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Samantha Armel  19 years young. I can't stop getting younger. Please help. I want to live a normal life. Please

Posting another Alex Turner video because not only did he and Miles Kane perform exceptionally well, but I'm pretty sure he winked at me at one point. He was wearing those glasses so it was hard to tell, but I just had this feeling. Could it be love?

Alex Turner, oozing with libido and maintaining the swagger of a 60's rockstar, occasionally blocked by the assumably lice-infested head of the too-tall man in front of me.

What Instagram would be complete without a Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese. No filter necessary.

Encrypted in this effigy is all of the evidence evincing the existence of extraterrestrial life. Excuse the elliteration. Sorry--Alliteration.

This dirty street and its two palm trees are all I have left to my name.

Greetings from Spam Francistoe.

Legends say this girl died doing what she loved: Tossing her hair while being trapped in an aquarium tank at Sea World

San Francisco was nice. I've been thinking about it lately. Not in a weird way. Well, sort of in a weird way.

Cleared out my photo album and found a bunch of cool pics that I've never put on here, so it's time to spruce up my Insta with some things other than me. Here's that street in San Francisco. You know, that long and winding one.

When your step-mom is a boss-ass bitch who carves pumpkins that make you wanna get SCHWIFTY!!! #gottagetschwifty #getschwiftyinhere #shitonthefloor #mrbulldops #schwiftytimetoday

I'd like to draw your attention to that bird. Nothing special about it, I'd just like your attention to be drawn to it.

Got to visit an old flame of mine this weekend. A little belated for his birthday, and I didn't bring him any presents, but, hey, imagine no possessions, right?

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