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David Tomber-Young  This is the story of my life as told by my Dad (@acropediaorg) & Mom (@lizzytomber)

I am barely two and they already having me taking care of my little brother Tommy!

Sweet dreams little brother- can’t wait to meet you in less than a month

Glad my parents rented a big ballroom and filled it with friends so I could run around for three days in a row!
#acrolove according to Baby David

I love Hannukah!!! Potatoes pancakes, cookies, and dancing!

Happy first night of Hanukkah! Did you know that I am a “Cashew” which means I am half Catholic, half Jewish and all about getting presents for both holidays

You are never too young to start doing instagram challenges, so I am jumping in on the #acrorepost challenge to try to win tickets to AcroLove and Divine Play!
Day 1 question is “who is your inspiration?” And I pick Zeek because he has awesome handstand and a super cool Mama @acromillissa

This is my happy place

Back to life on the road
#nomadbaby #acronomads

Which way to the beach?! Just kidding I know exactly where the waves are and I run into them full matter what I am wearing or if my parents were ready

Training day 🚽

How acro babies brush their teeth

Let's go Cards! Ready for our first baseball game ⚾️ Asking Mama all about Fredbird

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