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Happy Tuesday!
I'm back from Chicago where my husband and I attended the Chicago restaurant show, visited with our daughter and ate at the most amazing restaurants; two of which were RPM Italian and RPM Steak. If you're ever in Chicago make sure to visit one of them! It was a fun filled and festive weekend so I thought a donut party pic expressed the mood best! 🎉Can't wait to catch up with all of you!

Have a "berry" nice day!👌🏻

Make it an a-maze-ing Monday!

Excited to team up with @mmschocolate to share their delicious and chewy Caramel Chocolate Candies! Available in a 9.6 oz stand up pouch and a 2.83 oz sharing size pictured. Did you check to see who the clear winner is? 😉 #UnsquareCaramel #ad #mmschocoale

All I am or hope to be I owe to my selfless and loving mom. This year I am giving her this lovely rose gold @danielwellington watch and bouquet of tulips. Use ACKBOS to get 15% off till May 15 #Danielwellingtin #DWClassicPetite Happy Mother's Day!💖

Squeeze the day!

So it's fun facts Friday💫

1. My husband and I have had 3 dogs over the last 36 years: a Siberian Husky, German Shepard and (presently) a Golden Doodle. I never thought I could love a dog more than our Shepard, Aja. I was wrong. Mickey has stolen my heart.
2. My favorite ice cream flavor is Mocha Almond.
3. When I was 7, I fell down a set of concrete stairs and had to get stitches under my chin. The M&Ms I had in my hand at the store did not leave my hand from the time I fell to the time I got home from the hospital and was put in the tub. True story. #candywarrior #amiright!?
4. I like to dance. By myself. All the time.
5. I believe that having a generous spirit is a wonderful way to live.

Your turn! Happy Friday!

Good morning! Does everyone drink the recommended amount of water every day? I really try to drink it as much as possible but it's hard for me to force it down. So I tend to use my @dropbottle and add whatever fruit I have in the house at the moment.
As all you know, it's very important to hydrate inside and out so I was very excited to try these new @lorealskin products. They leave your skin feeling refreshed and super soft. Worth a try! #skindrink #hydragenius #pureclaymask

Sip a dee doo dah... what a wonderful day☀️

If it wasn't for Instagram I wouldn't have connected with so many lovely and inspiring people all over the world. And, if it wasn't for Instagram I wouldn't be buying products that I have absolutely no use for. Thank you @instagram I think.🤔#iwillnevereatthispopcorn #myinstagramlogo #popcorninstagramlogo

A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition. Have a fabulous start to your week everyone!

Donut worry, be happy.☕️🍩

Rainy Saturdays are made for DIY projects! ✂️ I am celebrating the creativity behind @LIFEWTR artist-inspired bottles with a DIY project for your art supplies! #ad
To make: Use the 23.7 oz bottle. Using a craft knife, cut above the LIFEWTR logo and then trim off any jagged edges with a pair of scissors. Then take a 5" colorful zipper, unzip, and hot glue the bottom of the zipper to the bottom piece of bottle, and the top part of the zipper to the top of the bottle! Voila! #inspirationdrops

Good morning! It's 5 fun facts Friday! It would be fun if you joined in with one of your own!
1. I dated my husband for 9 years before I married him, and it took 9 phone calls before I went on a date with him.
2. I love to wear all black and carry a nice bag. Anyone who KNOWS me will be so surprised to hear that..😉
3. My husband still makes me laugh. All the time. My girls don't get it.
4. I think kindness is underrated.
5. My favorite snack is an avocado with sriracha, lime juice, crushed red pepper, and wheat thins. I could eat it every day. Oh wait, I do.
Your turn! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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