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Winnie Bear Byrne  Golden Cocker Spaniel 🍯 Sept 1st 2016 🎂 Leeds, UK 🇬🇧

Teddy bear or Winnie bear? 🐻🍯 #ThoseSummerHighlights #WhoNeedsBalayage

Guess which spoilt puppa has guilt tripped their parents into bringing them on holiday!? Yep that’s right, the hours of crying when the suitcases came out & hunger strikes have paid off 🙋🏼‍♀️ apparently we leave in a month & will be heading to France, Switzerland & Italy 😎 I will of course be keeping you all updated & filling you in on what it’s like to be an English pup abroad, so stay tuned! #WinnieTakesEurope #IfYouNeedMeIllBePracticingMyFrenchBark

Who’s ready for a little #TransformationTuesday?! Swipe right to see me after my summer trim 😎 pro to a cut is I’m much cooler when I’m out & about but the downside is I can’t hide my little pot belly with my fluff anymore & I overheard mum & dad talking about giving me less treats 😱 if any pups can recommend a quick fur growth shampoo please let me know!

Jeez, birthday last week & Father’s Day today! When can we have a day all about me?! Just kidding, he deserves it. I may look cute but trust me I’m a handful! Thanks for always being my partner in crime @coebyrne 😈🐶

Sorry things have been a little quiet over here lately, my humans have only gone & ditched me for a holiday! I’m letting them off though since it was my dads’s birthday yesterday... and we had some pretty good cuddles before they left 💛

So apparently there’s a website called “Ikea Hacks”. Where do I upload my entry? I call it - no towel, no problem! #YesIActuallyRodeLikeThisAllTheWayHome #YesIWasEmbarrased #IkeaHack

Just in case anyone was wondering what pure happiness looks like 👆🏼😍 #QueenOfTheCastle

Just sat quietly looking at the view & contemplating life... 💭 JK I’m on the lookout for rabbits to chase and picnics to pinch 🐰

Guess which lucky pup is spending the weekend in the Lakes 🙋🏼‍♀️

Riding shotgun in my family means one of the following has happened or is about to happen - vets, humans leaving me for holiday, or groomers. Who can guess which this was?! *Clue is in the lack of fluff between my toes* #WorthItForThose10MinsWithMyHeadOutTheWindow #TheGoodStuff #EarsOnFleek

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