will be announced here then! Photo by: @beagape 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Hey guys! Acro Class Santa Monica, June 2nd, 10 to 12:30pm, including @sweetgreen for lunch!!! 🤸🏽‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️🌱🙏🏼🥑😋Link:

$40 EARLY BIRD special. Ticket prices will go up after May 20th 💥

This is the perfect way to get your toes wet in the world of Acro Yoga. In this 2.5 hour class you'll be learning where the hell you start in this beautiful practice!! Most importantly, It’s going to be a blast. Plus it’s our last weekend in LA before we leave on our summer road trip 😄

FAQ on the ticket page & a lot of other details! Tag your friends in the comments below! It’s going to be a ton of fun!!!

I can NOT WAIT to get on the road for our van trip this summer and wake up in places like this 🚐🏞

If you haven’t seen yet, we’re renovating Tarzan’s van (check out my story highlights for the full story!) which is now becoming our van together and it’s been a beautiful and fun process. It’s kind of like he’s asking me to “move in” with him and make it our home although we’ve been living together for two years 😂❤️

We are intentionally adding a lot of custom details to make it work for us (like a blender for smoothies and an electric scooter from @wheelingaround that charges from our solar panel) and I can’t wait to show you guys more! 🎉

Also- we are departing LA (officially) on June 4th and we will be hosting an Acro Yoga workshop on June 2nd in Santa Monica. Comment below if you’re interested in coming and I will send you all the details! 🤸🏽‍♂️✌🏼#vanlife #summervibes #roadtrip #acroyoga #workshop #acroyogaclass

I think he meant to do that 😏😜 (swipe to the right)

At the incredible infinity hot tub at @1440multiversity 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Meet this transient world
with neither grasping nor fear,
trust the unfolding of life,
and you will attain true serenity.
-Bhagavad Gita-

One of my all time favorite life quotes. Believe it, you’re in the exact moment you need to be. Pay close attention 🙏🏼🌀💙 ps- anyone see the bear 🐻 behind us?! •
Photo by: @beagape - Wearing @yogaoutlet 👌🏼

As Ninja Nat said “Hey guys, let’s take a group photo!” … and this is what we do 😂👌🏼@musclebeachmiami

I love these humans. Not afraid to be “extra” - whatever that actually means. Not afraid to be themselves. Not afraid to try new things. Good Vibes and Good times. Thank you for being YOU!!! And being in my life.🌱 @highonyoga @frommybowl @ninja_natalie @murdoc305 @moderntarzan

📷 Photo by: @moderntarzan

Best friend. Lover. Reflection. Hard worker. Hilarious. Makes grocery shopping an adventure... Makes life an adventure. Creative. Sexy. Likes parkour runs on the beach. Thoughtful. Uplifting. Great at everything you try. You can fix anything. You listen to me, you encourage me, you make me laugh so hard. You got it all Tarzan 🐒

It’s like the best sleepover all the time with you and I love it so much. I love you. so much. ❤️✨

Thank you for this amazing 5k film and edit @adamlabrie and @cowboycameraman 🎥👌🏼 Give them a follow! They do incredible film work if you’re in need of it!

Behind the scenes ➡️

Me doing jumping jacks because I’m cold waiting to get into the pose. And our oh so professional Shoe Pod!! Comes in handy when you forget the tripod 😏 #shoepod

We set the camera on a timer to take a photo every second. Funny... out of the hundreds of shots, there’s 3 pretty good ones, 10 hilarious ones where we laugh at ourselves, majority are very awkward pre and mid pose and the rest we delete. Such is life, we prepare, learn, sweat, grow, we make fun of ourselves, we get mad at ourselves, we’re awkward and we’re confused and then, if we’re lucky, have a few seconds of nailing it.

Thank you @1440multiversity for hosting us in Santa Cruz! We had an incredible time enjoying your classes, your kitchen, your spa, your yoga studio and most importantly the people you attract there.

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