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Eleanor McMillion  Classy, sassy wit the age to match it!

Mannnnnn somebody come looka here, found this pic in my bible πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

When your tired and have worked the bread, the meat and still got the butter to go look up and say God slap me if I complain for I asked you to make sure I could provide! I know he has made a way out of know way for me!

I see ya lil sis.
So proud!
My Soror!
Go get fit!

It's #tbt
Well shout out to the God sis, we've been rocking since the raisins were in style! @itsmet9chee
Look at us now!

Food for thought!
My circle is so small I barely fit.
Friends or foes
I pay close attention now!
Happy Monday!

45 and Alive!
Thanking God for everything, everyone, every mistake, every lesson, every second!

These memory photos that pop up are a curse and a blessing at times. They remind me of how far I've come, but how quickly I sometimes fall back in the bad habits. I was 291 on the pick in yellow and now holding strong to 186. Determined to get back to 165 and hold it down.

Nothing blurry about the mesaage.
Have an awesome day!

New season
New chapter
New endeavors
My ballerina
Her dream
My goal to make it happen


The sign Leo!

Life has been good to me! You only get 1 so smile, laugh, eat, be happy, cry when needed, but never take it for granted!

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