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I picked the wetest, rainiest day to wear a twist out. I came out my house with a plastic bag on my head. Had to preserve that curl pattern 😁

Progress shots 💪

My husband looks like a skinhead. Wtf is happening lol we have a interesting looking dynamic here now. Aryan brother and a woke WOC 😱

Shadow puppet theatre at the Waters household

Eddy made me some coil jewelry for my twist outs and braids 😍

I'm living for this twist out today! I've been using castor oil for the last couple of weeks and my hair is loving it! 👑

My anxiety has been kicking my ass this week so bae took me out last night for Friday's and Coldstone❤

Greatest invention ever #fidgetcube

Bless my husband for waiting a couple hours in line last night for Buy 1 get One 80 cents Krispy Creme dozens. I would get married all over again ❤

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