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Anderson  For whatever you live is Life.

Crystal pattern of sodium chloride (salt), enlarged 1.5 billion times 🤯 #science #art

If you weren’t at @alex_lahey at @boweryballroom tonight, this is some of what you missed. Including my enthusiastic, if not exactly on-key, backing vox on “every day’s the weekend.”

As the sun sets on #onebighoneymoon, I’m overcome with gratitude. Gratitude for a world as incomprehensibly vast as it is unimaginably beautiful; for the opportunity and inclination to explore it; for the fascinatingly diverse yet comfortingly familiar people (and animals!) who occupy it, some of whom became our friends over the past two weeks; for the many wonderful friends we have already made in our several dozen combined trips around the sun; and for our loving families, who have supported us, as always, while we’ve been on this trip, by checking in to be sure we’ve gotten where we’re going and are having a good time, and in the case of the Kim parents, by keeping #brahmstagram fed, sheltered, and his belly rubbed while we’re gone. And, of course, most of all, gratitude for my partner, in travel as in life, @danielleckim. This is a hell of a ride we’re on that’s getting better all the time. ❤️

These last six days were life-changing because of the people here, a few others, and the wildlife and wild soul of #Africa. I can’t describe it, so I won’t try to. I’ll just say our sincerest thanks to Shaun at @moriti_private_safaris, Patrick, Lindsay, Don, and Lee, along with the rest of the folks at @klaseriecamps, for giving us the experience of a lifetime. Salani kahle 🇿🇦 – you have our hearts and we’ll see you soon. #onebighoneymoon

This morning we hiked Lion’s Head. First photo is of Table Mountain, the reverse of Sunday’s view, and the second is of Camps Bay and the Twelve Apostles. Quite an experience with @danielleckim #onebighoneymoon

Lion’s Head from the top of Table Mountain #onebighoneymoon

I missed #nationalpetday AGAIN 😧 oh are some pics of our favorite four-legged friend anyway, a day late @danielleckim #brahmstagram

Happy 4th birthday to Trouble! (Birthday treats courtesy of @whitecastle)

Great to enjoy a #redbirdwinner with mom and dad today!

~ this is all we want from life ~ #JAWBREAKER

what a time to be alive in seattle #superchunk

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